USG.NSA And Microsoft Push "Emergency" Windows Crypto Update While Depreciating Windows 7

Yesterday's "Patch Tuesday" for Microsoft Windows included a "fix" promoted loudly through USG alligned media outlets that allegedly repairs X.509 "PKI" certificate validation in Microsoft's crypt32.dll (archived). The usual suspects are loudly herding Windows users to update in a way that strongly suggests geopolitical considerations may have pushed the USG.NSA to burn a number of their cultivated backdoors as they tend to do from time to time.

Past behavior of the actors involved suggests that as before, the patch is not going to be an actual fix so much as a subtle rekeying of the orfice. Serendipitously this patch was released immediately after Microsoft stopped issuing patches for Windows 7 creating an intense opportunity for Microsoft to collect "upgrade license" revenue with the endorsement of the USG "National Security" apparatus using the pitch that the USG already adopted the upgrade for its machines. The line between USG agency and USG "enterprise" continues become increasingly squishy.

The is the first time the USG.NSA has allowed itself to be explicitly named in Microsoft marketing materials as the contributor to a "fix" suggesting an ongoing marketing partnership between the two may be budding.

Vulnerabilities Found In Broadcom Spectrum Analyzer Widely Deployed In Cable Modem Chips

Some Danes have documented a number of vulnerabilities present in Broadcom spectrum analyzers deployed in a number of cable modem chips, the most notable of which is a set of "default credentials" leaving modems using the chips open to control by all comers (archived). The placement of this "default credential" backdoor on the component of the modem that most directly interacts with the raw signal coming into customer premises strongly suggests someone requested it be put there.

Civil Unrest In France Continues As Macron Regime Remains Unpopular, USG Still Uninterested In This Low Hanging Regime Change Fruit

Macron Ready to get BLAKKKEDYellow Jacket rioters and generally striking pensioners are continuing to riot in Paris (archived). Macronist forces continue to use chemical weapons against French civilians. The USG assassinated an incredibly popular Iranian leader by firing missiles at an International Airport, but apparently they can't be arsed to turn their regime change machine against an actually unpopular regime.

Illinois Residents Enter 2020 By Lining Up For Herbal Remedy To Forget They Live In Illinois

Illinois resident have taken to lining up by the thousands at a handful of concessions licensed by the local criminal organization posing as a government in order to purchase a herbal remedy that will assist them in forgetting the suffering that comes with being residents of Illinois (archived). Of all fiat jurisdictions misrepresenting regulation of this agricultural product as "legalization", the criminals running Illinois have implemented one of the most onerous regimes. Every aspect of the Illinois regime has been designed to maximize taxation potential down to a effective ban on home cultivation of this very home growable crop gated behind a mountain of "medical use" paperwork shuffling. Continue reading

USG "Embassy" In Iraq Beseiged By Locals Unhappy USG Won't Stop Bombing Iraq

After the USG conducted bombing raids inside Iraq's borders, a number of Iraqis have beseiged the USG "embassy" and have entered the "green zone" (archived). Despite Dubya Bush declaring "mission accomplished" and Hussein Bahamas "withdrawing US troops", the USG's insistence on continuing to conduct combat and bombing operations inside Iraq doesn't sit well with Iraqis. It doesn't seem to sit well with the "democratic" government the USG insisted on installing in Iraq either. They seem to increasingly view Iran as a more important regional partner than the USG ever was. Continue reading

Alphabet's Youtube Takes Down "Bitcoin and Crypto" Videos Before Quickly Restoring Them As Irrelevant

Alphabet's Youtube subsidary briefly removed large numbers of "Bitcoin and cryptocurrency" videos after designating their content "harmful or dangerous", but the bulk of the videos were eventually restored per Forbes. Perhaps they were clued into the complete irrelevance of the content they were hosting, which sums to less than nothing. What else could be expected of a platform dedicated but streaming petabytes of data on the wire to dubiously convey centibytes of infomation to the gigabyte.

Uncaring Markets See US Dollar Fall Against Peso Uruguayo And Brazil's Real While Peso Argentino Will Not Stop Shitting The Bed

Today saw the US Dollar fall against both the Peso Uruguayo and Brazil's Real with the dollar dropping more than one percent with respect to Uruguay's wholesale interbank rate compared to Friday (archived). Since Argentina's new criminal government was installed this very month and went on to pass an "Emergencia Económica" law, uncaring markets have taken the Peso Argentino down to 76.75 for a single dollar at the market determined "blue dollar" rate.

The Argentine goverment is claiming to sell dollars at both a "wholesale" rate of 60 pesos to the dollar which they don't while they have started actually selling dollars at a "solidarity" rate 30% higher than their entirely hallucinated "wholesale" rate. This Argentine reinvention of the "convertible ruble" was initially proposed with the "tourist dollar" label and comes as Argentina once again is selectively defaulting on its debts.

Pichiaje In California Up 16.4% In 2019

Per the USG's "Housing and Urban Development" office's own statistics, the number of homo sapiens deciding to idenfity as large, featherless, and flat nailed pigeons has increased 16.4% over 2019 (archived). As warm bodies continue crawling to KKKalifornia for the mild winters and the pretense of opportunity, the mass of bodies has found itself redundant. There's simply nothing in California that any of these bodies can do worth paying a single one of them enough to rent a bed.

Across the entire US, an increase of 2.7 percent in the featherless pigeon population is being claimed. As with the inflation scam, these "official" numbers should be assumed to understate the trend by at least a third and while the upper bound for error is multiple orders of magnitude.