Death Cult Propagates Among Some Chinese Miners

As mentioned in Shinohai's latest shitcoin Roundup, a few single language Chinese miners have taken to expressing an unjustified degree of loyalty to yet another doomed anti-Bitcoin forking effort. In the same week the fork effort's defective client unintentionally fell out of consensus due to its inherent slop, Andrew Quentson (WOT:nonperson) published a purported "cosmetically corrected" interview with Jiang Zhuoer (WOT:nonperson) where among other things Zhuoer confesses to "SPV mining" while asserting to have 100 million dollars1 committed to destroying any actual Bitcoin network which remains after splitting his favored altcoin from Bitcoin.

If Zhuoer's intent actually corresponds to what the words printed in English mean,2 it represents a paltry counter to the deterrent presented by Mircea Popescu and other lords of the Most Serene Republic, which has thus far damped off earlier social engineering attempts to fork Bitcoin into something else before they could root.

Continued imprudence among mining pool operators suggests that a solution to the mining bug3 in order to disabuse certain activist factions of their imagined participation in Bitcoin. Importantly, recent efforts by the People's Bank of China to bring sanity to their local fiat/Bitcoin interfaces does not preclude future statal attempts to attack Bitcoin via the mining vector from the People's Republic of China.  Sorry for your loss.

  1. A mere 10,000 Bitcoins today, less tomorrow 

  2. Such is the least of the curses handicapping the monophone single language speaker.  

  3. Some solutions have been proposed to constrain the impact of the bug  

Vessenes Gox Drama Continues

Peter Vessenes (WOT:nonperson) of the failed Vessenes' Phoundation and failed start up Coinlab continues to stir the drama pot as he holds out hope that a court just might award him a portion of the insolvent Gox's corpse. Such a move would naturally represent the first, last, and best revenue received by Vessenes venture which promised much and delivered nothing.

Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Up Amazing 16.64% (As Usual Another All Time High)

Bitcoin mining difficulty has adjusted to 392,963,262,344.3704, constituting a shocking 16.64% leap above the previous level; for context, only two adjustments during the preceding fiat winter had a larger delta. While the network is close to completing its third exahash, more blocks at this level are needed for a confident estimate.

Yet Another Bitcoin Anniversary

On this day in 2009 Satoshi publicly released the first Bitcoin client. It was a windows turd with a Wxwidgets interface. From this client was descended the reference client lovingly maintained by the Bitcoin Foundation, which runs on and may be statically built for any sane *nix operating system.1

  1. Support for windows builds were culled shortly after the Foundation assumed custodianship for the reference client. 

fiat/Bitcoin Interfaces Continue Reporting Upwards Volatility, March to Magenta Continues

So far 2017 is continuing the recent upwards trend in prices reported by fiat/Bitcoin interfaces passing a number of milestones today:

While fiat/Bitcoin interface insolvency remains a reality and connections to reality on the fiat end generally seem to be loose, much has changed since this price level was reported. Perhaps most notably in the mind of buyers, concerted social engineering efforts to undermine Bitcoin variously named XTCoin, ClassicCoin, Unlimited, and Segregated Witness have all failed, laughably so.3

Still, tomorrow any or all of these fiat emphasized fiat/Bitcoin interfaces could offer nothing for your Bitcoins while demanding you deliver the entire whole and undivided transcendental idea of the color magenta4 to them.

Sorry for your loss.

  1. "volume weighted" price, strong lead by China and over 1050 Euros across the board  

  2. Similar situation, above 1100 dollars with the exception of BTC-E  

  3. As opposed to seriously so. They never made it that far against entrenched resistance because Bitcoin is a hard thing.  

  4. In the only way that matters, that impossible way which would deny everyone else both magenta and the idea of magenta.  

Bitcoin Network Difficulty Continues Climb Rising ~2.43 Percent For Yet Another All Time High

The Bitcoin network mining difficulty rose from 310153855703.43334961 to 317688400354.03375244 in a modest increase of approximately 2.43 percent. While less impressive than last period's ~8.16 percent jump this adjustment, being an increase, brings yet another all time high mining difficulty. This is accompanied by continued upwards noise on fiat/Bitcoin interfaces.

FUCKGOATS Schematics Released As Devices Ship

The Festivus gifts continue to flow from Saint Stanislav's labs, with release of code sufficient for users to audit and create their own FUCKGOATS.

" … it is everything you theoretically need to make YOUR OWN FUCKGOATS" (log)

The vpatches are avaible at the following locations:

More information on FUCKGOATS can be found at the No Such lAbs website:

Bitcoin Network Difficulty Up ~8.16%, Yellen Announces Higher Interest Rate Target Hours Before Increase

The Bitcoin network mining difficulty increased from 286765766820.55041504 to 310153855703.43334961 for an approximately 8.1558 percent climb. In addition to itterating the first significant figure by one this increase is another all time high.

Meanwhile Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen announced that zhe and zher fellow Federal Reserve governors would be increasing the target range for the Federal Funds rate from 0.25-0.5 percent to 0.5-0.75 percent. This roughly doubles the cost of borrowing for the United States just in time for The Great Again.