Careerist US Attorney Prosecutes Private Money For Property Exchange

Acting U.S. Attorney Tom Larson of the Western District of Missouri has prosecuting a case of exchanging money for property as a criminal act. The victim Jason R. Klein plead guilty to running an "illegal currency exchange" that per the prosecution only handled money on one side of the transaction as the other side of the transaction was property. Had the case been prosecuted to a verdict in favor of the prosecution, it would have set a precedent for prosecuting any transactions between private parties.

Tom Larson is a careerist employed by the US Attorney's office for the Western District of Missouri since 1980 before finding himself in this interim leadership position. This is a typical career path of least resistance undertaken by swamp creatures embedded as obstacles to The Great Again.

Mizzou Protest Fallout Continues With Crashing Rental Market

Landlords in Columbia, Missouri are drastically reducing rents and offering all manner of incentives to entice student renters as a result of the ongoing and steep enrollment decline at the University of Missouri. The university itself has closed seven residence halls and declined to replace the now condemned1 University Village on campus apartment complex.

Numerous other businesses have closed with Strange Donuts blaming their departure on fallout from the unrest, and this suggests a substantial fall in retail and commercial rents may be looming as well or already happening quietly.

The one bright spot in Columbia is Mizzou's basketball recruiting class, which is ranked 6th nationally. Last season the basketball team was tied for last place in their conference with an 8-23 record, and they finished last in their conference for three consecutive years.

Meanwhile, plans at the University of Michigan to renovate the student union have clashed against opposition to preserving the building's historic wood panelling as allegedly students find its quiet presence too imposing and masculine.

  1. The complex had allegedly been recommended for demolition in 2008, and after a small collapse killed a fireman, ambitious plans to replace the complex with a higher capacity one were circulated. Further talk of rebuilding anything at all on the prime location has disappeared.  

Fiat Ram Trucks May Smash Their Operators

Reluctant to relinquish its tried and true status as THE day-late-dollar-short member of not yet Great Again American automakers;  Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) announced today that it would be following in the footsteps of General Motors in recalling a great many of its great trucks for a "software error" that could end in a smushy death.

Affecting RAM 1500 and 2500 trucks built from 2013-2016 as well as big mother RAM 3500 trucks built from 2014-2016, over one million units will be recalled starting next month, significantly more than the number affected by FCA's Hot Death but only a quarter of GM's numbers from 2016.

The Dodge "software error" has been implicated in at least one death to date when side airbags and seat belt pretensioners failed to activate following an underbody collision leading to a vehicle rollover. No word on whether Dodge's engineers were also responsible for bugs in other TBTF products of Not Yet Great Again. Also no word on whether Herr Trump is planning to extend his recent Executive Order to include automakers but it would be pretty sweet if he did.

Fake News Still Fixated On Comey Firing: US Lamestream Media Burning Last Vestiges Of Credibility In Confusing C-Words

The plurality of reasons presented by representatives of the US Trumpreich for firing pandering politruck FBI Director and JWZ James Comey are being abused by the fake news media as supposedly being "contradicting reasons" for the firing. The malicious misrepresentation of the concordant set of reasons to fire James Comey instead as a mess of contradictions is most damning self indictment the US fake news media has imposed upon itself in all of its opposition to The Great Again so far.

Much as a chronically tardy, kleptomaniac, and freelancing salesman can only be fired once though their offences include failure to report to work, theft, and poaching their employer's customers for their personal MLM affiliate links; James Comey could only be fired once though the reasons to do so are legion.

While the opposition party was shovelling their credibility into the fire, President Trump issued an executive order holding US agency heads responsible for successful attacks against their information systems. This marks continued positioning by those who would have The Great Again over those who would have not.

Comey Out At FBI: Swamp Thrashes As Guileless People Pleasing Politruck Fired

Pathologically people pleasing politruck James Comey was fired as director of the FBI by US President Donald Trump. Comey's career became terminal when he decided to oscillate between attempts to please his pantsuit daddy and his Great Again daddy while only angering them both. As an FBI Director and a JWZ  who undertook a quantum experiment in programmatically pandering approval eigenstates, his departure is being met with confused wailing, gnashing, and thrashing inside the US capitol swamp.

The firing comes after ongoing hearing have cleared the non-deterministic director of usefulness to anyone while establishing his allegiance to the anti-truth.

Other promising developments in the swamp draining effort include President Trump nominating a slate of promising young jurists to fill lower court vacancies, and continuing to set the stage for a fall budgetary government shutdown to better beat the pants off of pantsuit interests.

Nuclear Waste Storage Tunnel Collapses At Hanford Site

A train tunnel storing rail cars full of radioactive waste at the Hanford Site in the north-western United States collapsed this morning. The collapse occurred in the PUREX plutonium extraction region of the government created nuclear wasteland. Meanwhile, off the Columbia River Seattle mayor Ed Murray has proposed levying a 1.75 to 2 cent per fluid ounce tax on sweetened beverages in order build funds to so that he might diminish the status of the 70% of Seattle's population with white skin.

Rogue DOJ Continues Obama Era Persecution Of Farmer For Crime Of Tillage

California farmer John Duarte has been locked in a battle for his livelihood against the coordinated persecution begun by the US Army Corps of "Engineers"1under Hussein Bahamas and continued by the rogue Department of "Justice" (archived) against orders issued by the Trump administration. Duarte's alleged crime was ordering a survey of seasonal puddles in his long cultivated farmland and attempting to comply with Bahamas administration regulations which declared the seasonal puddles to be "protected waters of the United States".

Duarte's attempt at compliance with the law through having a site survey taken and following that with shallow tillage around the potential puddles now declared "navigable waterways" lead to the Corps of "Engineers" replying with a cease and desist order. They alleged the shallow tillage around the puddle prone spots was "deep ripping" and dredging of sediment that degraded these now important navigable waterways.

When Duarte protested the allegations, the Corps of "Engineers" proceeded to completely dig out the low spots they had deemed critically endangered navigable waters to a depth in excess of 2 meters for the sake of evidence collection. When the evidence supported Duarte's claims, even the Hussein Bahamas era EPA declined prosecution, but the Department of "Justice" enthusiastically began advocating in court that the entire practice of farming is a collection of crimes against the so-called "Clean Water Act".

The failure of the Trumpreich to stop legacy USG elements from coninuing to prosecute a case that declares agriculture to be a crime demonstrates the scale and persistence of the perverse pantsuit party tentacles obstructing the summoning of The Great Again. The fate of the prosecution and prosecutors persecuting Duarte is likely a solid indicator to watch in evaluating the health of The Great Again effort.

  1. This Corps fraudulently misrepresenting itself as "Engineers" is the same one that transformed the meandering flood plains of the Middle West into violent flumes in order to protect new suburban retail and residential development.  

Midwest Corn And Altcorn Crops Experience Widespread Deluge Delay

Deceived by a mild winter with February daytime temperatures around 21 Celsius1 many Midwestern farmers began discing their fields, injecting anhydrous ammonia, and doing other expensive preparations to set up an anticipated early planting of corn and altcorns including soybeans. A return to more seasonally cold weather delayed the actual planting of seeds until late April.

For many farmers that work has been undone in the past two weeks with sustained rainfall driving a flood event that has washed the nitrogen out of fields, drowned seedlings, and re-compacted the tilled soil beneath heavy standing water.

When the water recedes and the soil dries enough to be worked again, it will be a time for harrowing indeed. Plots known to be cultivated in support of The Most Serene Republic's agriCultural Supremacy Project remain adequately drained at this time.

  1. Temperatures in the low to mid 70's using UStani units.  

First One Hundred Days Of The Eight Year Trumpreich: A Recap

One hundred days ago Donald Trump of the International Populist Party was sworn in as the 45th president of the United States much to the consternation of furries, the dependent poor, and their masters at the International Pantsuit Party. Swiftly after the inauguration leftists began issuing calls for political violence while Donald Trump left into action working to summon The Great Again. The calls for violence were swiflty met with delivered violence on the part of so-called 'antifa' activists.

The first major obstruction facing The Great Again swiftly revealed itself in the form of political appointees in the judiciary with a greater loyalty to pantsuit than their understanding of the law. The appointment of Neil Gorsuch to fill the spot on the Supreme Court vacated by judicial hero Antonin Scalia appears to possibly contain this attack vector in the medium term. More serious problems to summoning The Great Again have instead revealed themselves among the subset of the dependent poor that fancies themselves the United States Congress.

The poor negotiating skills cultured through handouts to the derelicts masquerading as legislators has made interactions with them as people impossible. By contrast interactions involving economic actors have been more successful with Mexico and Canada seeking to renegotiate NAFTA following Trump following through with restored tariffs on Canadian softwood lumber.

Potential foreign policy trouble looms with the media organs of the pantsuit party discovered a behavioural vulnerability in Trump which they have managed to exploit once so far.

The recent unveiling of Trump's tax reform plan which favors the working poor over the dependent poor and special interests shows a potential turn towards The Great Again. There's no incredible hurry though with 2820 more days remaining of the Trump administration.

Trump Unveils Plans For Massive Tax Cut Benefiting The Working Poor In US

United States President has begun closing his first hundred days in office by unveiling his tax simplification plan which primarily benefits low to middle income wage earners to much outrage from socialists as it favors the working poor over the dependent poor. Key points of the reform include a doubling of the standard deduction which would help to catch that figure up with the actual inflation of the United States dollar. It means a member of the working poor would have been able to earn up to $12,600 in 2017 before any of their income became taxable.

Trump's tax reform as unveiled also proposes an end to numerous special interest tax deductions targeted to the dependent "makework welfare" class preserving only the deductions for mortgage interest and charitable contributions.

Other assorted reforms include a reduction of personal income tax brackets from 7 to 3. On the business side a reduction of the business tax rate to 15%, and numerous simplifications would offer substantial relief to independent contractors and small business owners.

While these reforms proposed by Trump would offer an improvement to working Americans over what they face now, they are still a far cry from the enlightened tax policy of the sovereign, The Most Serene Republic.