Tor Using USG WhistleBlower Hit With Charges After Leaking To Omidyar's Rag (Yet Again)

Daniel Everette Hale of Nashville, Tennesssee has been charged by the USG for whistleblowing classified information to a reporter after serving in the US Airforce where he was trained as a "Language Case Analyst" and working at a US intelligence contractor for the National
Geospatial-Intelligence Agency.

Mr. Hale leaked US intelligence materials to a reporter he happened to meet at an event in a DC area bookstore. Pantsuitist sources are claiming Hale's whistleblowing fed reports on US drone strikes around the world in Omidyar's rag "The Intercept" (archived). Hale is far from the first leaker to Omidyar's operation to face USG captivity. Reality Winner was captured by the USG after the Intercept published scans of her leaks with "anti-counterfeiting" patterns intact.

Omidyar's operation has managed to waste its contacts with leakers, with the leakers getting arrested while publishing material nearly a half decade behind TMSR intelligence reporting. Hale was encourage to use the USG owned "Tor" network and the controlled opposition "Tails" linux distro by his handlers. The USG's indictment is presented in full below: Continue reading

US Serf Recorder Equifax Hacked

Consumer credit Indenture reporting firm Equifax announced on Thursday that they were hacked sometimes between May and July, and that the personal data of up to 143 million people1 in the U.S. was liberated. The information for some U.K. and Canadian residents was exposed as well. The company says they became aware of the breach on July 29 of this year, and hired an undisclosed cybersecurity firm to investigate. News of the breach, which could be one of the biggest in the U.S. ever, caused Equifax shares to fall 5.4% in after-market trading.

  1. This is roughly half of them.  

Gwern Releases 1.5TB DNM Archive, Steps Down As /r/DarkNetMarkets Moderator

In conjunction with the announcement (archive) that he will step down as moderator of the /r/darknetmarkets subreddit, Gwern has released a 1.5TB archive of content consisting of his own scrapes of various darknet markets as well as material sourced from others spanning the time period 2011 through 2015 with the majority of the content dated 2013 onwards. A description of the files included in the torrent reads: Continue reading

Silk Road Sealed Document Dump Day (Full Text)

Today Cryptome released 122 pages of documents (local mirror plaintext) related to Ross Ulbricht's Silk Road trial which had been sealed due to the ongoing investigation of Carl Mark Force IV. The order to unseal (local mirror) came into effect with his arrest. For what it is worth Preet Bharara's minions can be seen pleading to Judge Forrest that the terminally corrupted Baltimore investigation some how touches their investigation in no way. The full extracted text of the unsealed documents is below: Continue reading

Obama Orders War On Computing And Bitcoin With New "Emergency" Order (Full Text)

Today United States President Barack Hussein Obama has issued an executive order under which he claims emergency power in order to direct the Treasury Department to take action against the property of persons engaged in "malicious" computing related activity. The description of activities determined to be malicious under the order includes is so vague as to potentially include any user of a computing system, but especially targets the normal work of security researchers in civilian employment as Rob Graham (local archive) highlights. The declaration of National Emergency establishes "hackers" as a clear and present danger to the point that people who have merely associated with or even unknowingly contributed any form of support to "hackers" can be subjected to sanctions typically reserved for war criminals, terrorists, and the leaders of drug cartels. Continue reading

Leaked Emails Detail Inner Workings Of Josh Garza's Scams

Alleged emails which detail the inner workings and day to day operations of Homero Joshua Garza's fraud outfit known as GAW Miners have been leaked. The damning emails not only confirm long held suspicions about Garza's operations but also bring to light other debacles GAW Miners finds itself involved in. The emails confirm: Continue reading

Europol: Bitcoin Will Intersect With Organised Crime, Political Movements, Technology & Others

Europol has published a report titled "Exploring Tomorrow's Organised Crime" in which Bitcoin and alternative coins such as Darkcoin are cited as a means for criminals to anonymously receive and send payment for their services. Europol's research looks at eight key drivers it believes will shape the future of organised crime both online and offline within the European Union. Those eight drivers include: Continue reading

Your Disk Controller and You

A recent publication by Kaspersky Lab (mirror) describes the first publicly-confirmed instance of a Microsoft Windows 'trojan' capable of infecting hard disk drive firmware. For every word that's been written on the subject so far, ten thousand words of disinformation, FUD, and general-purpose obscurantist rubbish are floating about – eagerly passed around by spambots disguised as 'independent bloggers' and fleshy meat-puppets alike. Expect no shortage of 'product' from the well-funded – but, interestingly, not especially competent – FUD agency charged with spreading confusion and misplaced skepticism after this and every other Snowden-related tidbit. Continue reading

DC Court of Appeal Upholds Redaction of Protocol to Shutdown Wireless Networks

Today in a case between the Electronic Privacy Information Center and the United States Department of Homeland Security the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia protected the Department's desire to prevent full disclosure of "Standard Operating Procedure 303" from the public record. SOP 303 is a protocol maintained by the Department of Homeland Security which is alleged to concern a plan for shutting down wireless networks during "critical emergencies." Continue reading