Madame Secretary Mike Pompeo Declares Huawei Deployments "Obstacle To US Partnership"

US Madame Secretary of State Mike Pompeo went to Hungary and declared that deployments of Huawei networking equipment in Eastern Europe threatened the viability of ongoing USG "partnerships" in the region (archived). The dual threat Huawei presents to the USG and its "Five Eyes Anglophone co-conspirators is as follows:

1. Huawei equipment handling internet traffic while they would prefer Cisco equipment under their control do the same, and every piece of Huawei kit deployed denies a Cisco machine the opportunity to be racked.
2. The Five Eyes are concerned the Chinese goverment may have the same level of control over Huawei kit they have over Cisco.

Whether or not Huawei equipment is subverted to aid Chinese spies, the fact that Huawei equipment does not favor USG spies is a threat to the USG under their doctrine of total information awareness. The mere possibility of internet traffic they can't intercept and molest scares them.

Amid Partial Shutdown USG Certifies "Security" Of Microsoft Outlook Mobile

As large portions of the USG continue to be furloghed in an ongoing partial shutdown, or in the case of the FBI 'working' without pay, some office managed to find Microsoft's Outlook mobile app fit for use in security sensitive 'clearanced' applications (archived). The certification mean it has been approved for use by all USG stooges without regard for how sensitive their position is. The rollout to USG stooges is being carried out via the Google and Apple mobile app stores.

Manufactured TrannyCoCist Outrage Over SQLite's Longstanding Benedictine Code Of Conduct As CoC Incompatibilities Set Up To Replace License Incompatibilities As Top Open Source Drama Fountain

Yesterday left wing social engineers unleashed a wave of manufactered outrage over the SQLite project's 8 month old adoption of The Rules Of Saint Benedict in the face of demands by unspecified clients to have a Code of Conduct, any Code of Conduct at all. SQLite author D. Richard Hipp offered the following statements in response to questions on why he didn't edit down the list to a more minimalist, TrannyCoCist compatible form:

I could have edited the list down to just those aspects that seem relevant to coding, but that would put me in the position of editing and redacting Benedict of Nursia, as if I were wiser than he. And I considered that. But in the end, I thought it better to include the whole thing without change. In the preface, I tried to make clear that the introspective aspects could be safely glossed over.

Nobody is excluded from the SQLite community due to biological category or religious creed. The preface to the CoC should make this clear. The only way to get kicked out of the SQLite community is by shouting, flaming, and disrespectful behavior. In 18 years, only one person has ever been banned from the mailing list.

It remains to be seen how many Open Source projects which have bought into full TrannyCoCism will find themselves so deficient in love and humility that they believe the words of Benedict of Nursia ought to be censored, rejected, and abandoned.