Island Occupied By US Forces Experiences Major Blackout

Puerto Rico, an unincorporated Caribbean island occupied by United States forces and administered by a puppet Pro-United States government, is experiencing a power outage affecting nearly the entire population of 3.4 million after a power plant fire triggered the near complete failure of the electricity distribution grid on the island. Sorry for your loss.

Most Serene Republic Begins Advertising Public Blockchain Seed Nodes

In preparation for potential improvements to the Bitcoin reference client, citizens of Bitcoin's Most Serene Republic have begun establishing high availability Bitcoin nodes located in datacenters and hosted on dedicated hardware to serve as publicly advertised seed nodes from which Bitcoin users may sync their blockchains and more peers. The improvements to the foundation's reference implementation which spurred this move are the removal of all Domain Name System code from the client to allow an entirely statically built bitcoind as well as the removal of the legacy IRC initial peer discovery mechanism to reduce the attack surface bitcoind presents. Continue reading

France Demands Google Extend "Right to be Forgotten" to Global Domains

The French data protection authority, led by Isabelle Falque-Pierrotin, has threatened Google with various penalties including a fine of up to 300,000 Euros unless it extends the removal of search engine results to its global domains. A European court ruling last year decreed that any individual may petition a search engine to manually remove search results pertaining to themselves, under the guise of privacy. Proponents of the ruling have argued that people should not have to be associated with their past, or suffer unpleasant reminders of deeds they've commited or impressions they've made, apparently unconcerned about the fabrication of history to suit personal preferences such outlooks necessarily entail. Continue reading

OKCoin Ver Dispute Escalates

The dispute between OKCoin and Roger Ver over which contract governs an agreement they made regarding the domain name continues to escalate with Ver's friend and former CTO of OKCoin Changpeng Zhao publicly stating (archive) that he had a gentleman's agreement with Ver which he expected OKCoin to honour after he left the company.

In addition to siding with Ver's version of events, Zhao claims OKCoin has been engaged in an assortment of deceptive conduct regarding the operation of its exchange, specifically: Continue reading

Six Months In, OKCoin Relinquish Control Of

Despite a rumoured five year contract between and the owner of which would see manage the desirable domain name, management of the site was switched to OKCoin in December of last year. At that time OKCoin hoped to build a site which would raise more awareness (archive) about Bitcoin. Six months later, OKCoin has announced it will no longer be managing due to contractual conflicts with Roger Ver. OKCoin allege Ver responded to the decision to part ways with threats of publicly announcing OKCoin engage in fraud and potential lawsuits. Continue reading

Bitcoin ISP Unveiled

Today Mircea Popescu announced the creation of a Bitcoin Internet Service Provider adding to the increasing amount of infrastructure outside of the fiat regime's grasp and available to those aligned with Bitcoin's Most Serene Republic. The Bitcoin Internet Service Provider rather than offering any sort of shared or virtualized product instead offers raw metal, dedicated servers for which customers may have a Linux of their choice provisioned. Any system administration beyond provisioning a server is the responsibility of the customer, though some limited support may be provided and referrals for further service may be offered. Continue reading

Scotland Takes Symbolic Step Towards Online Independence

The Register reports that the Scottish government has moved its online home from '' to '' in a move that pleases the leadership of the Scottish National Party. Last year a ballot initiative which would have opened the path for Scotland to render the 'United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland' instead merely the 'United Kingdom of Lower Britain and Northern Ireland' was defeated. Continued nationalist sentiment and dissatisfaction with English governance has left London forced to continue throwing money at Scotland in an effort to bribe the Scottish people into docility. Continue reading

Amid Domain Name Hijacking, CoinFire's Alleged SEC Source Is Revealed

Repeated attacks on the Bitcoin news site CoinFire today culminated with the theft of the domain and twitter account @coinfireblog. If the individual or group who took over the @coinfireblog twitter account is to be believed, the attackers have also gained access to CoinFire's email inbox and published the alleged name of their SEC source who leaked documents confirming that scammer Josh Garza and his string of shell companies are currently being investigated by the SEC. Continue reading