Qntra (S.QNTR) January 2017 Report

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For the month of January 2017, Qntra published 35 articles for a total of 5081 words.*

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Reminder: Hussein Bahamas Banned Iraqi Refugees By Executive Order In 2011

In 2011 first term United States President Hussein Bahamas quietly through executive order suspended the admission of refugees from Iraq for six months (archived).1) Beyond the press hypocrisy that one President's action is hate-crime (TM)(R) while an ex-President's action was a necessary National Security (TM)(R) measure, a fundamental contrast exists between the current and former executive's manner of executive action. Hussein Bahamas preceded executive actions popular with his constituency in months of debate and appeals to congress2 before cautiously wading into action while embarking on actions of substance in the shadows where they could spend years before receiving any attention in the mainstream media, if they received attention at all.

By contrast President Trump is engaging in executive action decisively, publicly, and according to the promises he made during the election winning campaign.

  1. A fact that was missed in mainstream media reporting until 2013 after the immediate threat which prompted the ban had passed. (archived 

  2. This in fact means that the legislature decided rejected the possibility of Hussein Bahamas queer ideas becoming law before Hussein Bahamas acted on those ideas.  

Police Clear Weapons Caches In DC Parks Ahead Of Trump Inauguration

Police officers in Washington DC are sweeping area parks and cleaning up the numerous weapons caches and dead drops ahead of the Trump Inauguration on Friday. Mainstream news sources are reporting that the cleanup began after a pedestrian called police to report a violin case filled with guns, which then led to the more thorough sweep of the local park system. Pence in our time.

Qntra (S.QNTR) December 2016 Report

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For the month of December 2016, Qntra published 55 articles for a total of 5799 words.*

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Monetary Printing Press Hot Again: USDA No Rejection Farm Loans And Unlimited Lending Authority To Run Through April 28th 2017

A totally no good year for farmers that only got worse as the months marched on has been capped with unprecedented new monetary powers for the United States Department of Agriculture. In what the mainstream media is calling a "temporary budget fix" the USDA Farm Services Division has been granted the authority to lend without limit through April 28th with the further stipulation that it can not reject any "qualifying" loan applications.1

This degree of fiat printing largess is typically reserved for the salvation of favored "banks" and "contractors" represents another sector of United States policy being blown up and destabilized on the road to the unpresidenting of Hussein Bahamas.

The extent to which US farmers who are accustomed to subsisting on "operational loans" will milk this opportunity for excess is uncertain, but an orgy of capital purchases2 and further investments in offensive cultivation practices.

With interest rate increases expected through the rest of Yellen's term as Federal Reserve chair, sorry for your loss.

  1. The pretense behind this is the authority is "secured" against "future funding" and how this is interpreted by the incoming administration remains to be seen.  

  2. Deere and Company stock is trading within a dollar of its 52 week high at the time of this writing even as the economic fortunes of its customers have declined over these past 52 weeks.  

Qntra (S.QNTR) November 2016 Report

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For the month of November 2016, Qntra published 48 articles for a total of 6520 words.*

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Vilsack Attempts To Whitewash Hussein Bahamas Rural Legacy

Outgoing United States Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack (WOT:nonperson) issued a statement this week attempting to whitewash the legacy of destruction wrought by the Hussein Bahamas administration upon rural America.1 Vilsack's statement however completely fails to mention anything about agriculture.

Between unsustainable subsidized grain markets that force farmers to plant crops with an eye for minimizing their inevitable loss while hungry hungry hamplanets can't eat fast enough to make a meaningful dent in the glut of stored grain from years past to so called "employment growth" that consists of small towns landing bigger Walmarts,2 Vilsack's statement is out of touch with rural American reality.

Is it any wonder rural America voted to summon The Great Again? Soy for your loss.

  1. In full:

    Statement by Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack on Rural America at a Glance, 2016 Edition

    WASHINGTON, Nov. 14, 2016—Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack today released the following statement on Rural America at a Glance, 2016 Edition, an annual report by USDA's Economic Research Service:

    "At the depths of the Great Recession, rural counties were shedding 200,000 jobs per year, rural unemployment stood at nearly 10 percent, and poverty rates reached heights unseen in decades. Many rural communities were ill-positioned to bounce back quickly.

    "Over the course of the Obama Administration, USDA has made targeted Federal investments in rural areas to create jobs, generate economic opportunity, and strengthen rural communities. This strategy, focused on production agriculture, the biobased economy, local and regional food systems, and conservation and natural resources, is helping the rural economy retool itself for the 21st century.

    "Today's report underscores the result of these efforts: rural America has begun a remarkable comeback. Key economic indicators continue to show that rural America is rebounding. Rural unemployment continued to decline in 2015, dropping below 6 percent for the first time since 2007, and rural poverty rates have fallen. Median household incomes in rural areas increased by 3.4 percent in 2015, and rural populations have stabilized and are beginning to grow. Child food insecurity nationwide is at an all-time low.

    "The future of rural America looks much brighter today than when President Obama took office. The incredible results highlighted in the new report demonstrate how long-term government investment and positive partnerships with public institutions are central to rural America's continued progress."

    The Rural America at a Glance, 2016 Edition report can be viewed on the ERS website. To read more about USDA's investments in rural America and its successful turnaround, visit USDA's entry on Medium.com, Rural America Is Back in BusinessThis is an external link or third-party site outside of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) website..


    USDA is an equal opportunity provider, employer and lender.


  2. On this front Obamacare has been employment figures up by making incentives for hiring more warm bodies and scheduling each warm body for less hours. Thusly one full time employee is replaced by 3-4 quarter time employees which means more people are employee in absolute terms.  

Trump carries early New Hampshire

Donald Trump, standing for the Bahamas Was Born In Kenya Party (BWBIKP) obtained 53.3% of the early vote in New Hampshire, surpassing Hillary Clinton of the "Men Are Mean & White People Are Evil" alliance (MAM & WPAE). The pantsuit-clad abomination barely managed to scrape together 41.7% of the vote, notwithstanding a lengthy tradition of firm support for the "Men are mean and white people are evil" creed in the locality. In select locales she fared as poorly as 20% to Trump's 80%.

The results come in contradiction of pseudoscientifically conducted polls run by the castrated bureaucracy, which were indicating a ~5 point lead for the shrew. The 16% difference between consensus "reality" and actual reality is reminescent of the "inexplicable" "error" shown by polls run by the similarly castrated establishment in the 51st state prior to the "shocking" (to no-one but themselves) electoral result there.

Gary Johnson of the Allegedly A Party also managed a respectable 5% of the vote.

Hillary Clinton's prison sentence is expected to start anytime towards the end of the week ; it is still a matter of some debate in insider circles as to whether she will be locked up together with mere thousands or actual hundreds of thousands of soi-dissant "Civil Servants". The "Civil Servants" is a street gang centered around Washington, DC, involved in a slew of illegal activities spanning prostitution, human trafficking, graft, pay-to-play schemes, blackmail, murder and jaywalking.

Peace in our time!