Illinois Personal Income Tax Rising By ~1/3rd Over Governor's Objections

Following a vote by the Illinois House of Representatives, both houses of the Illinois State Legislature have overridden a Gubernatorial veto and raised the Illinois personal income tax rate to 4.95 percent from 3.75 percent. Accompanying the tax increase was a budget for Illinois government with enough spending to ensure the failed state continues to dig it's hole deeper.

This move comes to late to satisfy former trade partners of Illinois who had given the failed state an ultimatum to pass any budget at all. It also not only fails to address any of the structural concerns incidental to failure which deterred potential creditors in the market for Illinois government debt, it accelerates Illinois trajectory to ruin by leaving pension obligations unfunded and outstanding bills unpaid.

Entertainment Today: Pantsuit Legislators Propose Attacking Idea Of Presidency

US legislators associated with the pantsuit party "proposed" a bill that would establish an "Oversight Commission on Presidential Capacity" which would establish a committee to offer non-binding determinations that the President is insufficiently pantsuit to hold the office. This proposal is a compliment to the ongoing 25th amendment  fanfic where pantsuit acolytes suppose a constitutional rule historically used only with the president's consent when the president is anaesthetized for surgery or otherwise in mortal peril, begin to be invoked because a committee of pantsuit says so.

The bill allow for the committee to make its recommendations based of vague criteria of physical or mental illness,1 substance abuse, or other concerns.

Given pantsuit's ongoing malaise and failure to win congressional elections, the chances of this proposal passing before the next mid term election, is zero and even a reversal of pantsuit's electoral fortunes is unlikely to be substantial to the point that pantsuit could capture the supermajority of both legislative houses still necessary, even with this proposed lawl, to remove a President before the 8 year Trumpreich ends. The plausibility of this fanfic is near zero.

  1. Mental illness being a category of things that includes numerous amorphous pseudo-scientifically determined labels which may be attached to enemies of pantsuit alongside actual disabling conditions with clear diagnostic criteria like schizophrenia.  

Dead alt-Soros No Longer Effective In Protecting Daughter From Truth

Fear of the late alt-Soros Zbigniew Brzezinski has now faded to the point that it can no longer protect his daughter from the fact that she is not very smart and has now become old. In a tweet United States President Donald Trump told the story about how Brzezinski's daughter and her pet, the failed congressman Joe Scarborough, attempted to abusively parlay their early appearance of Trump support into a quid pro quo favor trading relationship in spite of the President's ethical reservations. Since the incident the late alt-Soros' daughter and her pet have dedicated their talkshow to spewing an unending stream of animus and resentment at the president elect.

Legions of old women, pantsuit loyalists all of them, proceeded to wail about how wrong it was for Trump to shame the old hag for bleeding all over his resort while she recovered from cosmetic surgery intended to conceal her advanced age. Brzezinski's daughter entered an engagement to marry with her talk show co-host Scarborough once the elder Brzezinski's failing health satisfied Scarborough's concerns that the alt-Soros was in fact a mortal homo sapien and not a lich or other undead eldritch horror.

8 Year Old Dorm Building Explodes On US Campus

Wounded dorm buildingA natural gas explosion gutted the 8 year old Richmond Residential College dormitory at Kentucky's Murray State University. This is the second major headline grabbing fire safety failure of a government owned facility for warehousing persons this month, though claimed casualties were limited to one wounded body due to the summer break.

Information on the building's anticipated lifespan at the time it was designed in unavailable. There is a high probability that the state run University will try pass blame for the dormitory's failure off on either plumbing materials or the plumbing profession.

Fake News Organizations Begin Bleeding, Showing Fatigue

The sustained assault on elected United States President Donald Trump by the leftist Fake News media is beginning to take its toll on the assailants. Major television Fake News outlet CNN institute executive level review of stories concerning Russian fake news after a fake news story attacked a protected member of the establishment.

Meanwhile the Fake Lady, the New York Times, is being sued for defamation by former Alaska governor and US Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin (archived). In order to deflect from their role in inciting political violence, the paper resurrected a long debunked claim they originally made 6 years ago blaming Sarah Palin's political activities for inciting the violence they actually incited. The long delay between the claim's debunking and its resurrection all but ensures a court ordered redistribution of wealth from the New York Times to Sarah Palin.

While the Fake News standard bearers are depleting their resources, Trump appointees are beginning to have an impact in their new jobs.

US Supreme Court Lifts Lesser Court Injunctions Against Trump Travel Bans

The United States Supreme Court lifted a number of lower court injunctions against elected US President Donald Trump's anti-terrorism travel ban while it waits to hear the merits of the case in October. This decision reaffirms that Donald Trump is indeed the president of the United States and holds the same executive powers that his predecessors once wielded in the name of pantsuit.

Poor Brits Evacuated From Their Warehousing In Green Incinerators

Following a 30 minute apartment tower to oven conversion earlier this month which claimed at least 79 lives, thousands of impoverished Brits are being evacuated from their government sponsored storage. The Grenfell inferno that triggered the current round of evacuations was fed by flammable insulating foam cladding applied to the exterior of the building in the name of "Green" energy conservation.

As of this writing more than 4,000 people have been made internal refugees of the United Kingdom due to the government's disregard for fire safety as it pursued it's "Green" efficiency fetish while remodelling the facilities that once stored these new refugees. The type of insulation which converted the Grenfell tower to an oven is banned in high rise applications outside the United Kingdom for fire safety reasons, and is at least nominally banned inside the United Kingdom as well.

Prime Minister Theresa May has not answered whether the Government was aware it had banned the sort of flammable cladding applied to its warehouses for the poor. May, whose government has now been saddled with the expense of catching up on deferred maintenance on an emergency basis for these warehouses, further insisted that Airstrip One no es un pais pobre.