Ecuador To Recieve 4.2 Billion USD IMF "Extended Fund Facility" (Coincidentally British Police Managed To Arrest Former Ecuador Embassy Resident Julian Assange Inside Embassy)

Ecuador has ended their asylum for Anglophone dissident Julian Assange after nearly seven years of providing the rebel sanctuary in their London Embassy (archived). In what is surely completely unrelated development the US directed International Monetary Foundation has approved a 4.2 billion USD "Extended Fund Facility" to provide (archived):

support for the Ecuadorean government’s economic policies over the next three years.

The deal allowed the immediate disbursment of 652 million USD to the government of Ecuador when it was announced in March. Following Assange's arrest inside the Embassy on a five year old British process warrant the US published an indictment of Assange. This was quite the bounty to be paid for a single head by an increasingly poor US.

US Government, CENTCOM Added To List Of Terrorist Organizations By Major Regional Power

Iran's Supreme Council has added US Government, US military CENTCOM, and all of their affiliates to their list of recognized terrorist organizations. This follows the example set by the Serene Republic which has recognized the criminal organization calling itself the United States Government as a rogue terrorist state for years.

Rescued Migrants Hijack Commercial Vessel At Sea

The commercial vessel Elhiblu 1 rescued 108 migrants and was hijacked by the same after the the mass of humanity pulled from the sea discovered the ship would be taking them back to Africa rather than onward to Europe (archived). This is not the first time helpless African migrants turned violent against their maritime saviors after discovering their rescuers logistics conflicted with their wishes.

British Soldier Faces Charges Over Friendly Fire In Video Game Exercise

A British soldier assigned to 3rd Battalion, the Rifles faces charges after allegely opening fire on friendlies during a video game training exercise (archived). The soldiers had allegedly been spending weeks in front of laptops working on drills in a video game environment deprived of fresh air and the physical exercise that comes from doing field exercises in the field. Eventually one member of the unit snapped and began engaging in Grand Theft Auto style freeplay on the British military co-op training server. The rifleman was reprimanded after the "exercise" and has been charged with disobeying orders.

Macron Order French Soldiers To Join Police For 19th Week Of Yellow Jacket Protests With Authorization To Open Fire

Macron Ready to get BLAKKKED In prepartation for the upcoming 19th weekend of Yellow Jacket protests, Macron has ordered French soldiers to support police with authorization to open fire if "lives are in danger" (archived). Macronist forces will attempt to deny the Yellow Jackets access to the Champ Elysee.

Afro-Supremacist Terrorist Employed As Schoolbus Driver Tries And Fails To Kill 51 Students Charged To His Care In Bus Inferno

A Sengalese-Italian schoolbus driver tried and failed to kill the 51 Italian children on his schoolbus after allegedly declaring his intent to avenge Africans dying at sea (archived). The busdriver restrained the children before pouring petrol and lighting it up. At least 12 needed medical attention for smoke inhalation, but no deaths are being reported. The bus driver became a naturalized Italian citizen in 2004 and has been previously arrested for driving drunk and sexually molesting.

New Zealand Arresting File Sharers, Banning Semi-Automatic Firearms In Government Power Grab

While Turkey's Erdogan is using Brenton Tarrant's ecofascist partisan attack to energize his political base, New Zealand's government is moving to aggressively strip Kiwis of their remaining freedoms. Young men and women are being arrested for sharing a video filmed by Tarrant during his action (archived). The video spend a substantial amount of time following Tarrant as he drives, one person rushing Tarrant in an effort to save his own life, and the bulk of the eventual casualties gathered in "puppy piles" playing dead until death came for them at Tarrant's hand. With David Shanks, New Zealand's chief censor threatening up to 14 years in prison for sharing the widely shared video, incarceration is set to become a substantially larger portion of the Kiwi budget.

New Zealand has also moved to ban semi-automatic firearms with some limited exceptions for agricultural use to be clarified at a later point (archived). Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said, "this is just the beginning" and "it's about safety."

Uranium Convoy Fired On In Brazil

Shots were fired at a convoy carrying Uranium fuel to the Angra Dos Reis nuclear power plant (archived). Local authorities assert the convoy came into an area where a firefight between competing governments claiming the territory was already underway, and the convoy was apparently not targeted for its precious cargo. Representatives of Brazil's socialized nuclear industry assured:

combustível nuclear é acondicionado dentro de contêineres metálicos especialmente fabricados para essa tarefa. Esses invólucros passam por testes de resistência contra quedas e incêndios

Se um tiro de arma de fogo conseguisse atravessar a proteção do contêiner, poderia danificar o combustível nuclear. No entanto, isso não colocaria em risco a população nem o meio ambiente. O urânio contido em um elemento combustível está em estado natural, tendo o mesmo nível de radioatividade encontrado na natureza.

Erdogan Intensifies Anti-ANZAC Talking Points By Invoking Gallipoli

Continuing to show footage of Brenton Tarrant's partisan attack on a New Zealand Mosque, Turkey's Erdogan has threatened deaths by Turkish hands in the manner of the Ottoman victory over ANZAC forces in Gallipoli (archived). This has created a diplomatic failure cascade with Australia as Australian Prime minister Scott Morrison cannot get satisfaction with any explanation out of his ambassador from Turkey. The events at Gallipoli are historically important as the beginning of Australia's shared meaning as a young nation and as the last grand victory of the Ottoman Empire before they were relegated to just being the Turks.

The aftermath of Tarrant's action is becoming quite an international phenomenon in a way very few lone partisan actions have ever been. It certainly appears to be doing wonders for Turkish national identity.