Bitcoin Network Mining Difficulty Climbs ~7.28 Percent In Latest Adjustment

Mining difficulty on the Bitcoin network has risen ~7.28 percent to 559970892890.83813477 from 521974519553.62823486 for a new all time high. The previous adjustment a slight increase of ~0.22% fromĀ 520808749422.13983154 to was also a new all time high as has been the trend for much of Bitcoin's ever increasing history.

Fiat currency malaise continues as well with the United States dollar continuing to suffer an increasing number of all time lows against the Bitcoin.

Dogecointipbot Creator Admits Constant Embezzlement While Shutting Down Service: Sorry For Your Loss

Reddit user /u/mohland, creator of Dogecointipbot, announced on the r/dogecoin subreddit Monday that he had been scamming users since at least 2015 by diverting funds deposited into into /u/dogetipbot into his own ventures and would be shutting the service down. He was quick to reassure that at least their Sorry For Your Loss wasn't due to a hack and that he was going to publish the dogecointip bot code, sure to inspire the next generation of reddit scammers, and which is ultra-secure because it "never had an external hot wallet breach in the 3.5 years we've been running". Hacks that occurred on individual reddit accounts drained the tipbot hot wallet forcing /u/mohland to admit he could no longer keep the flaming tire burning in this particular shitpit any longer. Users of the service were reporting losses in the tens of dollars.

Mohland has been forced to declare Chapter 7 bankruptcy, finally fulfilling the prophecy in Trilema where it was stated that anyone "investing" in the scheme would be dancing in the streets for nickels. The announcement closed by stating that he does not "personally hold no cryptocurrencies nor do I have any desire to in the future". Reddit users have grabbed pitchforks and threatened litigation, though in typical fashion most users will likely forget about it all by next week when the next ponzicoin grabs their attention. Sorry for your loss.

Nuclear Waste Storage Tunnel Collapses At Hanford Site

A train tunnel storing rail cars full of radioactive waste at the Hanford Site in the north-western United States collapsed this morning. The collapse occurred in the PUREX plutonium extraction region of the government created nuclear wasteland. Meanwhile, off the Columbia River Seattle mayor Ed Murray has proposed levying a 1.75 to 2 cent per fluid ounce tax on sweetened beverages in order build funds to so that he might diminish the status of the 70% of Seattle's population with white skin.

Rogue DOJ Continues Obama Era Persecution Of Farmer For Crime Of Tillage

California farmer John Duarte has been locked in a battle for his livelihood against the coordinated persecution begun by the US Army Corps of "Engineers"1under Hussein Bahamas and continued by the rogue Department of "Justice" (archived) against orders issued by the Trump administration. Duarte's alleged crime was ordering a survey of seasonal puddles in his long cultivated farmland and attempting to comply with Bahamas administration regulations which declared the seasonal puddles to be "protected waters of the United States".

Duarte's attempt at compliance with the law through having a site survey taken and following that with shallow tillage around the potential puddles now declared "navigable waterways" lead to the Corps of "Engineers" replying with a cease and desist order. They alleged the shallow tillage around the puddle prone spots was "deep ripping" and dredging of sediment that degraded these now important navigable waterways.

When Duarte protested the allegations, the Corps of "Engineers" proceeded to completely dig out the low spots they had deemed critically endangered navigable waters to a depth in excess of 2 meters for the sake of evidence collection. When the evidence supported Duarte's claims, even the Hussein Bahamas era EPA declined prosecution, but the Department of "Justice" enthusiastically began advocating in court that the entire practice of farming is a collection of crimes against the so-called "Clean Water Act".

The failure of the Trumpreich to stop legacy USG elements from coninuing to prosecute a case that declares agriculture to be a crime demonstrates the scale and persistence of the perverse pantsuit party tentacles obstructing the summoning of The Great Again. The fate of the prosecution and prosecutors persecuting Duarte is likely a solid indicator to watch in evaluating the health of The Great Again effort.

  1. This Corps fraudulently misrepresenting itself as "Engineers" is the same one that transformed the meandering flood plains of the Middle West into violent flumes in order to protect new suburban retail and residential development.  

Pantsuit Macaroon Takes French Presidency Amid Widespread Ballot Destruction Allegations

Pantsuit Party loyalist and nursing home pick up artist Emmanuel Macron has been declared the winner of the French presidential election. Fake news outlets were swift to declare the Pantsuit candidate's victory after polls closed. The actual will of the French people remains uncertain amid widespread allegations that Pantsuit Party loyalists adopted the winning strategy of manipulating the election results by destroying ballots marked in favor of moderate centerist Marine Le Pen of the National Front.

Mizzou Freshman Enrollment Down 1/3 In Two Years Since Surrender To Leftist Protesters

In the two years since the University of Missouri surrendered to leftist protesters, freshman enrollment has declined by 1/3 going from 6,000 incoming freshmen in 2015 to 4,000 incoming freshmen matriculating in 2017. This suggests the University has become even more unpalatable to prospective students than it is to potential creditors in the aftermath of its surrender.

Midwest Corn And Altcorn Crops Experience Widespread Deluge Delay

Deceived by a mild winter with February daytime temperatures around 21 Celsius1 many Midwestern farmers began discing their fields, injecting anhydrous ammonia, and doing other expensive preparations to set up an anticipated early planting of corn and altcorns including soybeans. A return to more seasonally cold weather delayed the actual planting of seeds until late April.

For many farmers that work has been undone in the past two weeks with sustained rainfall driving a flood event that has washed the nitrogen out of fields, drowned seedlings, and re-compacted the tilled soil beneath heavy standing water.

When the water recedes and the soil dries enough to be worked again, it will be a time for harrowing indeed. Plots known to be cultivated in support of The Most Serene Republic's agriCultural Supremacy Project remain adequately drained at this time.

  1. Temperatures in the low to mid 70's using UStani units.  

USG Asset Gavin Andresen Pretends To Meaningfully Inspect Your Random

The erstwhile USG asset and part time mongoloid Gavin Andresen (most notable for being the trumpeted winner that lost a meanwhile unhappened contest) has put pen to paper in a most recent and most amusing assault on sanity and general human decency :

This offering purports to judge the randomness of 64 bytes of data qua bytes of data. What more could be said? Opens "Spam As A Service" Service

As previously mentioned in a Shitcoin Roundup Xtend(TM)(R), 21co has positioned itself to become the latest spam as a service by announcing the release of it's "Bitcoin Email" to the general public. 21co assures the public that "Famous people" that no one has ever heard of and aren't in the Web of Trust are currently using the product, which allows users to send such gems as surveys, tasks, and other items which normally hit your Spam folder to be sent to "curated lists of individuals and professionals". Participants are rewarded with Bitcoin shavings, or "micropayments" which is redditard jargon for individuals that don't have much actual Bitcoin. The shift in focus comes after the company failed to convince enough gullible people to shell out $400+ on their "mining hardware" that could never hope to offer a return on investment, instead now hoping to "disrupt social media networks through micropayments" which will likely be true as users will be required to click delete on 21co's proffering before resuming their visual journey through myriad cat pictures. (archived)

Intel AMT Backdoor Keys Updated After Initial Trigger Discovered By Wrong Attackers

The AMT backdoor, an enduring vulnerability in Intel's CPU platforms introduced with the Nehalem series a decade ago is currently being revised, as the criminal organisation known as "the united states government" has discovered that unaligned criminal groups have acquired the means to exploit its current form.

The situation is reminiscent of the USB "bug" in Microsoft Windows on which Stuxnet depended to propagate, where successive generations of patches merely modulated the sequence of events necessary to trigger the exploit without actually closing the underlying hole.

The AMT backdoor is triggered by sending a magic packet to the Intel "Management Engine". There is no way to meaningfully deactivate the hole in any infested machines, which is to say anything containing an Intel processor. Whitelist-only networking may help contain the vulnerability, provided of course that it's not implemented on Cisco equipment.