Verizon Unloads Tumblr On Automattic After Value Collapses Under Porn Ban

Nine months after Verizon subsidary1 Tumblr enacted a ban on pornography, Verizon is unloading the troubled property on Automattic (archived). Yahoo purchased Tumblr for 1.1 billion USD in 2013, but rumors and innuendo surrounding the deal suggest a sale price in this deal near the 3 million USD mark with an upper bound on the yet to be disclosed price of 10 million USD. Auttomatic has expressed their intention to continue the insane ban on "adult" content as per their policy of fixing nothing ever.

  1. via Yahoo acquisition  

Peso Argentino And Argentine Markets Fall After Primary Elections Give "Peronist" Alberto Fernandez, Cristina Kirchner Margin Sufficient To Win October Ballot Outright

Primary elections in Argentina on Sunday returned results that gave the "Peronist" ticket of Alberto Fernandez and Cristina Kirchner sufficient votes to win the October general election outright if yesterday's performance is repeated. This has been met with a 14.5 percent fall of the Peso Argentino against the USD, while the brief narrowing of the buy/sell spead of the Peso Argentino in Uruguay has been blown open with exchanges in Uruguay advertising spreads as wide as 0.50/1.15 (archived). Argentina's stock market has suffered today as well.

In a development less clearly connected to Argentina's electoral/economic disaster, the twitter account of Prefectura Naval Argentina was "hacked" to broadcast an hoax alert claiming a British missile attack had killed 27. In the incredibly unlikely event a new Falklands conflict opened up again between Argentina and Queen Elizabeth's forces, the largest open question is which of the two combatants declined more in the intervening decades.

Imperial Anti-V Unveiled: Eat More Star Topology

USG surveillance and makework enterprise RedHat has unveilled rget, a wget replacement apparently positioned as the empire's answer to the V integrity system (archived). The Imperial answer to the problem of trust in rget has the tool checking a hash of the downloaded file against an "official cryptographic registry" where folks offering files for download submit their hashes to. Notably absent is any discussion of identity, with this core problem simply brushed aside. Why allow weighing who's who when the register can simply be official, anything else would simply be discriminatory.

8chan, The Daily Stormer, And Bitmitigate All Down Following Scold Engineering Attack

Further reaction to increasing individual acts of violent rebellion against Mammy State values in the US has seen the scold lobby break Cloudflare alternative Bitmitigate by scolding "Infrastructure as a service" provider Voxility into closing Bitmitigate's account (archived). Pantsuit media organs are crediting "Stanford Internet Observatory Director" Alex Stamos for allowing them to target Voxility for scolding. As a result 8chan, The Daily Stormer, and other sites which subscribed to Bitmitigate's services are down.

It remains to be seem whether Voxility has generated a substantial tort for Bitmitigate to pursue or if their "infrastructure as a service" arrangement innovated away contracts and standards of performance.

Israelis Enthusiastically Burning F-35's Stealth Window With Strikes, Now In Iraq

News is emerging that Israel is enthusiastically exploiting the fact they were the first to deploy US made F-35A fighters in combat by launching strikes in Iraq (archived). While the F-35 program has been an absolute boondogle for the US, for Israelis the F-35 program has allowed them to be the first to fly this particular stealth attack aircraft in anger. Doing so they enjoy the advantages of its stealth before the ongoing collection of radar data negates its present advantage over air defense systems.

While the US cut Turkey out of the F-35 program over the NATO ally's purchase of Russian made S-400 missiles fearing Turkish operation of the jets near Turkish radar pickets will generate Russian data allowing better identification of the F-35 as an air defense target, Israel's ongoing airstrikes on foreign soil are generating the same sort of data and incentivising the development of F-35 countermeasures. With the problems everyone else is having bringing their F-35's operational, it is possible the Israelis may be the only ones to enjoy use of the F-35 as a steath aircraft. Once again history rhymes.

20 years of development time and 1.5 trillion USD in IOUs burned so some Jews can bomb some warehouses in the desert.

Brit Cop Pleas Guilty After Using His Access To Police DB To See Investigations Into Himself

Metropolitan Police Sergeant Okechukwu Efobi plead guilty to 3 charges of under Airstrip One's 1990 "Computer Misuse Act" after he used his access to the police database to view information on investigations into himself (archived). For putting his own name into the system and seeing what resulted, Sergeant Efobi has been ordered to complete 150 hours of community service and pay the sum of 540 Pounds split between prosecution costs and a victim surcharge tax though he remains employed on restricted duty with the force.

Intel Goes On Media Push For "New Interpretations" Of Moore's Law

As Intel is mired a mess wrought by more than two decades of "optimizations" that weren't, the firm is making of marketing push for a new interpretations and reimaginings of Moore's law reflecting the compound sadness since their 2016 resignation to produce slower future chips in the name of "energy efficiency" (archived).

Intel has been stuck producing all but a few chips on the 14 nm lithograpy process they started shipping in 2014, while all of their major competitors including Huawei, Samsung, and TMSC are shipping 7nm chips and enjoying a two generation lead in process nodes. In the PC and server markets, Intel has conceded the performance lead to AMD while the performance of existing Intel processors falls due to ongoing patches mitigating the "optimizations" which once gave Intel the "speed" crown.