British Firm ARM Breaking Contracts With Huawei

British chip designer ARM is breaking their active and pending contracts with Chinese giant Huawei over the potential interpretations of a vague US foreign policy declaration (archived). US firms including intelligence contractor Google have broken relations with Huawei, but in this case a foreign firm is breaking their commerical agreements with Huawei over speculation.

Uncommon Law: US Courts Moving Into Secrecy While UK Moves Towards Deterministic Juries

Several cases in the "common law" jurisdictions are moving Anglophone courts still further away from man in the war over men or law.

  • Douglas County, Colorado District Judge Theresa Slade has ordered the charges against two LGTBP shooters at a Colorado STEM school sealed as they were issued (archived). 18 year old Devon Erickson and 16 year old "male identifying" Alec McKinney were involved in an incident where 1 was killed and 8 wounded at a school in Colorado. One of the woundings is being attributed to a private security contractor at the school who opened fire on responing Sheriff's deputies and struck a student with gunfire in the process. In spite of the sealings it was declared that McKinney will be charged as an adult. Last year the Colorado Supreme court ruled there the public has no right under the state or federal constitutions to inspect court records (archived).
  • The US 4th Circuit Court of Appeals determined investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson's case against the FBI and US Department of "Justice" cannot move forward due to her inability to identify the individal USG stooges involved in the operation to surveil her (archived). Attkisson has compile substantial evidence documenting tresspass and invasion of her personal and work computers by USG agents during the Hussein Bahamas administration. At the time Attkisson was employed by CBS News investigating the scheme where then Attorney General Eric Holder sent arms to the Mexican Cartels and the debacle where then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton got US diplomatic staff killed in Benghazi. An earlier court ruling removed Eric Holder as a defendant in the case.

    This ruling prevents US Citizens from seeking remedies in US Courts against harms done by USG criminals. The involved agencies simply need to declare the matter involves "sensitive executive branch discussions and decisions" and not cooperate with discovery in the case. In spite of substantial forensic evidence demonstrating harm done in this case, the court has eliminate any space for seeking remedy from the guilty.
  • Under a new draft espionage act the UK is preparing to allow prosecutors to "screen" juries with the aim of disqualifying jurors that might sympathize with the defendant and deliver a "wrong verdict" in cases (archived). This measure would officially end the last pretense for having a jury at all.

Brits Slam Assange With 50 Weeks In Prison Over Skipping Bail On Dropped Charge While Extradition Formalities Play Out

The Brits have hit Julian Assange with a 50 week sentence1 for skipping bail of a charge that was eventually dropped (archived). Other alleged supporters of Assange have been arrested since Assange was abducted in Ecuador's embassy including one man in Ecuador and one Bradley/Chelsea Manning in the US who after having their sentence commuted by Hussein Bahamas now faces confinement for contempt of the court circus.

  1. Of which normal UK practice would have him serve 22 weeks.  

Ecuador To Recieve 4.2 Billion USD IMF "Extended Fund Facility" (Coincidentally British Police Managed To Arrest Former Ecuador Embassy Resident Julian Assange Inside Embassy)

Ecuador has ended their asylum for Anglophone dissident Julian Assange after nearly seven years of providing the rebel sanctuary in their London Embassy (archived). In what is surely completely unrelated development the US directed International Monetary Foundation has approved a 4.2 billion USD "Extended Fund Facility" to provide (archived):

support for the Ecuadorean government’s economic policies over the next three years.

The deal allowed the immediate disbursment of 652 million USD to the government of Ecuador when it was announced in March. Following Assange's arrest inside the Embassy on a five year old British process warrant the US published an indictment of Assange. This was quite the bounty to be paid for a single head by an increasingly poor US.

English Judge: "I Cannot Think Of Any More Obviously Fundamental Human Right Than The Right Of A Man To Have Sex With His Wife"

In a British case where social service officials decided that one man's ambiguously cognitively impaired wife might not be able to consent following an unspecified decline in her condition and thusly the two shouldn't be able to ever fuck again according to social work law, presiding Judge Justice Hayden declined the social worker's request to issue a preliminary court order barring marital sex (archived). In a decision outraging the social work lobby the Honorable Justice Hayden instead is insisting on hearing evidence and legal arguments before any orders are imposed by the court.

In a three way showdown Hayden will be hearing arguments from lawyers representing the husband, the wife, and the local council's meddling social workers.

Not Much Brexiting On Brexit Day As Brits Still Wanking Over How To Brexit

With Brexit Day winding to a close the Brits are still wanking over how exactly to Brexit with Parliament voting "no" leaving with a deal and leaving without a deal. Theresa May is calling for a fourth vote on her "soft Brexit" deal thrice rejected in parliament next week, should her government survive that long. Once again modern democracy inteprets a simple proposition, in this case "leave the EU", as anything but the actual fucking words.

British Soldier Faces Charges Over Friendly Fire In Video Game Exercise

A British soldier assigned to 3rd Battalion, the Rifles faces charges after allegely opening fire on friendlies during a video game training exercise (archived). The soldiers had allegedly been spending weeks in front of laptops working on drills in a video game environment deprived of fresh air and the physical exercise that comes from doing field exercises in the field. Eventually one member of the unit snapped and began engaging in Grand Theft Auto style freeplay on the British military co-op training server. The rifleman was reprimanded after the "exercise" and has been charged with disobeying orders.