Another Intel CPU Sidechannel Leak Documented With The Leak Dependent Once Again On A Thing Intel Did To Boost Appearance Of Speed

Another issue with Intel CPUs has been documented demonstrating the things are leaking bits from what Intel's marketing labels "secure" parts of CPU cores through a sidechannel made available via the simultanuous multi threading gimmick Intel's marketers labeled "hyperthreading" (archived). This has not been a good year for the accumulated gimmicks Intel has been tossing in their chips to simulate speed.

This vulnerability has been dubbed "Portsmash" as the continued accretion of trendy names for these things shows no signs of stopping.

Alleged CIA Leaker Schulte Alleged to Continue Leaking USG Seekrits From Jail

Joshua Schulte, whom the USG alleges was the party responsible for liberating the "Vault 7" lulz showing that in the post-Snowden era the CIA moved to do all the sames things USG.NSA was criticized for, faces fresh leak charges relating to his effort to assemble a legal defense against the USG's charges (archived). The USG alleges Schulte leaked from his current residence at the New York Metro "Correctional" Center what the stooges are referring to as "Protected Search Warrant Materials" while Shulte is complaining to the judge assigned in the case that his ability to raise a defense is being impaired. This raises serious questions concerning how much the pretense of due process for criminal defendants has crumbled if discussion of process documents like the search warrant are blocked from discussion.

Schulte was only indicted in the case after months of whispers concerning how the case was too weak to bring an indictment. This circus suggests the USG's ability to handle defendants that don't roll over and take plea deals is rapidly degrading.

Pot To Kettle: Please No Decades Of Pain (That Was Our Schtick)

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is begging China to "act like a normal nation" and avoid capturing developing nations in a debt trap leading to decades of pain widely distributed around the world (archived). This appeal seemingly crafted to tear at the heartstrings is void of a certain necessary context: Trapping developing nations in debt and amplifying their pain is the US and EU's schtick and they would very much like China to step back and get out of their way.

Chinese foreign investment isn't always without controversy where it occurs, but it tends to have a transparency the old IMF scheme lacked. Raw materials for otherwise inaccessible finished goods is a rather kind deal compared to what was on offer before.

USG Communications Commisioner Advocates Centralization And Crackdown on "Unauthorized" Radio Frequency Use

UG Federal Communications Commisioner Michael O'Rielly regaled attendees at the "Free Speech America Gala" with a weird ball of Fiat Pantsuitist insanity (archived). The Commisioner attacked so called "Pirate" radio, where people broadcast on radio frequency spectrum without submitting to Fiatist rules as contrary to Free Speech. The cognitive disonnance required to advance the position "Free Speech" is only possible with a permission slip from a censorhip agency is mind boggling.

GoDaddy Does It Again: Taking Domain Name In Response To Media Pressure

The daily hate's latest target Gab is set up to have Godaddy steal their domain name as Godaddy tends to do. This is problematic for "all comers" toilets which need the centralized registries, but breaking dependence on centralized DNS is very recommended. In a lesser setback worthy of noting for the indictment, suspended Gab's account on their platform and in the process deleted an apologetic post by the Gab team where they announced their cooperation with "law enforcement" among other things.

Germany: Merkel Plots Her Exit

Germany's Angela Merkel has begun advertising her plan to escape her ruinous political career in these changing, great again times. Her exit will begin this December where she will not seek another term as chairzher of her party and continue through 2021 when she will not seek another term as chancellor. Of course she could lose the chancellorship earlier if her coalition collapses under the weight of the messes she wrought.

IBM Buying Red Hat

IBM has reached an agreement to buy Red Hat, paying cash at a price of 190 USD per share (archived). IBM will colocate Red Hat in their "Hybrid Cloud" section. Red Hat ran out of "rebel" and "Innovator" credibility when the red hat inspiring their name was discovered to be a Cornell University lacross team hat, but being bought out by the punch card company is something else.