North Korea Bolstering Nuclear Deterrent This Holiday Season

North Korea launched a satellite into space earlier this week, this is a traditional step for nuclear armed states demonstrating their capacity to wield intercontinental missiles (archived). Korean leader Kim Jong Un has removed denuclearization of Korea as a possible outcome for negotiations between Korea and the US. Meanwhile the breakaway government in South Korea has produced and broadcast a propaganda reel showing hypothetical F-35s delivering a hypothetical victory against Kim's Korean government.

Trump Goes To North Korea, Press Secretary Injured When Reporters Aggressed Security

This weekend US President Donald Trump met his Korean counterpart Kim Jong Un on the North Korean side of the DMZ in a historic first for the US's only improving diplomatic relationship (archived). The meeting however was marred by the western press aggressing on North Korean security in an attempt to enter a space they were barred from. During the violence Trump's new press secretary Stephanie Grisham was left bruised.

New Microsoft Chromium Based Browser To Include Legacy IE Attack Surface

Microsoft has announced that while making their newest browser from Google's Chromium code, they will also be including a legacy "Internet Explorer Mode" for "businesses" and South Korea (archived). Apparently Microsoft's accumulated technical debt is so great that in brushing away the mess of its past, it needs to bundle the mess it was trying to escape with the perceived solution.

Sony Cancels Movie Under Duress

After a deluge of leaks and a single anonymous threat in the wake of Sony's hacking by a group calling itself the Guardians of Peace, numerous Theater Chains and Sony Pictures have canceled the release of the comedy film The Interview. There are reports that tomorrow Federal Investigators in the United States will hold a press conference where they will present allegations which point to North Korea as a State actor having been behind the hacking, leaking, and threats aimed at Sony Pictures entertainment. An analysis of some of the malware implicated in the attack suggests a substantially lower level of sophistication and talent went into this effort than is usually associated with state level actors.

A scene from the canceled movie in which what appears to be a tank shell strikes Kim Jung Un's helicopter, immolates him, and causes his head to explode is available on Youtube at present and has been embedded below: Continue reading