Balkan Tensions Rise With Serbian Military On Alert After Kosovo Police Persecute Ethnic Serbs

The Serbian military has gone to "combat alert" after US/UN backed Kosovo forces operating in police uniforms carried out raids against ethnic Serbs in a majority Serb border region (archived). twenty-three prisoners were taken and two UN staff members were wounded while attempting to "peacekeep" during the raid (archived). The NATO occupation force KFOR, which allows Kosovo to have a border, issued a statement calling for "calm" as they "investigate" what appears to be statally organized ethnic violence carried out by Albanians against Serbs with the aggressors gifted protection by NATO.

EU Parliament: "Centrist" Pantsuits Lost Ground, Brexit Party Takes UK

EU Parliament election results showed an emptying of the political "center" in favor of more polarized options. Conservative leaning voters went nationalist while left leaning voters moved from traditional Pantsuit parties to Green doomsday cult parties. In Britain, the 4 month old Brexit Party thrashed the competition in an election Britain should have already Brexited itself out of.

The EU parliament's primary function is issuing non-binding statements and rubberstamping socialisms that emerge from the EU's bureaucracies. In that light, the likelihood of this parliament doing anything other than showing how irreconcilably divided Europe is appears to be low.

Violence Today: Modern Democracy Bringing Misery to Indonesia, ARIN, Iran, And Bolton Watch

For the 27th consecutive week Yellow Jacket protestors in France are calling for an end to the Macron regime.

Jakarta and Indonesia at large are under a "terror alert" ahead of elections next week (archived). The published fear is that local militant groups will bomb protests after the results are announced.

The criminal organization calling itself the "United States Government" has brought violence down upon South Carolina man Amir Golestan for market making North American IPv4 blocks when ARIN, the American Registry for Internet Numbers refused to do so (archived). Unlike the numerous other brokers for IPv4 addresses in the ARIN region Golestan is facing charges because he allegedly made a paperwork mistake leading the USG to issue 20 charges of felony wire fraud, each carrying a potential 20 year prison sentence.

Rumors and innuendo are swirling after recent embarrassments demonstrating the USG's inability to have a foreign policy, that John Bolton's time in the Trump administration may be coming to an end. After some brief stotting in the wake of the Venezuelan coup debacle, Bolton has begun rapidly pivoting the US to a war posture against Iran without adequately seeking the consent of democratically elected US President Trump (archived).

Berlin: Park Workers Reserve Spaces For Asylum Seeking Drug Dealers

Görlitzer Park has been carved to pieces by parkworkers using pink spray paint to create designated zones for migrant drug dealers to vend their wares (archived). This clear capitulation to asylum seeking drugs gangs follow ineffective efforts by local law enforcement to clear the park for local enjoyment. Park manager Cengiz Demirci who invented this "practical" scheme is certain it could be an even greater success if the "authorities" that failed to clear the drug market out of the park would simply issue vender permits to the drug gangs. The spray painted pink boxes appear to have gone unnoticed by the drug merchants who seem to still be occupying their normal posts near the park entrances.

Hamplanet Health Minister In Belgium Still Morbidly Obese Nearly Five Years In, Responsibilities Keep Expanding

Certified Ham Maggie De Block was sworn in as Belgium's Minister of Social Affairs and Health back in October of 2014. Zher appointment inspired headines including "Is she too fat to be a Health Minister?" yet this fem identifying mayo is still on the job and still very morbidly obese (archived). Zhe makes the Belgian government's decisions in the area of health (archived), and just this past December was additionally appointed Secretary of State for Asylum and Migration (archived). The migration appointment was not an understandable shuffling of the obeast away from the Health Ministry, but an addition to her role as Health Minister.

EuroPolice Knock Down Two Darknet Markets

Europol and a number of USG organs working in concert managed to take out two "darknet" market places (archived). One operation calling itself "Wall Street Market" and another called both "Silkkitie" and "Valhalla Marketplace" are now closed. The US DoD Tor network remains unsuitable for safety critical applications.

German Secret Police Panic Over "Prepping" Fad

Germany's domestic spy agency the BfV is raising alarms over a growing prepping fad which these secret police are presenting as a "undergroung far-right" threat to zher democracy (archived). That some people in Germany are stockpiling food, water, firearms, and other supplies as well as practicing in their use out of a fear that Germany could go to shit is apparently a problem for Zher Merkel's snitches.

Europe Today: "Brexit Party" Moving To Win UK Election For EU Parliament, Notre Dame Apparently To Remain Ruins

Macron Ready to get BLAKKKED The "Brexit Party", Nigel Farage's successor to the UKIP, is moving experiencing polling movement that suggests a win in upcoming European Parliament elections (archived). These EU elections happening after the Brexit deadline but before the new Macronist, maybe Brexit deadline.

Meanwhile French Despot Macron is promising to rebuild Notre Dame in only five years while making the landmark construction "more beautiful" ensuring future visitors will only ever be able to view the Ruins of Notre Dame. With the investigation ongoing, arson speculation is being branded "conspiracy theory" material in mainstream Pantsuitist venues despite the recent trend of church arsons and desecrations in France (archived). A Google censorship tool flagged footage of the Notre Dame fire as "9/11 Conspiracy" content as well (archived).