Manufactured TrannyCoCist Outrage Over SQLite's Longstanding Benedictine Code Of Conduct As CoC Incompatibilities Set Up To Replace License Incompatibilities As Top Open Source Drama Fountain

Yesterday left wing social engineers unleashed a wave of manufactered outrage over the SQLite project's 8 month old adoption of The Rules Of Saint Benedict in the face of demands by unspecified clients to have a Code of Conduct, any Code of Conduct at all. SQLite author D. Richard Hipp offered the following statements in response to questions on why he didn't edit down the list to a more minimalist, TrannyCoCist compatible form:

I could have edited the list down to just those aspects that seem relevant to coding, but that would put me in the position of editing and redacting Benedict of Nursia, as if I were wiser than he. And I considered that. But in the end, I thought it better to include the whole thing without change. In the preface, I tried to make clear that the introspective aspects could be safely glossed over.

Nobody is excluded from the SQLite community due to biological category or religious creed. The preface to the CoC should make this clear. The only way to get kicked out of the SQLite community is by shouting, flaming, and disrespectful behavior. In 18 years, only one person has ever been banned from the mailing list.

It remains to be seen how many Open Source projects which have bought into full TrannyCoCism will find themselves so deficient in love and humility that they believe the words of Benedict of Nursia ought to be censored, rejected, and abandoned.

NYTimes Wrote Something About Stalled Rodney Rosenstein Coup Attempt Against Trump

In a piece published as part of their end of the week newsdump the NYTimes wrote a piece concerning Deputy US Attorney General Rodney Rosenstein's stalled coup attempt against US President Donald Trump (archived). According to the story after Rosenstein authored a memo recommending James Comey's firing Rosenstein solicited persons1 with access to the White House to surveil the president while Rosenstein himself would gaslight the president. Then according to the plan Rosenstein and conspirators would use recordings of a man reacting in anger to having been gaslit as evidence of "incapacity" and mount a coup from there.

Given the Pantsuit venue in which the report appeared, the plot appears to have been unsuccessful to the point its supporters had to escalate the gaslighting by collaborating with Pantsuit media to publish the plot, likely with critical details altered in order to bait the president into acting clumsily before he cements hold of the Senate in this fall's midterm elections. Earlier this month the NYTimes published a piece (archived) claiming to be from a Trump administration insider sabotaging President Trump's agenda from the inside. While the earlier piece is as likely to be fanfiction as it is the daydreams of a deskriding pantsuit manlet in a government office, the point of publishing these pieces is clearly to bait Trump into premature retaliation before the next congress is sworn in.

Make 4D Chess Great Again!

  1. According to the NYTimes piece members of the President's cabinet were named  

USG Lawyer Changes Story In Appellate Trial, 7 Years After Case Started Working Through Courts

A lawyer representing the criminal organization calling itself the United States Government decided this week to newly assert that they "intercepted conversations abroad" that the fellow was having in a case that has already been working its way through courts for seven years (archived). During this time Agron Hasbajrami and his lawyers have been arguing that the USG conducted an illegal "backdoor search" to acquire a warrant, something the USG's counsel is now all but admitting to except with a sprinkle of magic foreign surveillance pixie dust.

Like the Ulbricht affair, like the FBI training 'terrorists' to give themselves wins in the press, and like the spurious attachement of imaginary 'money laundering' charges to any case offering them a chance to steal a bit of it… The USG can't be trusted to play by its own rulebook though it would be happy to throw it at you. And if really backed into a corner in its own courts, nothing is more reliable than the criminal cartel pleaing "Muh Foreign Policy!" and "Muh National Security!"

USG Lich McCain Surrenders In War On Cancer Will Spend Rest of Days As Compliant Cancer POW [Update 8-25-2018: And he's dead]

The family of the soon to be late former Vietcong prisoner John McCain announced that the Arizona Senator has decided to stop seeking treatment for his brain cancer. Since announcing his brain cancer McCain has been absent from his duties in the US Senate as a captive of cancer. This is the latest in a long line of surrenders which have defined the elder lich's career as a Naval Aviator, Senator, and twice failing US Presidential candiate.

Microsoft Announces Campaign Against Threats To "Their Democracy": Plans Sound Suspiciously Like Contributing Material Support To Political Candidates

Microsoft has announced that they are going to begin to take steps against efforts to interfere in their democracy (archived). The steps they plan to take involve boosting their friends and silencing everyone else (archived) on platforms they can influence. This is clearly an attempt by Microsoft to undermine "democracy" by conducting lobbying activities and making non-monetary campaign contributions while screaming "OMG HAXx0RZ" as a distraction while they undermine it all.

New Zealand Bans Sale Of Homes To Foreigners

A group calling itself the government of New Zealand has banned sales of homes to foreign nationals in an attempt to curb rising prices (archived). Under the measure, which exempts buyers of Australian and Singaporean nationality, foreigners would be restricted to purchasing apartments in large scale block developments.

In recent years New Zealand has seen substantial real estate demand from wealthy buyers from China and the US looking for a retreat from instability in larger Anglophone areas. With home ownership among adult New Zealanders floating around ~25 percent, this measure has the potential to deliver some serious pain to their rental market.