Colombian Electorate Votes To Continue War Against FARC

The leftist rebel group FARC and the leftist Colombian government were dealt a serious blow after voters rejected a peace deal at the ballot box. For 52 years FARC has been terrorizing rural Colombia in the name of Marxist Leninism and for the last four of those years alleged Colombian president and noted leftist Juan Manuel Santos Calderon has been negotiating a peace deal centered around "truth and reconciliation" rather than "retributive" justice with the rebels. Apparently "truth and reconciliation is not popular with voters. Peace in our time, ballots in Colombia's.

Argentine Government And Monsanto Approaching Peace Deal

The Argentine government is considering a bill which would require soy farmers to pay royalties over three generations of crops grown from genetically modified seeds of the sort peddled by Monsanto. The measure would present a far better situation than that available to farmers in the United States, where in there perverted farming culture they are made to either buy seeds for every crop or pay as though they had bought seeds. The Argentine compromise would at least recognize that in sane agriculture farmers get to save a portion of their previous crop as seed if they choose to do so. Peace in our time.

Hold on to your butts – Argentina is going on sale.

This year Argentina has a new president, one Mauricio Macri. The fellow stands very strongly on the side of capital and against labour, with daily pronouncements drawing the ire of the grobian-socialistoid Argentine (("Hay que reducir los gastos, y el salario es un gasto mas" (Macri) – "El salario es un derecho [umano]!11" (the G-S A). Continue reading

HashFast Asset Auction Cancelled

Last Thursday, Bankruptcy Judge Dennis Montali approved a joint statement from HashFast and its creditors in which it is made clear that no-one other than Simon Barber is interested in purchasing the remaining assets. Early last month, HashFast was ordered to auction off its assets but plans for the auction have been scuttled at the last moment as the Bid Procedures Order only received "lowball offers."

In addition to the joint statement released last Thursday, a document dated October 31st was made available. This document shows that a Venezuelan congressman by the name of Guido Ochoa made a bid of $420,000, which was accepted, for all HashFast assets but the ASICs. Continue reading

Daniel J Bernstein Speaks on Keeping Crypto Insecure

Yesterday Daniel J Bernstein gave the Keynote speech at the 11th Hackers To Hackers Conference in Sao Paulo, Brazil. A PDF of his slides is available here, and the slide text is presented below for those with PDF aversions. The talk presented a narrative of how an attacker could manipulate the cryptographic ecosystem to culture insecurity. Continue reading