Ingsoc Today: British Baker Under Assault For Eschewing Metric System

A baker attempting to pursue something resembling business in Airstrip One is under fire for selling "sausage rolls" by the inch instead of using a politically correct metric measure of length (archived). A group of Newspeak enforcers calling themselves the "Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy" offered through a spokesman:

You can label a sausage roll, or in fact almost any other product, in imperial measures, but when you're selling the product on the basis of measurement you should always include metric.

USG Alleges "Rogue" Cellular Site Simulators In Capitol Region

Agents of the criminal gang in Washington DC referring to themselves as the US government are alleging that there are a number of cellular site simulators engaged in surveillance which they cannot attribute to their own spy operations (archived). The simulators commonly referred to as 'stingrays' are frequently deployed by the USG as part of their criminal operations. Whether the presence of these stingrays is a case of one hand not noticing what the other is doing or something else, this story is likely to be used by the USG to push their agenda of undermining network security even further.