Dutch Seize "Encrypted" Messaging Service And Make Some Arrests While Advertising Their Hope To Make Many More Arrests

Police in the Netherlands have siezed servers for the Edward Snowden endorsed "Blackbox IronPhone IronChat" app and made a few arrests (archived). Dutch police say they are advertising their hope to make hundreds of more arrests early in the process of digesting the server contents to avoid provoking snitching accusation driven violence among the local outlaws. Earlier this year criminal organizations role playing "law enforcement" in the US and Canada arrested a small business owner for marketing improved privacy enhanced Blackberry communications devices in a similar case.

Dutch Police Hunt For "Bitcoin Bomber"

As yet another example of how bitcoin is increasingly attractive for use in the payment of ransoms, Dutch police (archive) are seeking the assistance of the public to capture a perpetrator who is distributing small explosive devices at Jumbo supermarkets throughout the Netherlands. The attacks, which reportedly began in May and continued in June and July have so far only caused property damaged. Continue reading