New Zealand Instituting "Digital Customs" Searches

The islands consituting New Zealand are set to be subjected to a "Customs and Excise Act 2018" by the criminal organization claiming to govern them (archived). Under the new measure travelers entering New Zealand can be selected by customs agents and then compelled to reveal the data stored on their electronic devices or face fines, device seizure, and forensic searches of their devices. Terry Brown, Customs propaganda agent offers:

It is a file-by-file [search] on your phone. We're not going into 'the cloud'. We'll examine your phone while it's on flight mode

Brown's propaganda focus on relatively low value phones is curious, as is his assertion that somehow the data important enough to be kept out of the cloud ought to be less priviledged than data already offered to third parties for inspection. It can only be assumed that these customs officials want to collect more pornography, specifically child porn produced by teens with smartphones for their own use, as law enforcement officials and bureaucrats are the only known demographic interested in consuming child porn.

NZ High Court: Kim Dotcom Extradition Eligible

"Justice" Murray Gilbert of the High Court of New Zealand upheld the lower court's decision by Nevin Dawson that Kim Dotcom is eligible for extradition to the United States. Gilbert noted that "criminal copyright infringement" of the sort criminally marketed by the United States is not a crime in New Zealand. Gilbert instead supposed that "general criminal law fraud" was a sufficiently vague label to abuse in making Kim Dotcom extraditable.

Hastert Fights Suit Over Unpaid Hush Money

After being inducted and convicted over his efforts to pay hush money, serial child molester and former Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Dennis Hastert (WOT:nonperson) is fighting a lawsuit over hush money he failed to pay. Hastert, a former locker room predator who imposed his sexual will on aspiring grapplers before enjoying a national political career, is being sued for breach of contract over 1.8 million United States dollars he failed to deliver.

The suit alleges Hastert managed to make 1.7 million United States dollars out of a promised 3.5 million before FBI agents spooked the old coach into ceasing his cash withdrawals. Hastert's attorneys allege the aspiring grappler who had received coach's locker room attention violated the contract first when he told the FBI about the former Speaker of the United States House of Representative's coaching methods. The former Speaker's attorney also argues that the suit was filed after the statute of limitations.

Growing Criminal Obeast And Transmayo Problem Pushes New Zealand To Plus Sized Handcuffs

As New Zealand Police struggle to control an increasing undisciplined population of obeasts and transmayo gendered individuals they have been pushed to adapt their equipment to the problem. The New Zealand Herald reports that the country's police are trading in their perfectly serviceable cuffs that work to restrain human sized individuals and getting new cuffs that are big enough to restrain Obeasts that ate themselves to the point they lost visible wrists (archived). A spokesman for national headquarters claims the new cuffs adjust sufficiently to continue being effective on more mobile human sized law enforcement prey, but this remains to be seen.

Cattle Rancher And American Patriot Cliven Bundy Arrested In Portland

American Patriot, Cattle Rancher, and inspiration for the militia liberation in Oregon Cliven Bundy was arrested in Portland after travelling from Nevada to support his sons (archived). He had travelled to Portland with his Nevada State Assembly member Michelle Fiore to seek the release of his children from Federal Prisoner of War1 camps. This round of militia liberation may be reaching its end. For 40 days and forty nights in the high desert of Oregon brave militia men and women have taken a stand supporting the Spirit of the United States Constitution and the American People against the crimes committed by the Federal Government. Since the dark day that Lavoy Finicum was slaughtered by Federal Forces and other militia leaders were captured with Ryan Bundy sustaining a gunshot wound, only four brave souls remained to continue the liberation and they have continued to maintain it under a constant state of seige. If the Oregon liberation ends today, may the American people honor the sacrifices of these brave militia souls have undertaken on their behalf.

  1. What war? The war on America's productive citizens where they are deprived of the fruits of their labor in order to better support clerks and other socialist bureaucrats.  

Dotcom Extradition Appeal Set To Begin August 29

Denying a request by United States agents to expedite the matter, Justice Raynor Asher of the High Court in Auckland has set Kim Dotcom's appeal to begin on August 29th, 2016 (archived). Lower Court Judge Nevin Dawson ruled in favor of extraditing Dotcom in the initial hearing, but so far appellate courts have ruled more favorably for Dotcom in this case than the lower courts have.

Judge Nevin Dawson: Dotcom Can Be Extradited To United States

New Zealand District Court Judge Nevin Dawson has ruled that Kim Dotcom can be extradited to the United States (archived). Dotcom's extradition hearing began in September with Dotcom finally presenting his defense back in October. Dotcom plans to appeal the decision and has in the past received markedly more favorable outcomes from New Zealand appellate courts, including a rebuke of the asset forfeitures imposed upon him. The lower courts however have consistently ruled in a manner favorable to the United States Department of "Justice" which seeks to prosecute Dotcom in spite of Dotcom having never been a United States Person under any reasonable definition. Dotcom and his alleged co defendants will continue to reside in New Zealand on bail while the Appeal moves forward, but because this ruling "increased their flight risk" they now have to comply with more onerous demands including twice weekly reports at police stations.

Judge Orders Dotcom Begin Extradition Defense Monday

Judge Nevin Dawson has issued a ruling that he would refuse to hear the full arguments behind Kim Dotcom's application to have his extradition hearing stopped (archived). As a result his defense is compelled to begin presenting Dotcom's defense against the United States Government's extradition desires presented through the Crown Prosecutor on Monday.

Appeals Court Denies Dotcom Request for Extradition Hearing Delay

Torrent Freak reports that in a decision that according to Kim Dotcom makes "the New Zealand judiciary… a US owned dancing bear" (archived) an Appellate court in New Zealand has denied Dotcom's petition to delay his extradition hearing in order to allow him and his counsel adequate preparation time. It was only on June 3rd of this year that Kim Dotcom finally had a victory in the United State's asset forfeiture case which allowed him the resources to seriously begin preparing a defense against the United States effort to extradite him to a a land which has always been foreign to him. Continue reading

Dotcom Scores Victory Against Forfeiture in New Zealand Court

New Zealand court Justice Rebecca Ellis has issued a ruling which strikes a serious blow against the efforts of the United States to seize the assets of entrepreneur Kim Dotcom. After March's United States court ruling which sought to seize Dotcom's assets through a legal construction known as the "fugitive disentitlement doctrine" and efforts by New Zealand's Commissioner of Police to assign Dotcom's property to the Crown, Dotcom and his attorney Bram Van der Kolk sought relief through judicial review of the actions in New Zealand courts. Continue reading