Hawaii Man Kills Two Cops – Houses Around Suspect's Suspected Location Burn

A hereto unidentified Hawaii man killed two cops in the Diamond Head neighborhood of Honolulu (archived). A house where the man was suspected to be sheltering after the shooting caught fire, and the fire has spread to numerous surrounding homes. This would not be the first time cops in the US started fires to deal with a cornered suspect without regard for collateral damage, and there is little incentive for them not to burn everything down when USG courts routinely pass the cost of police inflicted property damage to the owner. Nevermind that police pyrotechnics routinely causing fires, the courts routinely buy police assurances that the fires following police pyrotechics are "unintentional" (archived).

USG Sting Apparently Underway In Virginia – Trap Under Cover Of "Pro-Gun" Rally

Tensions are running high in Virginia as at least 6 would-be protesters have been arrested in advance of a rally in support of gun rights (archived). Demographic shifts in Virginia driven by hypertrophy in the USG have lead to a Pantsuitist government voted in by USG bureaucrats colonizing suburbs near DC to advance a whole number of measures objectionable to residents of the rest of the state. This demographic move towards an Illinois like political situation has many longtime Virginia residents very angry. Continue reading

Pantsuit Nancy Finally Forwards Impeachment To Senate

US Pantsuitist House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is finally forwarding the House's doomed impeachment of democratically elected US President Donald Trump to the Senate for trial. Seven members of her caucus have been assigned to litigate the matter in favor of the proposition that career bureaucrats require absolute supremacy over the elected executive on all matters of foreign policy, retroactive to January 20th, 2017 (archived).

Illinois Residents Enter 2020 By Lining Up For Herbal Remedy To Forget They Live In Illinois

Illinois resident have taken to lining up by the thousands at a handful of concessions licensed by the local criminal organization posing as a government in order to purchase a herbal remedy that will assist them in forgetting the suffering that comes with being residents of Illinois (archived). Of all fiat jurisdictions misrepresenting regulation of this agricultural product as "legalization", the criminals running Illinois have implemented one of the most onerous regimes. Every aspect of the Illinois regime has been designed to maximize taxation potential down to a effective ban on home cultivation of this very home growable crop gated behind a mountain of "medical use" paperwork shuffling. Continue reading

Philippines Bars Two US Pantsuitist Senators From Entry Threatens Imposing Visa Requirement On All US Nationals

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte's government has barred US Pantsuitist Senators Dick Durbin of Illinois and Patrick Leahy of Vermont from entering the Phillipines while further threatening to impose visa requirements for entry to the Philippines by all US nationals (archived). The dispute is centered on the non-bailable arrest of former Philippine Justice Minister Leila de Lima on charges that she abused her position to take payments from drug traffickers in return for her making drug trafficking easier. Continue reading

16 Year Sentence Handed Down In Iowa Flag Burning Case

Adolfo Martinez of Ames, Iowa has been sentenced to 16 years of imprisonment by a Story County court after he removed a rainbow "Pride" flag from the Ames United Church of Christ on sixth street and burned the flag in from of a "Gentleman's club" on fifth street (archived). On the so-called Court's way to sentencing the 30 year old Martinez to incarceration through his 46th year of age, the court assigned him convictions for allegedly committing Arson and Hate Crime for his burning of a piece of cloth that someone happened to assign great political importance.

On their own none of the charges against Martinez carry a maximum possible sentence over five years, but the Court elected to impose sentences over the maximum through the "habitual offender" device.

Pantsuit Nancy Shows Cold Feet After Pushing Through Impeachment – May Not Forward Impeachment To Senate For Trial

Pantsuitist US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi revealed today that she is hesistant to forward the recently passed articles of impeachment to the upper chamber of the US Congress so that the Senate may conduct a trial (archived). Despite claiming the impeachment put spring into her step, she has reservations that the Senate can conduct a "fair trial" of democratically elected US President Donald Trump.

The term "fair trial" traditionally in the US refers to one that respects the constitutional presumption of innocence the defendant enjoys up until an actual conviction is delivered. In practice US law enforcement and courts have perverted the environment to the point fair trials are normally an impossibility. Only in the context of Pantsuitist hallucinatory insanity could "fair trial" be interpreted as referring to one that goes out of its way to entertain prosecutorial nonsense.

Playing coy with advancing the articles of impeachment to the Senate where 67 votes are necessary for conviction while Nancy's party controls only 47 seats suggests, the entire exercise was nothing but dumbass signalling from the start.

Democratically Elected US President Donald Trump Writes Letter To Pantsuit Nancy

With the US House of Representatives set to vote on impeachment today, democratically elected US President Donald Trump wrote a letter to Pantsuitist House leader Nancy Pelosi expressing grave concern over the hallucinatory loop that her and her fellow Pantsuits seem to be trapped inside. Being analogous to an indictment, the impeachment on its own has no effect without being followed by a conviction supported by a 2/3 supermajority of the Senate. Noise out of the Senate suggests that the impeachment will either be dismissed shortly after opening arguments or the trial will be used to enter substantial amounts of Pantsuit dirty landry into the public record. The Senate is not composed in a way which would allow for a conviction vote to pass. Full text of the letter is below: Continue reading

Greek Government Introduces Fines For Not Spending Income Electronically Through Captive Channels

The criminal organization calling itself the Greek Government is mandating that 30% of all income be spent through electronic methods with Greeks that refuse to do so being fined 22% of their shortfall (archived). The government is nominally pursuing this draconian measure impair the actual Greek economy that the Government criminals have been shut out of while at the same time trying to force activity to pick up in the much smaller portion of the economy that the Government has captured. Can you see the tyrants unmasking themselves yet? Sorry for your loss.