Poland Pursuing Repatriation Of Gold Reserves From Airstrip One

As London finds its once central location in finance eroding due to government malfeasance, Poland is seeking to save its gold from Bank of England custody (archived). As the USG and UK move forward in entrenching their Axis of Insanity, New York and London are increasingly being seen as unsafe places to keep things of value by notoriously slow moving fiat would-be sovereigns. With the distinctly African turn of both former financial centers, it is only natural worry should build that distinctly African problems have a high likelihood of following.

Chase Bank Inexplicably Severing Relationship With Fellow Who Happens To Lead Men's Fraternal Organization

Chase Bank sent a letter to Enrique Tarrio stating they would be closing Tarrio's personal bank accounts and severing their relationship on April first (archived). Tarrio happens to be the chairman of the Proud Boys men's fraternal organization. The organization is frequently described by mainstream Pantsuit sources including the "Southern Poverty Law Center" as "White Nationalist" inspite of evidence of embracing men from a variety of racial and ethnic backgrounds as evidenced by their chairman Enrique Tarrio being identifiably Latin American through his name and appearance. Chase earlier denied payment processor services to the Proud Boys organization.

The fraternal organization appears to be surviving abandonment by their founder though ultimately their survival will depend on their ability to embrace the outlaw status being forced upon them by the female state.

US Treasury Secretary Issued Sunday Night Press Release Assuring No "Clearance Or Margin" Issues

US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin issued a press release Sunday night assuring residents of the US that he called some banks who assured him there were no "liquidity problem" or "clearance and margin issues" (archived). Due to the US Government's ongoing partial shutdown the press release does not appear on the US Treasury department website (archived) apparently as part of their "lapse in appropriations contingency plan" (archived).

The announcement and its odd timing suggests that there actually are problems. Maybe that last 0.25% rate hike by the Fed after free dollars under Hussein Bahamas broke everything? Maybe someone out there put too much faith in the USG's timely payment of bills in spite of goverment shutdowns becoming a common negotiating tactic under the Hussein Bahamas adminstration? Whatever Mnuchin intended to convey with his message of assurance, the sentiment which lead to the press release is not reassuring.

Coinbase Begins Trading Vacation With "Your" Coins Early

Mtgox Coinbase employees have started their planned trading vacation this weekend instead of waiting for their intended start date of just before August 1st. Mtgox Coinbase has posted a cryptic status message stating that their withdrawals may be "delayed by up to 12+ hours" (archived). The notation "+" signifies an indefinite addition to the number that precedes it, and for this reason we are deeply Sorry For Your Loss.

"30 Day" Constipation Of Chinese fiat/Bitcoin Interfaces Continues Well Beyond 30 Days

The "30 Day" suspension of Bitcoin withdrawals from Chinese fiat/Bitcoin interfaces has now passed the 61 day mark with no sign of being lifted. The suspensions began when assorted "wreckers" at Chinese fiat/Bitcoin interfaces began collaborating with wreckers at the People's Bank of China instead of dumping the fiat Chinese renminbi. To be clear 61 days is more that 30 days. It is 30 days followed by another 30 days and still another day with no relief in sight for the bagholders. Sorry for your loss.

Government, Banks Assault Rural Indian Culture

Evil itselfThe India Times reports that the government is calling on banks to assist an attack on thousands of years of cultural tradition by assualting the beloved practice of open defecation in rural India (archived). This call comes despite the fact that many toilets stand unused or abandoned as they are rejected by defenders of this cultural heritage (archived). A report released in 2014 by the World Health Organization and UNICEF states that India has a 50% open defecation rate.

Austrian Minister Seeks Constitutional Protection For Cash Payments

With many governments and businesses in Europe moving to abandon physical cash in favor of trackable electronic payments, Austrian Deputy Economy Minister Harald Mahrer has called for consitutional protection of the right to transact in cash for privacy reasons (archived). The European Union is currently debating restrictions on banknotes and coins in the name fighting of "terrorism" though central banks noise about negative interest rates suggests that European finance ministers advocating against physical cash may have ulterior motives.

Payment Card Industry Clings To SSLv3 And TLS 1.0 For Two More Years

Yesterday the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) announced it has decided to extend its deadline for the fiat payment card industry to abandon SSL version 3 and TLS version 1.0 all the way into June of 2018 (archived). Back in April they had tried to set a June 2016 deadline parties handling fiat payment cards to move up to at least TLS version 1.1 or higher in light of POODLE, SHA1 weakness, and other protocol level attacks. General Manager Stephen Orfei of the PCI SSC blames "business issues" for the extension. These extra two years create the potential for massive fraud involving intercepted payment card information, but massive fraud is an inherent part of the fiat system.

United States Revives Export-Import Bank

The United States Congress has passed and President Hussein Bahamas has signed a reauthorization for the United States Export-Import bank. The United States Export-Import bank as previously mentioned on Qntra acts as an open ended subsidy for Boeing and select other businesses servicing the interests of the socialist United States Government. The reauthorization happened the same day the director of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation acknowledged an otherwise routine mass shooting even two days earlier had allegedly been carried out by a wedded couple with ties to ISIS.