Saudi Air Force Lieutenant Shoots Up Naval Air Station Pensacola

A Saudi Air Force Lieutenant assigned to US Naval Air Station Pensacola reportedly killed 3 and wounded 8 before being gunned down by local police (archived). Six Ten other Saudi nationals were taken into custody (archived). Three of the detained Saudis allegedly filmed the assault. The late Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani published something resembling a manifesto on Twitter declaring his hatred for American crimes against Muslims and humanity several hours before commencing his attack.

Alshamrani was 9 months away from completing a three year "Foreign Military Sales training program" purchased by the Saudi government.

Oracle Sues US Department Of Labor Over Existence Of "Administrative Courts"

Oracle is suing the USG Department of Labor over the existence of the Department's "administrative courts" where Oracle is being sued for alleged pay discrimination (archived). Since 2017 the Department of Labor has been suing the firm over an alleged 400 million USD underpayment of wages to women and colored people. Oracle's response this week raises the Department's stake in attempting to innovate new common law by cutting at the dubious constitutional legitimacy of the administrative court itself.

Unnamed "experts" inside the zone are writing off the possibility Oracle's suit suceeds in trimming the US federal bureaucracy as "unlikely" in comments to Pantsuitist media though in a common law system, anything can happen without regard for what the laws actually say. An Oracle win would gut this particular system and provide precedent for cutting at numerous other "administrative" dockets.

VPN Breaking Zero Day Effective Against Many *nix Systems Burned

RecentlyBurnedWorkandLivingVanA zero day that allows nearby network actors to detect and inject payloads into VPN tunnels has been revealed (archived). All VPN implementations appear to be affected including allegedly "hardened" ones like WireGuard and IKEv2/IPSec while the vulnerability hits numerous *nix TCP/IP stacks including those by Apple, Google, OpenBSD, and Linux. Linux appear to be most gravely affected when running versions of systemd published after November 28th, 2018 when the default "reverse ip path filtering" default was changed to more easily facilitate hijacking VPN sessions in this manner.

The original disclosures to the Openwall oss-security mailing lists are presented in full below: Continue reading

Chicago Police Chief Fired

Chicago Police Chief Eddie Johnson was fired by Mayor Lori Lightfoot today (archived). Allegations of deception concerning an October episode where Johnson was found sleeping in his car are being presented as the reason for his firing. Johnson had already been scheduled to retire in several weeks. Anything less than a felony conviction will preserve the burden he presents to the insolvent pension system in Illinois.

Notably Johnson was the highest level official in the city of Chicago advocating for the prosecution of hate hoaxer Jussie Smollet. Instead, the 16 felony charges Jussie was indicted for by a Grand Jury were administratively dropped.

Montevideo Goes To The Beach After Second Week Of Clashes Between Navy And Rebels Leaves Kilometers Of Broken Glass

PlayaPocitosFor the second week in a row Uruguayan Naval forces were attacked by youth along the Rambla Charles De Gaulle in the early morning hours. Roughly 12 hours earlier, the same location had hosted a victory celebration for Uruguay's president elect Luis Lacalle Pou which was attened by several tens of thousand Uruguayos and Uruguayas (archived).

The violence allegedly began as members of Uruguay's Naval Prefectura were providing protection for transit inspectors carrying out a fairly routine operation. The mood of this sort of operation in the past has usually been rather jovial with youth in attendance laughing at the misforune of their compatriots suffering the indignity of seeing their ambiguously owned and dubiously roadworthy vehicles hauled away on flat bed trucks. This time the transit inspector's naval protection force was met with rocks and bottles thrown by rebels who escaped naval jurisdiction by crossing the street and continuing their campaign of destruction before scattering. Continue reading

Man Convicted Of Terror Plot And Released In December 2018 Shot While Stabbing Near London Bridge

Usman Khan was shot by police yesterday while stabbing pedestrians near London Bridge (archived). Khan enjoyed early release from prison last year after having been convicted by the Queen's courts for his alleged participation in terrorist plots back in 2010. Khan managed to stab five before succumbing to his wounds. Only two of the stabbed succumbed to theirs.

New Zealand Court Refuses To Allow Access To Evidence In Kim Dotcom Case, Kim Dotcom Case Still Ongoing

New Zealand's Court of Appeal has denied Kim Dotcom and his legal team access to Dotcom's own communications captured by New Zealand's "Government Communications Security Bureau" (archived). The communications were illegally collected per New Zealand Law, and at some point the local courts may or may not get to determining what damages te GCSB owes Dotcom. As New Zealand inherited the "common law" insanity from its colonial parent, it remains impossible to tell whether litigation in the numerous cases surrounding Kim Dotcom's internet activities will end during his lifetime.

Inclusion Collision: Airstrip One Court Chooses Homosex Over Islam As Diversities Collide!

A "high court" judge in the United Queendom has decided to impose a permanent ban on protests outside a Birmingham primary school (archived). The Islamic protesters were unhappy with decisions by the school and Birmingham's local council which subjects their young children to "a gay ethos" in conflict with the religious beliefs they and 1.8 billion other persons around the world submit to.

In siding with the Government backed "gay ethos" and marginalizing the protester's active submission to Allah, the presiding judge used a relatively recent "common law" innovation promoted by Pantsuitists. The judge declared that the protesters "misunderstood" the content of the lessons they were protesting, and then he burdened them with a permanent ban on protests and 80% of the court costs incurred by the case.

Birmingham's Pantsuitist "director of education and skills" declared that the ruling offers protection from "escalating levels of anti-social behaviour". To this end the ruling lifted a previous ban on protesting the school through social media, likely with the aim of containing the feared "anti-social" action to readily discounted platforms, and the collision of groups celebrated for their diveristy and inclusion may be written of as a mere misunderstanding rather than the actual, live dispute that it is for a few minutes longer.

Turkey Begins Testing S-400 Systems, US Still Pissy Over Being Spurned

Turkey has reportedly begun testing their new Russian made S-400 anti-aircraft systems to much consternation from the USG (archived). USG relations with their NATO ally Turkey have been eroding for some time. Turkey was ejected from the USG and Israel lead F-35 program for finding relatively inexpensive Russian made missiles to be a better value than gravely expensive jets with dubious stealth performance.