FBI Entraps Young Woman Into Terrorism Charges By Becoming Her Entire Social Circle

A young woman with a crush on Dylan Storm Roof was entrapped by the FBI and hit with terrorism charges (archived). As per their usual modus operandi, the USG stooges further isolated and aggravated the socially isolated young woman until their became her entire social circle after which, the stooges arrested her in Toledo, Ohio. Earlier this week, also in Toledo, an FBI radicalized ISIS sympathizer was arrested after being similarly prepped for captivity by USG stooges (archived).

Stanford Garbage Collects Chinese Professor Investor

Physics professor and Danhua Capital founding partner Shoucheng Zhang appears to have been garbage collected by his side gig employer Stanford University (archived). The 55 year old Zhang was found dead December 1st and his death was attributed to suicide without investigation. Statements circulating claiming origin with Zhang's family are supposing Stanford University was central to Zhang's life and won't you pretty please contribute to Stanford in Zhang's memory while declining to investigate Zhang's suiciding?

Canadian "Law Enforcement" Abduct Huawei CFO For Not Giving A Shit About US Sanction On Iran

The impotent USG overreach as they try to recover their imagined "world police" role from the Clinton "End of History" era has lead to Canadian "law enforcement" abducting Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou. The abduction occurred December 1st and announcements were allegedly supressed at her own request. China is demanding the release of their national.

The announcement of Wanzhou's abduction comes after Turkey's Erdogan and Venezuela's Maduro signed a coorperative agreements related to their mining, oil, and defense industries as Turkey has happily stepped up to buy Venezualan mined gold in spite of USG efforts to shut down Venezuela's gold industry with sanctions.

Tumblr Announces Porn Ban Beginning December 17th, Tumblr Anti-Porn AI Already Running Wild

Macron Ready to get BLAKKKEDPornographic image hosting service Tumblr announced they would be banning porn from their platform on December 17th, and they have already set loose a porn banning AI on their platform to lulzy results (archived). Not only is the AI apparently incapable of telling porn boobs from medical or arts boobs, it can't distinguish puppies and kitties from pussy. Tumblr's ban on pornography comes shortly after Tumblr's app was banned from Apple's appstore following the discovery Apple employees were viewing child pornography on Tumblr.

Tumblr brands itself as a mid-micro blogging platform and its userbase is composed of hamplanets viewing softcore fetish porn, Mircea Popescu sharing normal porn found in the wild, and apparently Apple employees viewing child porn produced by and for law enforcement.

French Anti-Macron Protests Beginning To Look Like Revolution

The ongoing anti-Macron protests in France are escalating to include the burning of goverment buildings (archived). The mainstream media has gone from misrepresenting the protest as being about fuel prices to misrepresenting them to being about low standards of living and inequality, while everything including the banners suggests these are anti-Left/Centerist Make France Great Again in nature. The protester are of a more historically French look than is apparently fashionable nowadays while "New French" demographics appear to be avoiding the revolutionaries.

Meanwhile social engineering firm Facebook has stepped in to prevent images from Macron's BLACKED photoshoot from circulating on their platform under the guise that they are too sexual.

Macron has been forced to go straight from the G20 playing Merkel's successor as leader of European Africanization and his own chosen role as Europe's counter to Trump into emergency meetings while France burns against him. As France continues to burn against him, Macron will have to choose between surrendering to the French people or becoming more oppressive than Syria's popularly elected president Assad.

Clinton Foreign Kickbacks Whistleblower Raided By FBI

A registered USG whistleblower who had turned over documents related to shennanigans involving the Clinton Foundation and Uranium One was raided by the FBI in November (archived). Dennis Nathan Cain had turned the documents over to the Department of "Justice" inspector general as well as the US House and Senate Intelligence committees, but that apparently wasn't enough for the FBI who, in apparent violation of the "Intelligence Community Whistleblower Protection Act", showed up at his door demanding his original copies of the documents and searched his home a further 6 hours after he surrendered the documents. Federal magistrate Stephanie A. Gallagher of the US District Court for Balimore signed an order approving the raid as the FBI asserted Cain was sitting on "stolen federal property".

The scandal upon which Crain blew the whistle involved Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State recieving obscured compensation from foreign parties in exchange for providing concierge service to facilitate regulatory approval of Rosatom's purchase of Uranium One.

Feds Issue Fines And Cuffs To Older Black Men And Their Handlers Over Endorsement Deals

Older Black men retired from combats sports have been targeted in a phishing scam perpetrated by the US Government. Among those targeted for USG extortion letters are Evander Holyfield and Floyd Mayweather. The handlers who initially milked these elderly black men are being targeted by the USG with handcuffs and extortion letters of their own (archived).