Open Sourced Vulnerability Database Closes, Cites More People Taking Their Free Goods Than Giving Them Free Goods

Operators of the Open Source Vulnerability Database announced they are closing up shop. The OSVDB was a project that freely offered information about various software vulnerabilities to all comers. Stating their current intentions to close the operators of the OSVDB complained that too much taking of their freely given information was happening. Apparently when they were collecting and giving away information freely to anyone they actually meant to do something other than actually give it away for free.

MPEx Goes Private

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Your dividend payment for S.MPOE in total sum of 25000000000000 to a notional float of 500000000 has been issued on April 5, 2016, 5:02 pm. Feel free to publish this receipt to your shareholders.
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Today Mircea Popescu published MPEx's last statement as a public company and bought back publicly traded shares for the sum of 50,000 satoshis each. In the statement Mircea Popescu made it clear MPEx will continue to operate, list worthy companies, and generally remain committed to Bitcoin's success. Addressing fears that a regulatory intervention may have spurred the transition Popescu offered:

To assuage any possible concern : neither MPEx nor myself personally are currently embroiled in any sort of legal dispute with any sort of soi-dissant "regulator" in any jurisdiction. The notion that some fiat pretend-sovereign or other has anything to do with this measure is significantly less sensible than the notion that 17 Bitcoin and change is what caused the closure of Bitbet, as ridiculous as that notion may be. I have yet to meet the fiat government that's worth 17 Bitcoin and change.

The full statement is available on Trilema.

BitBet Reciever Opens Bidding For BitBet Assets

BitBet Reciever David Francois has issued his first statement of progress in evaluating BitBet's assets and liabilities. As part of determining the value of BitBet's non-cash assets Monsieur Francois has opened bidding in the comment section of his progress report. The current high bid for the domain, software and other non-cash assets of a venture that routinely took and settled betting pools in the range of hundreds and thousands of Bitcoin is 9 Bitcoin.

Fiat Feeling Pain Below The Corn Belt

A movement is building in the Middle West to compel the United States Government to raise the amount of debt that qualifies for restructuring under Chapter 12 "family farm" bankruptcy terms (archived). This push comes amid widespread fear from agricultural lenders concerned that the present limits would push many of the year's anticipated farm bankruptcies into either Chapter 7 liquidation or a far more expensive Chapter 11 reorganization, alternatives which would make their receiving eventual repayment far less likely. Depressed prices for corn and other staple agricultural products in the United States along with declining export sales are leading to grim prospects for 2016 on the farm. Sorry for your loss.

China Continues Forcing Stockholders To HODL

Reports are emerging that China's stock market regulators will continue to ban stock holders possessing more than 5% of a companies shares from selling (archived). The measure which appears intended to prevent actual market valuation of securities deprives the most significant investors in companies of their ability to reclaim value they put in while there is still value to save. As the global fiat system continues to decline expect more national market regulators to take extreme measures like this in order force disproportionate loss on the system's most critical private investors. Sorry for your loss.

Lead Top Performing Metal of 2015

Out of all the metals traded on open markets in 2015, lead was the top performer posting only a 5% loss closing the year at 0.80 United States Dollars per pound and 1623.27 Euros per ton. Humble lead's 5% loss was enough to outperform all of the precious metals, the rare earth metals, and the other base metals. Price information on metals with less established markets in 2015 is unavailable.

Venture Capital Fuels Stupidity In Bitcoin Not Innovation

Venture Capitalists have been flocking to Bitcoin recently in what seems to be a poorly orchestrated fiat invasion. They intend to bring the problems of too much money to Bitcoin and its related "businesses". A very small fraction of the VC capital is hitting the market for Bitcoin, which may be an attempt to assert some sort of fiat control over Bitcoin through price suppression. Continue reading

Illinois Universities Follow State in Credit Rating Freefall

Six Illinois public universities has their credit rating lowered by Moody’s Investors Service following in the footsteps of the Illinois state government. Southern Illinois Univesity and Northern Illinois University were lowered to Baa1 matching the state government, Northeastern Illinois University was downgraded to Baa2, and three more universities1 were downgraded to Baa3 status (archived). The budget standoff in Illinois continues with lottery winnings continuing to be rationed and labor unrest including the East Saint Louis teacher's strike is ongoing. There are no publicly facing indications that Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner and the legislature are anywhere near resolving the Illinois budget situation.

  1. Western Illinois University, Eastern Illinois University, and Governor's State University