Austria And Car Makers Conspire To Cripple 600,000 Cars Already Sold

Austrian Transport Minister Joerg Leichtfried announced today that a number of car manufacturers have signed the papers to impose software changes on 600,000 diesel vehicles which would lessen their drivability. Despite the fact of these vehicles already having been sold, the manufacturers decided that fucking their customers over by retroactively making the cars shittier in order to satisfy Austrian Transport Minister Joerg Leichtfried (WOT:nonperson) was apparently an acceptable course of action.

Germany & Austria's Project BITCRIME

A joint study between Austria and the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research will look at the use of virtual currencies and how supposed illicit transactions and alleged criminals can be prevented, detected, tracked and prosecuted. The program, which has funding totalling €1.5m and will run through to the end of 2016, will also look at the need for supervision and regulation in the cryptocurrency space. Continue reading