USG Ownership Of "Crypto AG" And Use Of The Firm's Products To Spy On "Allies" And Customers Released To The Public

The fact that nominally Swiss firm "Crypto AG" has been owned by the USG.CIA in partnership with the Germans is being blasted throughout the media today. The timing of the release is curious as the Iranians discovered Crypto Ag's subversion no later than 1992 and the obvious indicators were long available and obvious. Continue reading

USG, Lacking Options, Puts In A Small Order For More F-15 Jets

The USG is beginning to order new F-15 jets after Boeing last fulfilled F-15 orders for them in 2004 (archived). The export market has kept F-15 production going, unlike the F-22 which was USG forbid from export leading to the loss of production capability after Hussein Bahamas went all in on the F-35, an aircraft which has yet to work for anyone other than the Israelis. Continue reading

"Must Fix" Problems Plaguing F-35 Moneypit Continues To Be Blocking

$428 Billion US taxpayer dollars were shown to be hard at work in the annual report for the F-35 program annual report. U.S. "Defense" Department director of operational test and evaluation Robert Behler listed a number of serious flaws with the planes in his report, including guns that don't shoot straight failing to accurately engage ground targets, cracked gun housings, and at least 873 software flaws. The laundry list of issues were described as "must-fix" items before the F-35's upcoming $22 billion Block 4 "upgrade" phase can begin. (archived)

USG Copper ISP Network Operator Frontier Moving Towards Bankruptcy

Frontier Communications, the US connectivity provider that Verizon unloaded most of their copper network to, is moving towards a bankrupcy filing (archived). Frontier carries more than 17 billion USD in debt largely incurred through the purchase of networks being unloaded by other operators on its books.

Hawaii Man Kills Two Cops – Houses Around Suspect's Suspected Location Burn

A hereto unidentified Hawaii man killed two cops in the Diamond Head neighborhood of Honolulu (archived). A house where the man was suspected to be sheltering after the shooting caught fire, and the fire has spread to numerous surrounding homes. This would not be the first time cops in the US started fires to deal with a cornered suspect without regard for collateral damage, and there is little incentive for them not to burn everything down when USG courts routinely pass the cost of police inflicted property damage to the owner. Nevermind that police pyrotechnics routinely causing fires, the courts routinely buy police assurances that the fires following police pyrotechics are "unintentional" (archived).

Trump And USG Respond To Iranian Missiles With… SANCTIONS!

Democratically elected US President Donald Trump declared that the USG would do nothing more than impose more sanctions on Iran after Iran's Republic Guard fired ballistic missiles at two USG positions in Iraq. Despite years of US saber rattling against Iran, once Iran struck under their own national flag in retaliation for the USG's assasination of a beloved Iranian general inside Iraq's Baghdad International Airport, US President Donald Trump found himself sitting precariously on such a mountain of incompetents that he could only stand down today. Continue reading