Vessenes Gox Drama Continues

Peter Vessenes (WOT:nonperson) of the failed Vessenes' Phoundation and failed start up Coinlab continues to stir the drama pot as he holds out hope that a court just might award him a portion of the insolvent Gox's corpse. Such a move would naturally represent the first, last, and best revenue received by Vessenes venture which promised much and delivered nothing.

Dicamba Disaster Continues Destruction

As the story of the Dicamba Disaster in the United States begins finally reaching mainstream media outlets, the St Louis Post Dispatch brings us news that Dicamba Drift has threatened Missouri's largest peach orchard (archived). Two hundred and fifty acres of the orchard's peach trees are already irreparably harmed and as the damage continues to show that number could double by next spring as the injury progresses.1

Dicamba has been around since 1942. Until this year it had largely survived in its humble role as that thing you add as a tiny fraction of a percent to your tank mix as a little kicker to beat back broadleaf weeds. What it did, what it didn't do, and why it stayed that tiny fraction were established. Why it stayed the tiny fraction is that dicamba is volatile and the dicamba that doesn't get absorbed and bound will vaporize and spread.

The ascendancy of Roundup Ready in the 1990's inspired much panic. "Genetic modifications AND a super herbicide?" Glyphosate however turned out to be a kitten with the surfactants mixed with it carrying a greater hazard to fauna than the herbicide itself, flora was still fucked though.2

Monsanto opened a pandora's box with their latest offering, because when you offer desperate farmers soybeans that won't suffer any losses with two herbicides those farmers are getting as much mileage out of those two herbicides as they can. Bad behavior becomes mandatory, because fuck that other family's peach orchard which took a generation to grow. Also no one cares about the other stands of mature trees yellowing, defoliating, and in clear decline.3

It would likely have not made things much better even if Monsanto released their "less volatile" dicamba with the seeds4 so long as other people were selling classic Dicamba preparations for less. The competition between agriculture and chemistry is leaning decidedly in chemistry's favor with crops outside of the limited Monsanto supplied corns and alt-corns becoming environmentally impracticable. US agriculture at this point appears to on track to become a fiefdom of tort law in the same way US medicine is by this time next year. This is the story of your loss and imazapyr resistant crops can't come soon enough (archived).

  1. And even in the absence of further dicamba applications nearby it will continue to progress.  

  2. But only if the glyphosate solution actually made contact with foliage.  

  3. This phenomena is pointedly NOT limited to the portions of the Ozarks that US based media is suggesting it to be. 

  4. It seems likely they anticipated the destruction and didn't want their preparation taking the blame.  

Preet Indicts Hondurans In Honduras

Evil itselfAgent of oppresion Preet Bharara handed out indictments to 6 Honduran policemen on Wednesday. These officers are not of Preet's District in Manhattan or even the United States. The officers allegedly conspired to smuggle cocaine between points that are not in the United States, though Preet assures the destination was the United States and not one of the other countries that likes cocaine too.1Undercover officers fraudulently misrepresenting themselves as Mexican narcotics wholesalers offered the officers a million United States dollars in bribes to "ensure the safe passage of tons of cocaine through the jungles of Honduras" Bharara said. The officers allegedly operated the smuggling ring over a ten year period. Last month Fabio Porfirio Lobo, the son of a former Honduran president, plead guilty to some charges and introduced the accused officers to the fake merchants. Sorry for your laws Mister World Police.

  1. This list consists of all of the countries.  

Suspected Islamist Shoots Up Florida Gay Bar

A man the FBI claims has possible leanings towards supporting Islamist causes shot up the gay bar "Pulse" in Orlando, Florida during the early hours of the morning (archived). An off duty police officer working security at the club reportedly exchanged gunfire with the man before a hostage situation developed. Police eventually conducted a "controlled explosion" before shooting the man dead. A variety of media sources are consistently reporting 20 deaths and 42 injuries UPDATE1: 50 deaths and 53 injuries in the event though no distinction has yet been made between casualties inflicted by the suspect and those taken by law enforcement in the crossfire.

Back in December of 2015 aspiring martyrs Syed Farook (WOT:nonperson) and Tashfeen Malik (WOT:nonperson) killed 14 and injured 22 at a facility that provides services for the developementally disabled in San Bernadino before getting themselves killed during their failed getaway. The San Bernadino event lead to the FBI and Apple circlejerking around an iPhone.

It is too early to tell what "rights" this latest media hysteria is going to push for taking away, but the likelyhood of Hussein Bahamas making at least one last big push to take your Guns, your God, and your Freedom is not out of the picture. Another likely side effect of this following so close in time to the San Bernadino attack and similar attacks in Europe is Autistic teen and twenty something white males losing the "most feared demographic in America" title acquired over two decades of school, mall, and theater shootings. Sorry for your loss.

Update 2: The shooter has been identified as Omar Mateen (WOT:nonperson). Mateen allegedly work as a security guard with clients that included USG assets.

Phishing Industry Shifts To Ransomware

A group calling itself PhishMe issued a report stating that 93% phishing emails now include ransomware in place of, or in addition to other payloads. News on the ransomware industry typically come in isolation due to the newness and novelty attached to the subject, but it isn't so new anymore. This news also shows that it isn't particularly novel either any more with Phishers overwhelmingly favoring it due to the income potential it presents. Sorry for your loss.

Self Propagating Ransomware Arrives

Microsoft is raising the alarm on the latest threat it opened its customers to: Zcryptor, a new ransomware product with self propagation features. Zcryptor is capable of deploying itself to shared network drives and portable storage devices accessible from an infected machine. Zcryptor also allows infected machines to be used as part of a DDoS gang for additional monetization opportunities. Once again ransomware seems to be leading other accessory industries surrounding Bitcoin in product improvement.

Ransomware Industry Tightening Product Quality

Proofpoint brings us news that the makers of the CryptXXX ransomware have patched a vulnerability in their product which allowed various antivirus companies to produce "decryptor" products which would recover user files without payment. Numerous ransomware producers have seen their revenue suffer as antivirus companies produced software that exploited vulnerabilities in their ransomware to circumvent payment. If other ransomware ventures follow the example of CryptXXX in improving their own products, the industry as a whole could see substantial growth over the next year.

New MBR Infecting Ransomware 'Petya' Found In The Wild

GData and TrendMicro report a new ransomware they refer to as 'Petya' is circulating in the wild largely affecting German 'Human Resources' departments (archived 1, archived 2). Like other ransomware Petya encrypts files on an infected machine, but it goes further than other ransomware by living in a computer's masterboot record and presenting its demands through a DOS boot screen when the infected machine is powered on. In its present incarnation Petya demands a 0.99 Bitcoin ransom which doubles if its payment deadline is missed. If an affected user goes through the FBI approved manner of recovering their files by paying the ransom, they would be well advised to physically destroy the disk and handle recovered files with care. This is because if anything was learned from the MBR infecting rootkit Sony distributed on their music CDs, it is that people who care enough to put their malware in the MBR tend to make complete eradication of the malware a tremendous pain.

Ransomware Comes To OSX Bittorrent Client

Ransomware has come to Apple's OSX through a doctored binary for the Transmission bittorrent client (archived). This is reminiscent of a similar failure by Linux Mint to secure their software distribution pipeline, with the only substantial added step in this case being the ~100 United States dollar expense to register a key with Apple to bypass their "Gatekeeper" check for signed code. Once again pseudo security theater fails to provide actual security.