Trump Makes Small Cut To Military Healthcare Spending And Makes Jeff Sessions Great Again

Today United States President Donald Trump captured headlines by making a rare medical condition a disqualifier for military service in the United States, as many other medical conditions already are. This relieves the Department of Defense from having to assume the substantial surgical and psychiatric care costs the US medical establishment has come to accept as standard for this condition. Various lamestream news outlets have offered different four and five figure numbers of currently serving military personnel standing to be affected by this policy change.

In other events, Trump has managed to make Attorney General Jeff Sessions great again. Following more minutia supposedly exposed in the Russian collusion witch hunt, Trump appears to have ceased conferring with his Attorney General in private and begun communicating suggestions to his top law enforcement official exclusively through the media. In less than one week Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III has gone from the fake news industrial complex's whipping boy, a caricature of the "evil" Southern gentleman, to enjoying fawning fake news coverage as a beleaguered and sympathetic Southern gentleman.

Only muted coverage in the fake news media has been given to the fact that since this change in communications channels, Attorney General Sessions appears to have been faithfully pursuing every instruction delivered to him by President Trump. Where the fake news media is reading animosity between the two, reality seems to be showing a very strong, public1 working relationship. As a bonus, the new structure of this relationship is bound to complicate the ongoing "Russian collusion" fanfic being authored by Jeff Bezos' Amazon Washington Post.

  1. When has any other US President been as transparent in communicating with his Attorney General?  

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Vermont Residents On State Run Job Board Hacked

Roughly 200,000 people in the US sub-territory of Vermont had their personal data stolen in a breach of the Vermont Job Link website according to the State's Labor Commissioner Lindsay Kurrie. The website is used by persons applying for unemployment benefits and allows employers to post job listings for those seeking employment. While the hack likely occurred days ago, the FBI was called in to investigate and did not release any details of the events until late Wednesday. The information likely contains names, addresses, and social security numbers of anyone who had ever used the system. Republican Governor Phil Scott stated that "We don't know still how much data was breached at this point time. We're still trying to gather information. We were lead to believe that it was a much smaller breach yesterday. Today, we were notified that it was significantly much larger." With the responsible parties having no clue as to what happened or how, potential victims have not yet been notified about the extent of their sorry for your loss.

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Reminder: Hussein Bahamas Banned Iraqi Refugees By Executive Order In 2011

In 2011 first term United States President Hussein Bahamas quietly through executive order suspended the admission of refugees from Iraq for six months (archived).1) Beyond the press hypocrisy that one President's action is hate-crime (TM)(R) while an ex-President's action was a necessary National Security (TM)(R) measure, a fundamental contrast exists between the current and former executive's manner of executive action. Hussein Bahamas preceded executive actions popular with his constituency in months of debate and appeals to congress2 before cautiously wading into action while embarking on actions of substance in the shadows where they could spend years before receiving any attention in the mainstream media, if they received attention at all.

By contrast President Trump is engaging in executive action decisively, publicly, and according to the promises he made during the election winning campaign.

  1. A fact that was missed in mainstream media reporting until 2013 after the immediate threat which prompted the ban had passed. (archived 

  2. This in fact means that the legislature decided rejected the possibility of Hussein Bahamas queer ideas becoming law before Hussein Bahamas acted on those ideas.  

Police Clear Weapons Caches In DC Parks Ahead Of Trump Inauguration

Police officers in Washington DC are sweeping area parks and cleaning up the numerous weapons caches and dead drops ahead of the Trump Inauguration on Friday. Mainstream news sources are reporting that the cleanup began after a pedestrian called police to report a violin case filled with guns, which then led to the more thorough sweep of the local park system. Pence in our time.