Mircea Popescu Announces Fanfic Contest With 1 Bitcoin Prize

Following his commentary on pre-eminent American socialist Elliot Rodger and the substantial discussion that followed, Mircea Popescu has announced a prize of one whole integer Bitcoin for the best fanfic. The upswell in fanfic has been inspired of the unconsummated romance between Elliot and his childhood friend James, two kissless virgins who should have kissed each other. Eligibility for the prize is contingent on having a GPG key registered with deebot and a blog upon which to publish your fanfic. The deadline is Halloween. Peace in our time.

PayPal Freezes Bundy Accounts Over Rebellion Against Federal Government

Paypal has frozen accounts associated with Cliven Bundy and his Nevada ranch. Cattle rancher and American Patriot Cliven Bundy was captured by Federal Forces in Portland while he was travelling to support his sons following their effort to liberate a portion of the high desert in Oregon. Cliven's sons Ammon and Ryan had already been captured in an incident which left Ryan injured by gunshot and Lavoy Finicum murdered by FBI stooges. Meanwhile the only Federal officer to face charges of terrorism in United States courts was indicted for playing with gift cards. Peace in our time.

Coinbase Engineering Director Jokes That Roger VERified Their Coins Are Safe

Coinbase Director of Engineering Charles Lee1 (WOT:coblee) today joked on Twitter that Roger Ver has VERified the Coinbase coins are safe. Roger similarly VERified that the coins at Mt Gox were safe and present in their reserves up until the moment Mt Gox died and even then for a bit of time after that. The history of Roger VERified jokes stretches back to December of 2012.

In December 2012 Roger Ver (WOT:nonperson) used his access to the administrative panel of Blockchain.info in order to compromise the supposedly secret information of a user of that service following a dispute over a payment error made by an unrelated venture of Roger Ver's (archived). The payment error was for 4.5119 Bitcoin, an amount that summed to less than 50 United States dollars at a time when buying that amount of Bitcoin was still an easy task.2

Compounding Roger Ver's mistake was his attempt at a cover up insisting that he was a sufficiently special snowflake to have all threads discussing the matter retitled, locked,  and deleted (archived). At the time MPOE-PR (WOT:hanbot) wrote of his efforts:

We're not discussing the "change the thread title" part of your statement. We're discussing the "better yet, lock the thread and ask the mods to delete it" part of your statement.

It is not this thread that is causing undue alarm. The alarm is very much due, this BS of divulging customer details is widespread to the point of universality. Aurum did it, MtGox did it, the list is pretty much "everyone except MPEx". This has to cease, universally, as it has no place in BTC.

The other thing that has to cease is the unwarranted delusions of self importance. You personally are not great enough to request moderators to delete the signs of your stupidity "so as not to harm bitcoin". Should you want to request it, do it in the adequate terms, which are "I've been really stupid, please delete this before it ruins my reputation".

That aside, you personally are not big enough to harm Bitcoin, for one, and moreover this "too big to fail" mentality and the corresponding expectation of throwing everything to the wind for the sake of propping up random doods with self-awarded VIP status is completely irrational.

Since the Blockchain.info episode Roger Ver has continued his pursuit of pennies at the expense of potential fortunes. He publicly defended the insovlent Mt Gox, engaged in premature passport shennanigans that greatly restricted his ability to travel, further sold his illusion of credibility in the XTCoin and ClassicCoin pushes, and jumped on the ether huffing train shortly before their huffing bag detonated. Sorry for your Roger VERified loss.

  1. Of "Litecoin" infamy. Litecoin was this "better Bitcoin" endorsed by Wired Magazine in August 2013 much like DogeCoin and Ethereum would later be "better Bitcoins" endorsed by mainstream media rags until they sunk.  

  2. It was indeed less that four years ago that a person could acquire 5 whole Bitcoins for less than the price of a nice restaurant meal.  

Clinton And Major Socialist Party Data Released By Hero

Hillary Clinton (WOT:nonperson) and the US Idiot Party proved their incompetence for the millionth time recently by managing to lose control over a bunch of secret (and a lot more merely embarrassing) documents.

It's true that the USG has a rich history of shredding incriminating evidence by the pail while "suspecting no foul play" through the convenient mechanism of "technological mishaps". Nevertheless, there's a difference between pretending to not know what backups are in order to get rid of embarrassing details of multi-billion dollar graft surrounding the world's most expensive airplane-submarine, and failing to lock the heart shaped brass fixture on the Super Secret Teenage Neutered Ninja Turtles diary.

As Clinton is already famous for managing to rape more laws than Petraeus (WOT:nonperson) while avoiding any sort of prosecution (unlike Petraeus), the USG Derpage Department kicked in high gear and regaled the world with a delightful narrative of "sophisticated hackers" and "Russia or China" involvement, to rival the recent embarrassment over similar (and similarly false) allegations, not to mention the script of whatever action-movie-of-the-week. The hacker apparently had WMDs!

Much to the embarrassment of the shitshow empire, the hacker actually read enough of #trilema to go public – and did so in style! guccifer2.wordpress.com hosts a trove of amusing stupidity (all in Microsoft formats) as well as supposedly "secret" documents as classified by the world's most incompetent empire. Apparently the "very sophisticated" attack wasn't sophisticated at all. Apparently the super cereal "presidential candidate" and Martha Stewart (WOT:nonperson) look-alike is very easily defeated! Apparently everyone working for the USG is fucking stupid!

Who could have ever predicted any of this ?!

Stay tuned for more incredible stories of the obvious!

T Ascendant!

I (wot:mod6) deployed an IRC implementation of "T" – a ticketing system (descending from a command line version published earlier last month) for projects originating from The Bitcoin Foundation and The Most Serene Republic (TMSR~).

Since the Founding of The Bitcoin Foundation and for many years previous; The Republic has tracked proposals of all forms through logging of the assembly chamber, #trilema.

Throughout these many months it has become increasingly difficult to track all of these items. The Republic has been in need of a means to track them all.

With the deployment of tb0t (WOT:tb0t), Bitcoin Lords may now leverage this system to track their projects, corresponding work, and related tasks. This is important for a variety of reasons: tickets can be described in detail and isolation; avert archaeological digs; connect together in Antecedent/Dependent relationships; graph directionally, and viewed on The Foundation website; projects rendered and viewed as a whole broad visionary scope.

Viva La Serenissima!

Former Governors Johnson And Weld Compose US Libertarian Party Ticket

At the United States Libertarian party convention in Orlando, Florida former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson (WOT:unknown/undisclosed) and former Massachusetts governor William Weld (WOT:unknown/undisclosed) secured the party's presidential and vice presidential nominations. Johnson and Weld both served as two term governors in their respective states easily winning during their re-election campaigns. This gives them both greater executive experience in government than Major Socialist party likely nominee Hilary Rodham-Clinton (WOT:nonperson) or Minor Socialist party presumptive nominee Donald Trump-Clinton (WOT:nonperson) possesses. In national polls against Hilary Rodham-Clinton and Donald Trump-Clinton Johnson manages to consistently draw ten percent of likely voters to his ticket.

As promising as this development is it only reduces the near certainty that the next United States president will be a Clinton by the smallest of margins. Notable candidates present at the Libertarian Party convention who Johnson defeated include Vermin Supreme (WOT:unknown/undisclosed), John McAfee (WOT:nonperson), Austin Petersen (WOT:unknown/undisclosed), and Darryl Perry (WOT:unknown/undisclosed).

Interview With Cock.li Email Service Founder Vincent Canfield

A Seekrit Subpoena, Published
MP (WoT:mircea_popescu) Hey, mind doing an interview with me to be published on qntra ?

VC (Vincent Canfield WoT:vc) Sure, I don't know what qntra is though.

MP qntra.net, bitcoin news site.

VC Oh I see.

MP So then… let's see… why did you quit college ?

PD1: "The Romania-based e-mail admin concluded his video with this proclamation: "It’s raining dicks right now. And the forecast isn’t that good either. There’s a 90 percent chance of dicks tonight and a 90 percent chance of dicks tomorrow." — gggggold.

VC I dropped out because I was at a shit university and also I had a job where I was making as much as with a degree so I didn't really see the point. Since then my decision has been confirmed with professional experience and also I'm travelling the world instead which has been leagues better to me than university ever was.

MP What was your major ?

VC CS, specializing in computer security.

MP Ever thought of trying something more alligned with the actual purpose of universities (ie, scoring) ? Dunno, humanities, bidniss, whatever ?

VC Maybe, though I have heard bad things about the university here, I am currently living in Romania ;)

MP Where in Romania ?

VC Bucharest.

MP Possibly shittiest city in the whole country. Try Brasov or Cluj or something eh.

DC2 Ahahaa, in that Bucharest is the only *city* as such… towns aplenty, way better than Bucharest too, sure3

MP So how do you like Romania ?

VC It's great, the internet here is very fast4 and the food is very good :@) It's also very cheap to live here, considering I still work for a US company.

MP I lived there for a few years. 2nd bitcoin conference also held there (Timisoara). Meanwhile though, moved to Argentina. So what was your involvement in that 2015 "scandal" ?

VC Someone registered on my public E-mail server and sent threats through my service, I was the only public face other than the police or the school district so I was subject to a lot of media attention. I was all over the news in the US and Romania for 3 or 4 days.

MP You know vc.gg is not responding ?

VC Works on my machine ™.

MP I see. Alright, so what are your plans for the future ?

VC Re: future plans https://my.mixtape.moe/rwuurt.jpg

MP I'm kinda hoping for something with cocks in it. So how did you hear about bitcoin ?

VC idk I first got into it in 2010 I think? BTC was $0.8 – $0.9

MP Did you do anything ? Services, whatever ?

VC Mostly just between friends, and buying stuff with bitcoin when it was available. I gave away several bitcoin when they were worth nothing :)

MP You ever heard about Eulora ?

VC Nope.

MP How about the SEC sending supoenas to this Romania-based dude back in 2012, when they were posturing about Satoshi Dice ?

VC I do remember Satoshi Dice, though I don't remember much past that.

MP Interesting how fragmented this supposed "bitcoin community" actually is. Alright, so what's your plan with the hoster ? What was it, cock.li ?

VC the email site is https://cock.li/, the VPS provider is https://box.cock.li/. The former is not-for-profit, the second is for-profit.

MP Do you plan to pivot from corporate life to independence with it ? Or is it just a hobby on the side ? For the lulz ? For the whats ?

VC The server hardware I purchased can host a maximum of 280 clients with some more memory and disk space, so after I get it up and running and stable then I'm probably going to go for that. I don't think those are necessarily mutually exclusive ;)

MP So what do you mean "get it up and running and stable" ?

VC I have literally 0 experience running a VPS provider.

MP What do you have experience with ?

VC I have lots of experience as a linux sysadmin, which helps ;)

MP That's not really 0 then, is it ?

VC I dream of a world where I incorporate cock.li and operate and expand a semi-trolling corporation. The way I had it described to me is "almost like ironic professionalism". I take inspiration from GNAA in that regard, though I think I could make it into an actual profit-producing company. Also yes, fair point :)

MP Do you happen to know the republic has been looking for an actual republican ISP ? Actually, you even heard of tmsr ?

VC I have no idea of the republic or tmsr I just heard shit was hot and poppin' here so I joined.

MP Pretty cool. So… are you married ?

VC Nope, I'm 21. I almost got married though a couple years ago. (After a 6 year relationship, so it's not like I was jumping in feet-first).

MP What broke it off ?

VC Oh, you know, reasons ;) Turned out to be one of the best decisions I've made.

MP As in, other cocks ?

VC Haha. Not getting married has allowed me to pursue travelling the world and pursuing other ventures. Only after it was all over did I realize I'm too damn young to get married.

MP So where've you been besides Maine and Bucharest ?

VC Nowhere that's public information :@) Though I plan on backpacking most of Europe next year, and Asia the year after that.

MP Sounds like a plan eh. So what's your favourite Romanian dish ?

VC Cow bone soup O_O

MP Id est oxtail soup ?

VC I had lunch at Excelsior in Bucharest, if you know that place.

MP I do.

VC I went with an older friend who was a government official before he retired. Crazy place.

MP So what don't you like about it ?

VC Excelsior? Nah it was great.

MP Nah, the country.

VC Ah. I don't really know anything I don't like, though I did see a gypsy shitting in the street about a month ago, that was pretty unsettling.

MP Better in the street than in your enchilada though.

VC Hah.
PF5 Wait till you make it to Asia…

MP Alrighty, anything you want to tell teh readership in closing ?

VC Yes, always follow you are dreams.

Perhaps also of interest, the off-the-record discussions once the mike cut.

  1. Pete Dushenski WoT:pete_dushenski 

  2. Diana Coman WoT:diana_coman 

  3. She sees us Transylvanying, she hatin'. 

  4. I influence

  5. Philip Fominykh WoT:phf 

One Oregon Liberator Pleas To Impeding Federal Officers

Militia liberator Corey Lequieu entered a guilty plea in a Portland courtroom Thursday to charge of "impeding officers of the United States" for not going away when servants of the criminal gang in Washington, DC told him to. Prosecutors agreed to drop two weapons charges and not seek additional felony charges in Nevada or Oregon as part of "the deal." Rámon Pagán, Lequieu's defense attorney was quick to note that while he accepted a plea bargain his client has not cooperated with the government and had no intention to testify or assist them further in any way. It is rather surprising the "Justice" department's Roland Frieselers haven't brought him up on more charges of "impeding", an act that rather than being criminal ought to be expected of every citizen as part of his duty to his country. He is scheduled to be sentenced on August 25 in federal court by U.S. District Court Judge Anna Brown. No cases of Ferguson, Baltimore, Sanders, or Mizzou protestors charged with "impeding" have been found yet, though one Ferguson protester leader was charged with child sex trafficking yesterday.

Hoaxtoshi Continues Swindling Media

Craig Steven Wright (WOT: nonperson) has reportedly hosted an event with reporters from various fiat media outlets where he faked signing a string with an early coinbase transaction in order to be declared actual Satoshi. For this ruse Hoaxtoshi took an existing transaction signed by the key credited in the block 9 coinbase transaction and acted as though he was signing at the event even though the signature had been actually produced long ago by the key's actual owner. Because of the positions the low quality rubes Hoaxtoshi selected for his audience hold in the fiat media order there are declarations that Hoaxtoshi is the actual Satoshi appearing in various news syndication channels including the BBC and CBS radio. These rubes were very understanding of the fact that Hoaxtoshi apparently couldn't actually move any coins because "the trust actually owns them"(TM)(R).