El Paso Fiat Payments MITM'd 3.2 Million United States dollar SFYL

City officials in El Paso Texas disclosed on Wednesday that they had fallen prey to an email phishing scam that resulted in a 3.2 million United States dollar sorry for your loss. The city became aware of scam in October after a vendor informed the city that it had not been paid for work involving a streetcar project, with the money instead having been routed to fraudulent bank accounts. Employees have reverted to issuing paper checks in the meantime to thwart further attempts at social engineering. An attorney for the city stated that some of the funds had been recovered by law enforcement, though few details were given due to the ongoing investigation as to how the thefts occurred – but now that the Nigerian Prince has been paid hope is that the rest of the fortune will arrive in their coffers soon.

Vietnam's Ministry of Justice Suffers Ransomware Attack

Vietnamese newspaper Thanh Niên reports (archive) that several computers located at Vietnam's Ministry of Justice recently became infected with ransomware leading to the encryption of important data. Following the ransomware attack, other agencies under the helm of the MoJ were advised to guard against such infections in a stock standard manner as is typically suggested by government – don't visit unfamiliar websites and take extra caution opening email attachments. Continue reading