US Pantsuits Flip From Lauding To Condemning Freshman Congresswoman In One Week

Within the course of one week Pantuits have gone from lauding freshman congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard to condemning her. Gabbard began the week high on Pantsuit praise for calling US President Donald Trump a motherfucker to falling as a pariah after announcing her intention to mount a presidential run in 2020 (archived). As soon as she displayed ambition of rising in the Pantsuit ranks she was attacked for supporting an end to Hillary Clinton's Infinity Wars, especially in Syria.

On other points party driving Pantsuits are offering criticisms of Gabbart that appear contrary to professed pantsuit values. Rejecting their value of diversity pantsuits are shunning rather than embracing her diverse Hindu nationalism. Rejecting their professed anti-Racism they are writing off her for opposing Israel for their racial caste system and Israeli violence against persons from different backgrounds.

US Profesional Organization For Psychologists Condemns Masculinity As Harmful

The 'American Psychological Association' has declared masculinity as harmful and in the course of doing so has marginalized half of the human race based on their biology (archived). The critique offered by the organization, which represents most practicing clinical psychologists in the US, most intensenly condemneds masculine traits that have positive roles in making societies worth living in. Why would cows need status and adventure to find fulfillment?

Lone University Employed 'Sokal Squared' Author Faces Sanctions As Apparently Academic Journal Editors Are 'Uninformed Human Research Subjects' And Not Human Spam Filters

Peter Boghossian is facing sanctions at Portland State University for his participation in an investigation into the intellectual bankruptcy of contemporary 'academic journals' purporting to publish in the 'social sciences' (archived). The University's institutional review board has determined Boghossian is guilty 'research misconduct' under the guise that academic journal editors being presented candidate papers are 'uninformed human research subjects' when their purported job involves functioning as a sort of meat powered spam filter. The board futher is alleging Boghossian engaged in academic fraud dismissing the core discovery of the investigation, that there are in fact very few checks against the publication of academic fraud in 'prestige journals' by parties less inclined to disclose their deceptions.

USG Today: Two Years Of Divided Congress Begins, Partial Shutdown Continues While Trump Remains Unfulfilled

As the new, divided Congress is sworn in the notorious criminal organization calling itself the United States Government remains partially shutdown. Trump's captured party holds control of the Senate, with the Lich McCain dead, the unreliable Jeff Flake gone, and Mitt Romney stuck trying to play the GOP's Pantsuitist voice of dissent all by his lonesome. Meanwhile the overt Pantsuitists control the lower house, but they suffer a wide, flat distribution among members of professed ideologies with less in common the ever beyond a shared belief that "Orange man bad" for wanting to to bring the USG's goals back down to what little remains of its abilities.

With Trump ending at least one of the USG's long running Infinity Wars (8 years of hostilities in a foreign land without a formal declaration of hostilities) and scaling back the others, Congress still won't find Trump money for any sort of physical barrier on the southern border. Apparently he's trying to be flexible and compromise. 5.6 billion USD was his ask, but he'll take half. A wall would be nice, but he'll take a fence of spiked steel slats.

But such things go against USG principles as Congress imagines them. A physical barrier is impractical when Boeing can sell a "virtual fence" with cameras, drones, and a pricey ongoing maintenance contract.

US Treasury Secretary Issued Sunday Night Press Release Assuring No "Clearance Or Margin" Issues

US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin issued a press release Sunday night assuring residents of the US that he called some banks who assured him there were no "liquidity problem" or "clearance and margin issues" (archived). Due to the US Government's ongoing partial shutdown the press release does not appear on the US Treasury department website (archived) apparently as part of their "lapse in appropriations contingency plan" (archived).

The announcement and its odd timing suggests that there actually are problems. Maybe that last 0.25% rate hike by the Fed after free dollars under Hussein Bahamas broke everything? Maybe someone out there put too much faith in the USG's timely payment of bills in spite of goverment shutdowns becoming a common negotiating tactic under the Hussein Bahamas adminstration? Whatever Mnuchin intended to convey with his message of assurance, the sentiment which lead to the press release is not reassuring.

Fats Outraged After California Zoo Fatshames Chunky Otter

Mayogenders are outraged after a California Zoo fatshamed a chunky otter by promoting the critter with a social media post parodying the lines female identifying mayogendered individuals use trying to sexually market themselves (archived). The otter does not seem to be taking in positions in this installment of the Pantsuit daily chafe for reasons of being a fucking otter.

Der Spiegel Social Engineer Lauded By Pantsuit Peers And Misrepresenting Self As Journalist Turns Out To Have Been Prolific Fiction Writer The Whole Time

Seven year veteran of Germany's Der Spiegel Claas Relotius was fired after the news came out the fellow didn't much care to do reporting or journalism and had simply been fabricating stories and winning awards for doing it. As recently as December 3rd of this year Relotius was lauded by his peers as THE German reporter of the year:

The jury for the 2018 German Reporter Award was once again of the opinion that he had written the best feature story of the year, this one about a Syrian boy who lived with the belief that he had contributed to the country's civil war through a graffito he had daubed onto a wall in Daraa. The jurors praised the article for its "unparalleled lightness, intimacy and relevance that is never silent regarding the sources on which it is based."


And in Der Spiegel's own telling:

It has now become clear that Claas Relotius, 33 years old, one of DER SPIEGEL's best writers, winner of multiple awards and a journalistic idol of his generation, is neither a reporter nor a journalist. Rather, he produces beautifully narrated fiction. Truth and lies are mixed together in his articles and some, at least according to him, were even cleanly reported and free of fabrication. Others, he admits, were embellished with fudged quotes and other made-up facts. Still others were entirely fabricated.

Relotius and Der Spiegel's fraud were undone by a woman from rural Arizona who took issue with a report slandering a local US border integrity activism group she is afflilated with. As per their usual modus operandi, Relotius fabricated a fiction demonizing bloodthirsty nationalist vigilanties while Der Spiegel happily published the creative writing exercise instead as "truth from the front lines."

NeoCons Fading: Official Magazine of "W" Administration Dead

Over the weekend political-social engineer Bill Kristol announced the death of his baby, a magazine known as "The Weekly Standard" which at one point bragged of being the most read publication in the George W Bush administration. The magazine's politics advocating for an America 43rd agenda, prioritizing all manner of military interventions in foreign lands over America, survived through the Hussein Bahamas administration as the bloodlust only grew.

In spite of a long run of "influence" The Weekly Standard and its politics could not survive Trump and The Great Again, not long enough to see the dawn of democratically elected US President Donald Trump's third year in office.