UK "Human Rights" Activist Owns Israeli Spyware Firm

Yana Peel, who runs art galleries and makes noise about advancing human rights, is also a part owner of Israeli spyware company selling surveillance products to fiat governments (archived). She counts many time failed US presidential candidate and former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg as a close friend, mentor, and chair of her Serpentine art gallery.

Cloudflare Shitgnomes Hyping "Randomness Beacons"

Notorious USG surveillance firm Cloudflare is hyping a network of "randomness beacons" and encouraging folks to use the output of these beacons in places where numbers generated under the watch of others do not belong (archived). The pernicious shitgnomes caution against using the public output of their beacons for private keys in order to imply their "private" entropy offerings are suitable for private keys. They are not. The proposition that a known NSA and CIA surveillance partner offers any private thing is incredible in its insanity.

Hygienic random numbers suitable for battlefield use come from auditable processes and instruments in the hands of the user whose life depends on them.

Yubikey FIPS Products Suffer Reduced Randomness

Yubico has published an advisory warning that their Yubikey FIPS products offer reduced randomness under a wide variety of conditions. While Yubikey is offering a replacement program, this does nothing to alleviate the damage rendered to those who fired their devices in anger. No Such lAbs has produced a dedicated, auditable random number generator which has strangely seen no competition in the market.

British Home Secretary Sajid Javid Signs Order To Extradite Julian Assange To United States

British Home Secretary Sajid Javid has signed an order requesting Julian Assange's extradition to the United States for Julian's attempts to do journalism in violation of the US Espionage Act (archived). The extradition order will be weighed in the UK's courts Friday. Sweden withdrew their competing extradition claim earlier this month.

ROWHAMMER Being Used To Read From Vulnerable RAM

The ROWHAMMER vulnerability in DRAM which allows running processes to fuck with memory allocated to other processes is being developed into reliable side channel leaks reading from memory (archived). The importance of computing hygiene continues to be supported by the unforgiving march of time.

The full text of the academic paper is presented below: Continue reading

Madame Secretary Pompeo Leaks: USG Failed Politically In Venezuela

USG Madame Secretary Mike Pompeo has been caught in a leak lamenting the USG's political failure in Venezuela (archived). Per Madame secretary's laments, it appears the USG gravely misunderstood the mechanics of political parties in Latin America. In particular, the phenomenon where electorally untenable parties will fight their position all the way to their loss, repeatedly, instead of pursuing coalitions or moving on from dead movements appears to have been ignored.

Thusly with a grave lack of political and cultural competence in the Americas, the USG regime change team and Madame Secretary Pompeo found themselves in a hard place. Instead of uniting, "the opposition" in Venezuela came to offer more than 40 parties with "leaders" claiming to be the right and legitimate president of Venezuela, if only the USG could do all of the work for them.

Exim Remotely Exploitable: Most Machines Online And Running A Mail Transfer Agent Ready To Run Other People's Code

News has emerged that Exim, the most popularly deployed piece of email transmission software, is confirmed to be remotely exploitable for version numbers between 4.87 and 4.91 (archived). There are claims that the exploitable portion of the software was accidentally fixed in version 4.92 released in February, though the historical trend for this sort of shennanigan suggests more plausibly that an intentional NOBUS backdoor was quietly tightented after the US set expanded.

Declining Hygenic Conditions In Los Angeles Presenting Plague Risk

Reports on declining hygenic conditions in Los Angeles including booming rat and flea populations fed by uncollected garbage are creating conditions favorable for an outbreak of bubonic plague (archived). Los Angeles has already recently suffered an outbreak of typhus, another disease whose spread is readily preventable through a committment to hygiene.

While much popular attention has focused on declining quality of life and eroding preconditions for civilized life in former US industrial centers, the ever popular California by all appearances is leading the pack in the US reverse development race.

Austrialian Broadcaster Raided By "Law Enforcement" For Doing On War Crimes, Sweden Withdraws Assange Extradition Request

In Julian Assange's birthplace of Australia, national broadcaster ABC has been raided by "law enforcement" for engaging in journalistic activity on the subject of war crimes committed by Australian forces in Afghanistan (archived). The broadcaster's managing director offered little more than:

It is highly unusual for the national broadcaster to be raided in this way

While the Australian Federal Police offered that no arrests were planned in spite of the journalistic activity in question mirroring the same activity for which Julian Assange faces the prospect of centuries in US prison. Sweden recently retracted their extradition request for Assange leaving the US extradition request the only one under consideration by UK courts.

Youtube Culls Entire Classes Of Content In Editorial Shift From Platform To Publisher

Google's Youtube video service has made the editorial decision to cut entire categories of content in a move that follows other anti-social media platforms transitioning from "platforms" to old fashioned publisher operating models (archived). In Google's chosen jurisdiction this shift should remove a number of statutory protections offered to platforms and open the firm to numerous torts from which it had been previously insulated though common law courts in the US are notoriously indeterministic in their rulings.