Casino Robbed Amid Civil Disorder In St Louis

Three men armed with rifles robbed the cashier's cage at the Casino Queen in East Saint Louis, Illinois early Sunday morning1 while civil disorder continues on the other side of the river in Saint Louis, Missouri. One unarmed casino guard was shot, no patrons were injured, and no suspects have been arrested.

The casino is set to re-open at 8 am local time Monday.

  1. The Illinois State Police report ~2:50 am local time  

Merkel Gets Cocky After Pantsuit Party's Macron Win In France

Weimar leader Angela Merkel is doubling down on zher growing role as the public leader of the International Pantsuit Party's establishment1 while campaigning for re-election as chancellor of the Weimar Republic, by suggesting Europe can no longer depend on America… And by America zhe means Britain… And Poland… And Hungary… And much of the French Population… And any other Europeans who are insufficiently Weimar to be European.

Zher comments on the future of Weimar trailed NATO and G7 meetings where United States President Donald Trump embarrassed the Weimar Europeans for balking on their NATO dues and trying to push for stricter "environmental" rules2 while the de facto German state owned firm Volkswagen faked exhaust emissions with lying software  initially sold as engineering "innovation". The Krauts go to the polls this September.

  1. Longtime Pantsuit Party leader and US President Reject Hillary Rodham-Clinton has meanwhile been relegated to speaking on college campuses about the hallucinatory coping powers offered by Chardonnay.  

  2. i.e. opportunities for the Weimars to gain unfair competitive advantage via fraud  

Great Flood Exhibit Becomes Great Leak For Home County

Grant county, Kentucky – home of Ken Ham's Ark replica – is praying for a torrent of revenue after the Christian themed exhibit has failed to provide a significant amount of money into the town despite an $18 million US dollar tax break. County Judge-Executive Steve Wood said “It’s been a great thing but it’s not brought us any money". A Great Flood of debt is now threatening to sink the town, as the County is on the brink of bankruptcy and is slated to propose job cuts and a 2% payroll cut for all employees. The controversial theme park was funded using $62 million US dollars in Tax Increment Financing granted to the organization by the City of Williamstown.

UK Gambling Commission Strongarms Some Bitcoin Based Gambling Websites

The UK Gambling Commission has written (archive) to what it perceives to be Bitcoin gambling venues operating illegally due to the lack of a licence. The UK Gambling Commission states that regardless of where such a business is located, it must hold a licence if it is to provide British consumers with its services.

Gambling Commission CEO Jenny Williams said: Continue reading

Bryan Micon Seals The Deal

The Las Vegas Review reports (archive) that in an effort to avoid jail time, Bryan Micon has agreed to plead guilty to a charge1 he is facing in relation to the running of the now defunct Seals with Clubs bitcoin based poker website. As part of that deal, Micon faces an as yet to be determined period of probation, a USD $25,000 fine and agreed to forfeit his computers, $900 in cash and 3.0996 BTC.

  1. Reduced to a gross misdemeanour. 

Bryan Micon To Return To Las Vegas To Face Charge

The Las Vegas Review Journal reports (archive) that Seals with Clubs operator Bryan Micon will return to Las Vegas to face a charge of operating an unlicensed interactive gaming system. Micon came to the attention of the Nevada Gaming Commission earlier this year for operating the now defunct Seals with Clubs bitcoin poker site which was relaunched by Micon himself as SwC Poker.

Court records1 indicate Micon will be released on his own recognisance after being booked with a hearing set for Thursday, June 25th at which Micon is expected to attend. Continue reading

  1. Not verified by Qntra at this time. 

Largest Bitcoin Bet Resolved

The largest Bitcoin bet in terms of absolute value, where on Mircea Popescu laid down 1000 BTC of his own funds on the proposition that Bitcoin would outperform Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway class A stock has been resolved as "No" with Bitcoin's exchange rate having suffered over the past 12 months. A year ago Mircea announced the bet on his blog Trilema and further declared that to hedge the bet he had sold Berkshire. Asked about how he felt about the bet's final outcome he offered: Continue reading

Micon Details The Operational Security Concerns Of Seals With Clubs

Bryan Micon of Seals with Clubs has released a video in which he details some of the previously unknown "operational security" concerns which forced the site offline earlier this month.

Micon alleges that on the 11th of February, armed gaming agents acting for the Nevada Gaming Commission knocked on his front door with a sledge hammer and pointed guns at him in order to serve a search warrant for his involvement with SwC and Bitcoin poker. Micon further alleges that much of his electronic equipment was stolen despite not being charged with a crime. Continue reading

Seals With Clubs Shutters

On an announcement replacing their normal front page one of Bitcoin's longest tenured poker sites, Seals with Clubs, has decided to close their doors citing "Operational Security" concerns. They cite without specifics several events which occurred around February 11th, 2015 as being the catalyst for the decision, offering that if Seals with Clubs continued as presently structured it would be "in a perpetual state of jeopardy." They are advising users to withdraw their funds as soon as possible. Continue reading