Sweden To Put In A Competing Assange Extradition Claim

Sweden has opened their investigation into Julian Assange again and appear to be preparing a competing extradition claim to the US one as Britain continues keeping Assange in captivity. At the same time Ecuador has turned over Assange's property left in their embassy to the USG (archived).

Swedish Railroad Consults Masses: Trainy McTrainface Results

Swedish rail operator MTR Express has resigned itself to naming a new train running the Stockholm to Gothenburg line "Trainy McTrainface" after it opened to the naming process to the masses, and the only possible outcome resulted. A variety of suggested names commemorating persons, culture, and events were ignored in favor of a name at intersection of plain description and peak anthropomorphism. Surely Trainy McTrainface was a very happy train after being told the result.

A Very Special News Roundup Xtend: Sweden Conscripts, Media Turns To Praise Trump While Knifing Cabinet, Foreign Influence In French Election Overt

Welcome to a very special edition of the Qntra News1 Roundup Xtend. With the fight to summon The Great Again intensifying, the froth of lulz is spraying all over. Here's a bucket.

  • Sweden has turned to conscription in order to protect Malmo and other "no-go zones" from supposed Russian aggression. Approximately 4,000 men and women will be entered into service on January 1st 2018 from a pool of 13,000 selected for evaluation. There is no word on whether tulpas will count towards those numbers.
  • Following President Trump's nationally televised address to a joint session of Congress the lamestream and fake news media appeared to be headed towards an attempted reset with Trump. Then they came out with the knives and began attacking everyone in the President's circle except the man himself. The current focus of their aggression is Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who apparently committed the crime of being polite, genteel, and southern towards the Russian Ambassador at forgettable social events.
  • Marine Le Pen is now the poll recognized frontrunner in the French presidential election. As a result the parliament of the European Union decided open her to prosecution for "publishing violent images." This overt attempt by foreign European powers to influence the French election is getting little play in the fake news media.

  1. as opposed to earlier editions focusing on items that were not quite news.  

Swedish Policy Update: "White Power" Causes Islamic Extremism

According to Sweden's new anti-extremism czar Anna Carlstedt, much of the growing Islamic extremism in their country is driven by "the extreme right-wing white power movement". Sweden lead Europe in the export of aspiring Jihadists reporting to the Middle East for internship training in the practice of Jihad. Per Carlstedt this export is substantially fed by ethnic Swedes dissatisfied by the socialist regime and its policies rather than anything to do with the aspiring Jihadis and their motivations.

KncMiner Cuts Of 20% Of Employees

Swedish sources are reporting the KncMiner has let go of 12 employees comprising 20% of their workforce (archived). CEO Sam Cole among other things blames the inability of operations in the Nordic country to compete with Chinese mining firms. Several days ago there was a stabbing reported at a datacenter associated with KncMiner. This new development suggests the pressures of working for a deeply struggling company contributed to the recent outbreak of violence.

Update: KncMiner is also one of the many mining operations listed to this day as supporting the ClassicCoin fork (along with Bitfury, which led the backpedalling effort after it became obvious Classiccoin does not have nor can acquire the support of key players in the market.)

Update 2: This struggling concern is now producing blocks containing votes for the doomed ClassicCoin fork.

Article On Swedish Murder Censored In Sweden

An article in the Daily Mail on the stabbing death of student social worker Alexandra Mezher (archived) has reportedly been censored in Sweden. Users in Sweden are being redirected to a url on the Daily Mail website named /unavailable/index.html which apologizes for being "unable to find" the article. Beyond the circumstances of the murder, the Daily Mail article describes an increase in violence affecting many Swedish population centers which makes Gothenburg increasingly resemble the United States hell hole known as James Lafond Presents Baltimore.