2011 To 2017 iDevices Jailbroken Via "Apple Bootrom" Exploit

Someone calling themself Axi0mX has unveiled an exploit overcoming "Apple Bootrom" and allowing Apple's iDevices using Apple's A5 through A11 chips to be "jailbroken" or otherwise be put in service of a new master (archived). This exploit reportedly requires physical access to a target device, and patching against the exploit supposedly would require new hardware.

IBM Approves Third Party OS/2 Distro

According to TechRepublic IBM has approved the marketing of a third party OS/2 distribution produced by an outfit calling itself Arca Noae (archived). The updated OS/2 is supposed to include support for more modern hardware including USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 along with ALSA sound. This development suggest that certain perennial buyers of Microsoft Windows might be in the market for a proprietary replacement.