Trump Goes To North Korea, Press Secretary Injured When Reporters Aggressed Security

This weekend US President Donald Trump met his Korean counterpart Kim Jong Un on the North Korean side of the DMZ in a historic first for the US's only improving diplomatic relationship (archived). The meeting however was marred by the western press aggressing on North Korean security in an attempt to enter a space they were barred from. During the violence Trump's new press secretary Stephanie Grisham was left bruised.

Attendees Drugged At Brock Pierce Linked Event

At a New York conference nominally about "cryptos" attendees reported being drugged en mass after consuming ambiguously labeled items from the menu that were infused with cannabis extracts (archived). The adventurous caterer allegedly went beyond the traditional drug infused desert items and managed to drug menu items as varied as hot sauce, cocktails, and olives while a DJ was spinning "electronic dance music" throughout the event. This appears to have been a very Amir Taaki effort on the part of the event's organizers.

Bitcoin On The Agenda For Cisco's Leadership Council Event

The agenda for the Cisco CEO-CIO Leadership Council has now been released. The website describes the event as one that brings together:

CEOs from Fortune Global 500 companies with their CIOs, or senior most IT strategists. The event's highly interactive format encourages peer collaboration and discussions on the most timely and transformative issues facing today's organizations.

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St Petersburg Bitcoin Conference December 4th

On December 4th a Bitcoin conference will be taking place in St Petersburg, Russia that features a slate of speakers that includes Pirate Party of Russia founder Paul Rassudov. The conference will take place at the Ambassador hotel on Rimsky-Korsakov drive. According to the conferences website they are still soliciting speakers. Registration for the conference is 10,000 rubles.

Pool's Closed For Crypto Money Expo

Crypto Money Expo, the brainchild of Eyal Abramovitch, is an online Bitcoin conference which runs December 5th through 6th, 2014. Speakers include Matthew Rosak1, Peter Todd2, Sam Onat Yilmaz3, David Johnston4, J.R Willett5, Kirk St Johns6, Ofir Beigel7, Aric Fedida8, Evan Duffield9 and Matan Guter10. Continue reading

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