Youth In US Increasingly Decide Life Not Worth Living

The US CDC reports that suicide among people in the US aged 10 to 24 has increased 56% in the period from 2007 to 2017. This coincides with an increase in bureaucratically driven in "anti-bullying" and "suicide awareness" efforts. The chance that the bureaucrats wringing hands will identify the suffocating lack of space their activity leaves as a driver of US youth unable to visualize futures for themselves appears to be nil. Expect the kids to keep checking out.

Python Runtime Differences Across Platforms Do Different Math

A group of chemists at the University of Hawaii published a paper in Organic Letters documenting numerous ways that the math performed by Python differs across the operating systems Python code can be run on (archived). The scripts revealing Pythonistic mathematics to be operating system dependent were intended to process nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy data. The scripts were originally described in Nature Protocols in 2014 went so far as to offer differing results across Mac OS X releases. This is far from the first indictment of misapplying computing tools in the modeling of reality.

2011 To 2017 iDevices Jailbroken Via "Apple Bootrom" Exploit

Someone calling themself Axi0mX has unveiled an exploit overcoming "Apple Bootrom" and allowing Apple's iDevices using Apple's A5 through A11 chips to be "jailbroken" or otherwise be put in service of a new master (archived). This exploit reportedly requires physical access to a target device, and patching against the exploit supposedly would require new hardware.

SystemD's Poettering Wants To Break Linux User Management To Suspend His Laptop

SystemD wrecking artist Lennart Poettering has proposed a substantial reworking of the way Linux handles users which would break many of the ways Linux is actually used under the pretext that the changes would make him feel more comfortable leaving his laptop in a suspended power state (archived).

Most notably Lennart's new user and authentication model would require users to already be logged into a system locally in order to access a shell over ssh. Under the new Lennart login model, if the user isn't locally logged in the authorized_keys file for the user will be encrypted and inaccessible to the system preventing ssh authentication. Typical of Poettering efforts this latest proposal breaks numerous things that work to implement hypothetical mitigations of purely constructed dilemmas, like Poettering's supposed aversion to turning his laptop off.

Church of England Takes BOLD Stand Against Pointed Kitchen Knives

Church elders in the Diocese of Rochester are calling for the elimination of pointed kitchen knives after having made the religious determination that points on knives are obsolete (archived). Never mind the incredible utility of the knife point in kitchens that handle actual food, the religious imperative to preserve all life demands the kitchen workflow be interupted by specialist knick-knacks out of the potential that any particular knife point may end the life of something other than a garlic clove.

Nevermind that nearly every use of the paring knife or fillet knife begins with the point. Nevermind the ridiculous prospect of scoring with the belly of the blade. The state Church of England demands doctrinal sovereignty in your kitchen, and their doctrine says the potential evil of the knife point trumps the active utility of the knife point.

Richard Stallman Targeted For Depersoning And MIT Eviction Over Defense Of Minsky

Microsoft featured speaker and human mushroom Richard Stallman has been targeted for depersoning and eviction at MIT over his defense of Minsky's enjoyment of friendship with Jeffery Epstein (archived, archived). Stallman erred by engaging the new leftist insanity within the pedantic framework of his old leftist insanity. The cultural revolution in the Anglo colonies appears to be continuing its pursuit of passive, derealized purity.

Another Open BMC Bung: Virtual USB Open To Anywhere

Yet another set of "Baseband Management Controllers" has been documented to compromise the systems in which they are implanted (archived). This latest batch of openings allows access from the network to a "virtual USB hub", and that vitual USB hub allows all of the mischief possible with a physical USB port. Or, almost all of it. The virtual USB port can't be meaningfully plugged with virtual epoxy to the same effect a real port can be plugged with real epoxy.

Amazon Begins Dictating Terms To Local Police As It Builds Residential Video Surveillance Network

USG Surveillance firm Amazon has begun dictating terms to local police agencies in the United States (archived). Amazon is compelling agencies which have "partnered" with them in a program related to surveillance cameras dressed as doorbells and attached to private homes, to use Amazon's preferred marketing points when discussing the program.

The program involves a portal that Amazon offers to local "law enforcement" from which the law enforcement agencies can "request" footage from particular deployed cameras. The cameras themselves are allegedly deployed primarily through sales to consumers though a substantial fraction of deployed cameras have been distributed through a number of "donation", "contest", and "sweepstakes" gimmicks.