First One Hundred Days Of The Eight Year Trumpreich: A Recap

One hundred days ago Donald Trump of the International Populist Party was sworn in as the 45th president of the United States much to the consternation of furries, the dependent poor, and their masters at the International Pantsuit Party. Swiftly after the inauguration leftists began issuing calls for political violence while Donald Trump left into action working to summon The Great Again. The calls for violence were swiflty met with delivered violence on the part of so-called 'antifa' activists.

The first major obstruction facing The Great Again swiftly revealed itself in the form of political appointees in the judiciary with a greater loyalty to pantsuit than their understanding of the law. The appointment of Neil Gorsuch to fill the spot on the Supreme Court vacated by judicial hero Antonin Scalia appears to possibly contain this attack vector in the medium term. More serious problems to summoning The Great Again have instead revealed themselves among the subset of the dependent poor that fancies themselves the United States Congress.

The poor negotiating skills cultured through handouts to the derelicts masquerading as legislators has made interactions with them as people impossible. By contrast interactions involving economic actors have been more successful with Mexico and Canada seeking to renegotiate NAFTA following Trump following through with restored tariffs on Canadian softwood lumber.

Potential foreign policy trouble looms with the media organs of the pantsuit party discovered a behavioural vulnerability in Trump which they have managed to exploit once so far.

The recent unveiling of Trump's tax reform plan which favors the working poor over the dependent poor and special interests shows a potential turn towards The Great Again. There's no incredible hurry though with 2820 more days remaining of the Trump administration.

Trump Unveils Plans For Massive Tax Cut Benefiting The Working Poor In US

United States President has begun closing his first hundred days in office by unveiling his tax simplification plan which primarily benefits low to middle income wage earners to much outrage from socialists as it favors the working poor over the dependent poor. Key points of the reform include a doubling of the standard deduction which would help to catch that figure up with the actual inflation of the United States dollar. It means a member of the working poor would have been able to earn up to $12,600 in 2017 before any of their income became taxable.

Trump's tax reform as unveiled also proposes an end to numerous special interest tax deductions targeted to the dependent "makework welfare" class preserving only the deductions for mortgage interest and charitable contributions.

Other assorted reforms include a reduction of personal income tax brackets from 7 to 3. On the business side a reduction of the business tax rate to 15%, and numerous simplifications would offer substantial relief to independent contractors and small business owners.

While these reforms proposed by Trump would offer an improvement to working Americans over what they face now, they are still a far cry from the enlightened tax policy of the sovereign, The Most Serene Republic.

Twin Suicides Grip USian Psyche

The suicides of Easter Manhunt subject and "social worker" Steve Stephens and Patriots handegger Aaron Hernandez are dominating today's news cycle in the Anglophone bantustan north of Mexico. The slaughtering social worker went an hero when he was cornered by police trying to get some McNuggets to satisfy his obeastial rather than murderous urges. The sportsballer went an hero in prison where he was sentenced for life due to allegations of killing two less famous men.

This is enforced national mourning is the fourth major item pushed by the Fake news media this year. This previous major fake news narratives were:

  1. Denial that Donald Trump is the elected President of the United States.
  2. Enthusiasm and legitimization of Donald Trump-Clinton as President of the United States after he embraced Hillary Rodham-Clinton's foreign policy agenda.
  3. Continued bloodlust from pro-Imperial fake news spammers encouraging war with Russia.

Easter Manhunt In US

Americans are kept awake as an alleged serial killer eludes law enforcement for more than half a day on what is commonly referred to by hypocrites as the anniversary of their lord's resurrection. Many notice the disconnect between NSA's supposed ability to spy on everybody, and the ongoing inability of the agency to catch a man who broadcast one of his murders live on a popular circle jerk web platform via his cellular telephone. Despite this brief foray into sanity, they fail to recognize that such tools exist for the sole purpose of maintaining a pretense of U.S. Government importance, and that aimless mass shooters pose no threat to it. Amidst vain prayers for the alleged victim are expressions of outrage over the published video of his death, mooed by barely literate cows who have long been oblivious to the fact that these kinds of senseless killings take place on a daily basis throughout the world. It hasn't yet sunk in for those too lazy to read the log that the United States is the new Brazil; soon to be the new Argentina.

Civil Unrest Continues in Berkeley – Antifa Terrorists Deploy Chemical Weapons

Today in Berkeley, California patriotic Americans were again accosted by establishment leftists. The establishment leftists were clad in black and wearing markings suggesting allegiance to the hate filled socialist antifa movement. The patriotic Americans were attending a planned rally in support of the version of Donald Trump that was elected president when the establishment leftists invaded their space and initiated violence. The establishment leftists deployed chemical weapons including CN and oleoresin capsicum. Six hospitalizations are alleged to have resulted to the civil unrest including one stabbing.

Dallas Storm/Raid Sirens Pose Interesting Ransomware Potential

Dallas, Texas officials are still attempting to figure out who hacked into the city's emergency warning system Friday night, setting off all 156 sirens across the city and inundating the 911 center with calls from concerned residents. The warning system, which alert residents to severe weather or other public emergencies, was likely breached by someone within close proximity to the Dallas area according to city spokeswoman Sana Syed. Budding Sherlock and Mayor Mike Rawlings said this was "evidence of a need to upgrade and safeguard the city's technology infrastructure", since this obviously wasn't being done before.

The attacker was able to turn the sirens back on 15 times in a 90 minute period, thwarting technicians trying to stop them. City officials were forced to contact the Federal Communications Commission for assistance when it became obvious they were unable to prevent the hackers from rearming the system again once shut off, and were hopeful the system would be restored to "normal operations" again by the end of the weekend, likely meaning returning it to its former state and hoping no one breaks it again.

Majority Black Ferguson Missouri Re-Elects White Man As Mayor

Ferguson, the majority black suburb of Saint Louis, Missouri has re-elected white man James Knowles III to a third term as mayor. Knowles was challenged by black woman and former Mary Kay sales professional Ella Jones who ran on a "Black Lives Matter" platform in the city where Knowles response to black civil unrest is alleged to have sparked the "Black Lives Matter" movement. Since the August 2014 shooting which was latched on to by the Fake News media who canonized the late Michael Brown as a saint, black lives have not seemed to particularly increase in significance among the local community. Two thirds of Ferguson's population is black and Knowles was re-elected by 56 percent of the ballots cast in the election.

Hussein Bahamas Advisor Susan Rice Fingered As Surveillance To Political Operatives Conduit

Numerous sources are fingering Hussein Bahamas advisor Susan Rice as the conduit who carried so called "incidentally collected" surveillance on US President Trump and his associates to the rest of Hussein Bahamas political operatives. Jeff Bezos run fake news outlets under the "Washington Post" label are predictably running pieces alleging that not only did Susan Rice not do such a thing, but she should have because it would be "Right, Good, and Proper"(TM)(R).1

  1. The same outlets have run a piece of speculative fiction supposing an American "Reichstag Fire" which would subvert the "rule of law" pretense. Unfortunately the piece was published 5684 days after September 11, 2001.  

US Infrastructure Today: Trump's EPA Saves California Agriculture And Vagrants Drop Atlanta Bridge

Events of the past week have done much to illuminate the state of US "Infrastructure" to the extent such a thing pretends to exist.

  • Substantial protest circulated among the media when Trump's EPA head Scott Pruitt decided not to implement new rules which would prohibit the agricultural use of the organophosphate pesticide chlorpyrifos. Chorpyrifos, while neurotoxic in humans, is a crucial part of sustaining California's pretense as the "salad bowl" of the United States.The fake news media has dedicated zero time to thanks directed towards the Trump administration by produce growers and merchants.
  • In Atlanta a fire which lead to a highway bridge collapse is being attributed to vagrants. Local officials credit bulk storage of PVC pipes under the bridge as providing substantial fuel for the vagrant nuisance conflagration to grow to the point it collapsed the bridge. Three arrests have been made among the local homeless population. These same local officials expect the replacement of 700 feet of highway to take months.
  • Deputy White House Chief of Staff Katie Walsh has been reassigned from the White House to work on a campaign fundraising gig. Katie Walsh has been subject to rumours of serving as a source for the fake news media's delusionist social engineering campaigns.