Russian Air Defense Hardware Getting Pretty Good At Intercepting US Missiles

Overnight the US, Airstrip One, and France launched missile strikes against Syria which were condemned by both the Russians and Chinese. Out of 103 missiles launched, 71 were reportedly intercepted leaving 32 to strike targets. This move comes 373 days after Trump last directed US cruise missiles towards a Syrian airbase's pussy. Syria and Russia are reporting that this attack was "absorbed" with personel having been withdrawn from the target sites days in advance while the US insists no warning of the attack was offered.

Tesla Mimicks VW In Own Nitrous Oxide Scandal

Reports are in that Tesla Motors, the explicitly green-washed and implicitly USG-backed electric car company, is struggling to meet California's strict nitrous oxide (NOx) emissions standards (archived). Readers will recall that this is in fact the same air pollutant that embroiled German carmaker Volkswagen in its recent "dieselgate" scandal. Continue reading

Apple App Store Suffers Sustained Attack, Spreads Malware to Customers

There are numerous reports that Apple's App store has been used to spread malware to customers forcing Apple to purge numerous Apps from the store (archived). The attack involved a social engineering vector where developers were convinced to use versions of Apple's Xcode IDE which had been implanted to spread malware in Apps produced with the implanted development software. This incident highlights serious risks posed by relying on gatekeepers to police malware in the way consumers have come to expect.

DC Court of Appeal Upholds Redaction of Protocol to Shutdown Wireless Networks

Today in a case between the Electronic Privacy Information Center and the United States Department of Homeland Security the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia protected the Department's desire to prevent full disclosure of "Standard Operating Procedure 303" from the public record. SOP 303 is a protocol maintained by the Department of Homeland Security which is alleged to concern a plan for shutting down wireless networks during "critical emergencies." Continue reading

ChangeTip Spam Moves Beyond Twitter, Youtube & Reddit

ChangeTip today announced the release of an additional product feature that they're calling the One Time Tip Link. OTTL enables ChangeTip users to take their tipping beyond Twitter, YouTube and Reddit by allowing them to send tips to people via email and SMS.. at least that is how ChangeTip has decided to market the addition of OTTL to their controversial platform. Continue reading