Pantsuit Nancy Finally Forwards Impeachment To Senate

US Pantsuitist House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is finally forwarding the House's doomed impeachment of democratically elected US President Donald Trump to the Senate for trial. Seven members of her caucus have been assigned to litigate the matter in favor of the proposition that career bureaucrats require absolute supremacy over the elected executive on all matters of foreign policy, retroactive to January 20th, 2017 (archived).

Kansas City Inmate's Drastically Inflated Property Tax Payment Refused By Whitney For Being Wrong Type Of USG Issued Scrip

An Inmate of Kansas City, Missouri who saw their local property tax bill skyrocket after gubmint assessors declared her land 135% more valuable this year than last has seen her intended payment of the tax bill rejected before she could issue it (archived). She had planned to pay with bill with 1,419 rolls of nickels weighing well in excess of a quarter ton, but "Jackson County Director of Collection" Whitney sent the inmate a letter saying the US currency was an unacceptable payment before she could even roll in the door with it.

Whitney's letter announcing zher intention to reject USG issued currency is reproduced in full below: Continue reading

Trump Signs Bill Vastly Increasing US Military Personnel Costs As Capability Keeps Declining

With his signing of the "2020 National Defense Authorization Act" democratically elected US President Donald Trump has enacted several structural changes to the way US military personnel are compensated (archived). Among the costlier changes: Continue reading

Uncaring Markets See US Dollar Fall Against Peso Uruguayo And Brazil's Real While Peso Argentino Will Not Stop Shitting The Bed

Today saw the US Dollar fall against both the Peso Uruguayo and Brazil's Real with the dollar dropping more than one percent with respect to Uruguay's wholesale interbank rate compared to Friday (archived). Since Argentina's new criminal government was installed this very month and went on to pass an "Emergencia Económica" law, uncaring markets have taken the Peso Argentino down to 76.75 for a single dollar at the market determined "blue dollar" rate.

The Argentine goverment is claiming to sell dollars at both a "wholesale" rate of 60 pesos to the dollar which they don't while they have started actually selling dollars at a "solidarity" rate 30% higher than their entirely hallucinated "wholesale" rate. This Argentine reinvention of the "convertible ruble" was initially proposed with the "tourist dollar" label and comes as Argentina once again is selectively defaulting on its debts.

Pantsuit Nancy Shows Cold Feet After Pushing Through Impeachment – May Not Forward Impeachment To Senate For Trial

Pantsuitist US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi revealed today that she is hesistant to forward the recently passed articles of impeachment to the upper chamber of the US Congress so that the Senate may conduct a trial (archived). Despite claiming the impeachment put spring into her step, she has reservations that the Senate can conduct a "fair trial" of democratically elected US President Donald Trump.

The term "fair trial" traditionally in the US refers to one that respects the constitutional presumption of innocence the defendant enjoys up until an actual conviction is delivered. In practice US law enforcement and courts have perverted the environment to the point fair trials are normally an impossibility. Only in the context of Pantsuitist hallucinatory insanity could "fair trial" be interpreted as referring to one that goes out of its way to entertain prosecutorial nonsense.

Playing coy with advancing the articles of impeachment to the Senate where 67 votes are necessary for conviction while Nancy's party controls only 47 seats suggests, the entire exercise was nothing but dumbass signalling from the start.

Greek Government Introduces Fines For Not Spending Income Electronically Through Captive Channels

The criminal organization calling itself the Greek Government is mandating that 30% of all income be spent through electronic methods with Greeks that refuse to do so being fined 22% of their shortfall (archived). The government is nominally pursuing this draconian measure impair the actual Greek economy that the Government criminals have been shut out of while at the same time trying to force activity to pick up in the much smaller portion of the economy that the Government has captured. Can you see the tyrants unmasking themselves yet? Sorry for your loss.

Chicago Police Chief Fired

Chicago Police Chief Eddie Johnson was fired by Mayor Lori Lightfoot today (archived). Allegations of deception concerning an October episode where Johnson was found sleeping in his car are being presented as the reason for his firing. Johnson had already been scheduled to retire in several weeks. Anything less than a felony conviction will preserve the burden he presents to the insolvent pension system in Illinois.

Notably Johnson was the highest level official in the city of Chicago advocating for the prosecution of hate hoaxer Jussie Smollet. Instead, the 16 felony charges Jussie was indicted for by a Grand Jury were administratively dropped.

New Zealand Court Refuses To Allow Access To Evidence In Kim Dotcom Case, Kim Dotcom Case Still Ongoing

New Zealand's Court of Appeal has denied Kim Dotcom and his legal team access to Dotcom's own communications captured by New Zealand's "Government Communications Security Bureau" (archived). The communications were illegally collected per New Zealand Law, and at some point the local courts may or may not get to determining what damages te GCSB owes Dotcom. As New Zealand inherited the "common law" insanity from its colonial parent, it remains impossible to tell whether litigation in the numerous cases surrounding Kim Dotcom's internet activities will end during his lifetime.

More Epstein Drama: Lizzie Benches Duke Of York, Guards Hit With Charges For Conspiracy To Slack

Old Lizzie has decided to suspend Price Andrew's public duties following the Duke of York's poor optics in reponding to questions about his friendship with the late Jeffery Epstein (archived). The Duke's public fumblings occurred after he agreed to an interview by British state Broadcaster BBC without first getting permission from Liz.

Meanwhile two guards at the prison where Jeffery Epstein's life ended have been charged with conspiracy and forging records for carrying out their jobs with all the intensity that can be expected out of government charges sitting in undemanding sinecures. Albeit these particular sinecures happen to exist in an environment labeled "high security" per USG in universe conventions (archived).