Notre Dame Spire Collapses, Latest In A Recent String Of French Church Fires

The iconic Cathedral of Notre Dame is burning and the spire has collapsed. This is the latest in a recent string of fires at historic French churches. France's second largest church after Notre Dame, Saint Sulpice burned in an arson on March 17th, the Catholic holiday of Saint Patrick's day (archived). The fire at Notre Dame striking during the Catholic Holy Week may be a coincidence, but presenting the fire as an accident in the current environment would be a very hard sell.

Meanwhile on the secular front, this past weekend the Yellow Vest movement was once again violenced by French despot Macron for a 22nd consecutive week (archived). John Bolton has yet to propose a regime change intervention in France.

English Judge: "I Cannot Think Of Any More Obviously Fundamental Human Right Than The Right Of A Man To Have Sex With His Wife"

In a British case where social service officials decided that one man's ambiguously cognitively impaired wife might not be able to consent following an unspecified decline in her condition and thusly the two shouldn't be able to ever fuck again according to social work law, presiding Judge Justice Hayden declined the social worker's request to issue a preliminary court order barring marital sex (archived). In a decision outraging the social work lobby the Honorable Justice Hayden instead is insisting on hearing evidence and legal arguments before any orders are imposed by the court.

In a three way showdown Hayden will be hearing arguments from lawyers representing the husband, the wife, and the local council's meddling social workers.

Not Much Brexiting On Brexit Day As Brits Still Wanking Over How To Brexit

With Brexit Day winding to a close the Brits are still wanking over how exactly to Brexit with Parliament voting "no" leaving with a deal and leaving without a deal. Theresa May is calling for a fourth vote on her "soft Brexit" deal thrice rejected in parliament next week, should her government survive that long. Once again modern democracy inteprets a simple proposition, in this case "leave the EU", as anything but the actual fucking words.

EU Mandating Speed Naggers In All Cars By 2022

The European Union has passed a measure requiring cars to be fitted with a nagging speed nanny systems by 2022 (archived). The naggers will import speed data from the vehicle's GPS reported location as well as from a forward pointed camera intended to read speed limit signs. During the first implementation phase driver's will be able to over ride the system and disable it, though every time the vehicle starts the nagger will be enabled by default. Eventually EU social engineers have expressed their hope that with continued exposure to the nagger, they will be able to remove the allowance for its disabling. Mandatory pre-wiring with a harness to allow installation of alcohol interlock devices without further vehicle modification is included in this nanny state measure as well.

Post Brexit Britain will also suffer imposition of the naggers as well under its current transportation regime thanks to the eagerness of bureaucrats to agree to absolutely anything at all, so long as they have an opportunity to agree to something.

Rescued Migrants Hijack Commercial Vessel At Sea

The commercial vessel Elhiblu 1 rescued 108 migrants and was hijacked by the same after the the mass of humanity pulled from the sea discovered the ship would be taking them back to Africa rather than onward to Europe (archived). This is not the first time helpless African migrants turned violent against their maritime saviors after discovering their rescuers logistics conflicted with their wishes.

EU Parliament Endorses New Copyrasty Regime

The European Union parliament has passes a measure "reforming" their copyrasty regime to include upload filters, licensing mandates, and possible link taxes (archived). The European council will consider the measure April 9th. If passed by the council, EU members will be compelled to adopt the new copyrasty regime in their local laws or leave.

Afro-Supremacist Terrorist Employed As Schoolbus Driver Tries And Fails To Kill 51 Students Charged To His Care In Bus Inferno

A Sengalese-Italian schoolbus driver tried and failed to kill the 51 Italian children on his schoolbus after allegedly declaring his intent to avenge Africans dying at sea (archived). The busdriver restrained the children before pouring petrol and lighting it up. At least 12 needed medical attention for smoke inhalation, but no deaths are being reported. The bus driver became a naturalized Italian citizen in 2004 and has been previously arrested for driving drunk and sexually molesting.

Erdogan Intensifies Anti-ANZAC Talking Points By Invoking Gallipoli

Continuing to show footage of Brenton Tarrant's partisan attack on a New Zealand Mosque, Turkey's Erdogan has threatened deaths by Turkish hands in the manner of the Ottoman victory over ANZAC forces in Gallipoli (archived). This has created a diplomatic failure cascade with Australia as Australian Prime minister Scott Morrison cannot get satisfaction with any explanation out of his ambassador from Turkey. The events at Gallipoli are historically important as the beginning of Australia's shared meaning as a young nation and as the last grand victory of the Ottoman Empire before they were relegated to just being the Turks.

The aftermath of Tarrant's action is becoming quite an international phenomenon in a way very few lone partisan actions have ever been. It certainly appears to be doing wonders for Turkish national identity.

Web Sites Of Various EU Governments Contain Ad Network Tracking Scripts In Violation Of EU Data Protection Laws

A survery of various websites operated by EU governments shows that many of these governments and their agencies are deploying tracking scripts for online ad networks in violation of the EU's own online data protection laws (archived). Per the survey's authors, French government websites break EU laws in this manner most frequently.