Australia Ramps Up Flight Security Theater With Powder Restrictions

After declaring a "terrorist plot" was foiled, travelers seeking air transport to an from of Australia will be subject to "enhanced" rules restricting the amount of powdered materials allowed in carry on baggage (archived). Travelers will be restricted to transporting 350 grams of inorganic powders. The new rules specifically mention snow globes and table salt as a example items containing now restricted inorganic powders. The alleged plot cited in the creation of these restrictions involved an "improvised device" denied entry at the flight check in desk by airline employees for a trip from Sydney to Abu Dhabi.

Minneapolis Loses First Native American, Female, And Openly Gay Police Chiefs In Tripartite Resignation

Minneapolis lost its first native American, female, and openly gay police chiefs in the tripartite  resignation of Janne Harteau. Harteau resigned from her diversity milestones following the shooting of blond Australian migrant Justine Damond by Somali born Minneapolis police officer Mohamed Noor. Noor was initiated into the Minneapolis police department through a "fast-track" training course (archived).

Aussie Faces Investigation After Defending Dog From Viscious Roo Attack

An Austrialian man is facing investigation by various "environmental" agencies of the Australian state after defending his dog and his hunting companions from a vicious attack by a kangaroo. The kangaroo was choking the man's dog when he intervened. After humanely delivering a single right jab to the Roo's face the monstrous animal fled. This victim of spurious environmental investigation is a professional zookeeper.

China Solidifies Presence In Airstrip Two's Media

News is emerging that media organs associated with the Chinese government have negotiated a deal which will allow them to place stories in media outlets serving Airstrip Two1. This deal allows media outlets in Airstrip Two to continue pretending to exist in a state other than penury while organs of the Chinese state get placement and editorial control over these stories. This move is in concordance with Airstrip Two's move away from Airstrip One and into alignment with China. Peace in our time.

  1. Formerly Known as Australia  

Gizmodo And Wired End Week Waffling On #Hoaxtoshi

Last week on Tuesday Gizmodo and Wired speculated to much derision a new candidate to correspond in meatspace to the ephemeral Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto. Both outlets ended the week by each publishing their own pieces resembling admissions of doubt about their initial reports in varying degrees. Wired came closer to doing the right thing by admitting (archived) they were in all likelihood attention scammed by Hoaxtoshi. Gizmodo on the other hand, lacking in humility and journalistic sobriety, in their piece work to salvage the narrative they presented with an appeal to mystery (archived). Continue reading

Hoaxtoshi Has History Of Business Bad Blood

The saga of Hoaxtoshi heats up as Craig Steven Wright, the man who want to be known as Satoshi and whose home was raided, is being reported in the financial press as a huckster with a history of bad business deals and adverse judgements in court (archived). Hoaxtoshi was alleged to correspond to the identity of the historical Satoshi Nakamoto by writers from Wired and Gawker Media. These writers by all appearances followed a collection of evidence most likely fabricated by the Hoaxtoshi Craig Steven Wright himself. Continue reading