Week In Review: Iran's "Come At Me Bro" Posture Exposing USG Empire's Impotence

This week has seen tensions between the US and Iran escalate to the brink of a shooting war with a 100+ million USD drone's obliteration following its violation of Iran's airspace. The shootdown was followed by several hours of drama over whether or not the USG would answer Iran's act of border defense with retaliatory airstrikes. While the details of the process remain unclear, US President Donald Trump decided not to strike in defiance of staff of career USG national security advisors (archived). Instead, sometime tomorrow new sanctions and an escalation of the USG's economic war against Iran will be announced raising tensions still higher.

After the USG's embarrassing regime change miss in Venezuela, it is clear that the USG has never been weaker or less influential on the international stage since William Henry Seward nearly provoked Europe to end the US as Abraham Lincoln's Madame Secretary of State. With US warfighters wrecked in the aftermath of their own color revolution, the US Department of "Defense" briefly published a document outlining a hypothetical doctrine suggesting the US could achieve "strategic rebalance" by winning a nuclear war (archived).

And so the USG empire enters this next week with the a serious dilemma. Earlier this year their intelligence apparatus failed to buy regime change in Venezuela. A very sophisticated drone that was supposed to enjoy protection from airdefense missiles through its high flight altitude was taken down by an airdefense missile. What can the USG possibly do that demonstrates anything other than the empire's increasing impotence?

Yubikey FIPS Products Suffer Reduced Randomness

Yubico has published an advisory warning that their Yubikey FIPS products offer reduced randomness under a wide variety of conditions. While Yubikey is offering a replacement program, this does nothing to alleviate the damage rendered to those who fired their devices in anger. No Such lAbs has produced a dedicated, auditable random number generator which has strangely seen no competition in the market.

ROWHAMMER Being Used To Read From Vulnerable RAM

The ROWHAMMER vulnerability in DRAM which allows running processes to fuck with memory allocated to other processes is being developed into reliable side channel leaks reading from memory (archived). The importance of computing hygiene continues to be supported by the unforgiving march of time.

The full text of the academic paper is presented below: Continue reading

China Squeezes US As Tensions Rise: Windows Out In The PLA, Rare Earth Exports On The Chopping Block

As the US amps up its efforts to squeeze Chinese tech giant Huawei out of existence, China has begun countering with its own moves. The Chinese People's Liberation Army is dumping its Microsoft Windows licenses out of "hacking" fears (archived). With Anglophone firms breaking contracts and refusing to sell to Chinese firms, any last incentive of the Chinese side to continue paying is gone.

In a serious flashing of teeth, the Chinese are considering an export ban on rare earth metals to the United States (archived). Such a move would very well fuck US industries including the graftastic "alternative" power racket and force the US and their Australian collaborators to rapidly scale up their own rare earth mining and processing and make do with less. A stronger, not immediately likely though not unimaginable ban on the export of finished goods with rare earth components would of course mean the end of "consumer tech" in the United States.

British Firm ARM Breaking Contracts With Huawei

British chip designer ARM is breaking their active and pending contracts with Chinese giant Huawei over the potential interpretations of a vague US foreign policy declaration (archived). US firms including intelligence contractor Google have broken relations with Huawei, but in this case a foreign firm is breaking their commerical agreements with Huawei over speculation.

Semiconductor Market Headed Towards Downturn As More Intel Data Leak Flaws Emerge

The growth outlook for the global semiconductor market are eroding for the year as 2019 marches on thanks to an increase in NAND flash memory production and just about everything else in the space being materially worse than offerings from a decade ago in many important measures (archived). Meanwhile the Intel "optimization" induced data leaks keep rolling in (archived). The ongoing Intel optimization fraud has lead Google to disable Intel's "Hyperthreading" in their ChromeOS spyware with other vendors considering similar measures (archived).

Venezuelan Navy Repels USCG Cutter James From Entering National Waters

The Venezuelan Navy intercepted the US Coast Guard Cutter James as it was approaching Venezuelan territorial waters and made the US vessel change course before it could successfully breach Venezuelan waters (archived). Last May the USCGC James delivered six tons of cocaine captured through USG piracy operation to Port Everglades in the USG occupied territory of Florida, presumably for marketing and consumption in the domestic market (archived). In addition to engaging in piracy against pharmaceutical businesses, this US warship is equipped to serve as a floating command and control platform with a dock for launching and landing rigid-hulled inflatable boats out of zher stern (archived).

Portuguese National Flying Mirage Jet Downed In Libya By General Haftar's Forces

Alleged Portuguese national and mercenary Jimmy Reiss was shot down in Libya by forces aligned with leading warlord and de facto Libyan sovereign General Haftar (archived). The 29 year old was flying a Dassault Mirage F1 in Haftar's airspace before his capture. Haftar's control of Libya is disputed by a UN backed "national unity" government that occupies Tripoli.

After Coup Embarrassment USG Goes On Tilt Aggressing On All Rivals At The Same Time

Engaged in an embarrassing quagimire in Venezuela following a spectacularly inept coup attempt, the criminal organization calling itself the United States Government has impotently gone on tilt by escalating zher ongoing aggression against zher rivals. A carrier group and bomber task force have been sent flex near Iran following an imagined provacation the US is hyping up despite an absence of any acute aggression or other notable movement on Iran's part (archived).

At the same time the US is sailing two small warships through the South China Sea near islands claimed by China (archived). Most Pantsuitist Anglophone media is hyping small trade related disputes while China is engaged in diplomacy abroad by committing to develop much of the world as part of its belt and road initiative though this movement is ignored in USG lands (archived).

Finally Russia's Khmeimim airbase was shelled, allegedly by members of the group formerly known as "Al-Nusra Front" today. Al-Nusra Front is one of many group in Syria who availed themselves of US weapons during the Hussein Bahamas and Hillary Clinton era of USG thuggery.