Sea Is No Escape: Thai Navy Pursues Couple For Constructing And Settling Offshore Platform

The Royal Thai Navy is pursuing local woman Supranee Thepdet and her gringo spouse Chad Andrew Elwartowski for aggression against Section 119 of Criminal Code involving:

any acts that cause the country or parts of it to fall under the sovereignty of a foreign state or deterioration of the state's independence (archived)

The couple is alleged to be plotting the birth of new nation on their 6 meter wide floating platform parked outside of Thai territorial waters yet within a portion of the Thai Exclusive Economic Zone the Thais claim is a critical route taken by oil tankers on their way Phuket. Thai law offers sentences of death or life imprisonment for violations of Section 119.

The couple are not defending the sovereignty of their offshore "seasteading" platform. Beyond what they aren't doing their location is unknown.

F-35 Pain Continues: Japan Loses One Over Pacific, Grounds Rest

International malaise among US allies purchasing F-35 fighters continues as Japan loses one of their few over the Pacific, an event that has lead them to ground the rest of their F-35 fleet (archived). Other US allies including Italy are looking to escape the costly boondoggle while NATO member Turkey managed to escape the program by prioritizing the purchase of state of the art Russian air defense missiles over the fighters of a utility so questionable the US has had to resort to purchasing foreign turboprop aircraft to handle a portion of the F-35's designed mission.

Taliban's Late Mullah Omar Lived Out His Days 3 Miles From US Outpost

Former Taliban leader Mullah Omar, whose 2013 death was only revealed two years later, reportedly lived out his years after the US invasion separated from a US base by a very walkable 3 mile distance (archived). The nearby Forward Operating Base Wolverine held a garrison of 1000 soldiers during the period and frequently hosted US and allied special operations forces. Even though the US and some Tajiks "won" their initial war over the Taliban in 2 months (archived), the US has been continuously fighting a war in Afghanistan against the Taliban and others since October 7th, 2001.

Huawei Sues USG Over Blackballing

Huawei is suing the United States government, including the United States Congress, over the unconstitutional blacklisting of their business in the "John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2019" under the US Consitution's Bill of Attainer clause and other Federal Statutes prohibiting the individual targeting of companies and persons for punishment without trial. The complaint alleges that Congress illegally deprived Huawei of due process while trashing Congress's own:

general reputation and its specific commitment to honoring the laws of the United States.

Huawei filed the suit in the Eastern District of Texas. The full complain is reproduced below: Continue reading

Indian Licenses Russian Assault Rifle For Domestic Production While US Scolds Pakistan Over Potential F-16 "Misuse"

The two south Asian giants in a hot border dispute are enjoying very different relationships with their major foreign arms suppliers. Indian managed to sign an agreement with Russia allowing them to produce more than 700,000 AK-203 assault rifles to replace their current standard issue INSAS rifle (archived). The move is being hailed as an end to the hunt to replace INSAS which disappoints in many of the environments where India needs the rifles to be used.

Meanwhile the US State Department is investigating whether Pakistan broke a clause in their F-16 purchase agreement which supposes that Pakistan needs to ask the US for permission before deploying the fighter jets in any situation where they might be useful (archived). For this reason Pakistan is producing and deploying Chinese designed JF-17 fighters to complement/replace their US made F-16 fleet. Pakistan has already lost one of their F-16 fighters in combat against Indian MiG-21 fighters during this conflict (archived).

Canada Begins Process Of Extraditing Abducted Huawei CFO To US

Canada has begun the formal extradition process to deliver abducted Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou to the US (archived). Canada abducted Meng back in December and held her though the USG did not present charges against the Huawei CFO until the end of January. The USG has made discouraging the purchase of Huawei kit a point of foreign policy pushed on foreign governments by Madame Secretary of State Mike Pompeo zherself.

India And Pakistan Exchanging Fire

India and Pakistan are exchanging fire over their mutually disputed territory of Kashmir (archived). So far Pakistan is holding one captured pilot from India after downing two Indian planes which were allegedly striking targets on Pakistan's side of the contested territory. Both combatants are "liberal democracies" with parliamentry systems of goverment in the British tradition.

Huawei Sales Director Arrested In Poland Over Ambiguous Spying Charges

A Huawei sales director and a form Polish internal security service professional have been arrested in Poland (archived). Some sort of connection between the Chinese firm and China's state intelligence services is alleged, but details about how exactly this created a problem for this specific Huawei employee remain ellusive.

Japan Ramps Up Military Spending As USG Turns Out To Be Inadequate Provider Of Security

Japan is planning to spend roughly a quarter trillion USD over the next 5 years improving its military posture (archived). This move comes 73 years after Japan demilitarized following US threats to continue the nuclear bombardments which had already devastated two Japanese cities at the time. In recent years Japan has diversified their self defense forces adding an amphibious assault corps to defend their numerous outlying islands as China and both Koreas have presented aggressive military postures towards Japan.

At the same time the US military's presence has faded globally, to the point the product of exuberant fiat outlays appear to only allow the US to marginally prolong wars without impacting their outcome.

Japan Quits International Whaling Commision: No Big Deal

Japan has announced they are quitting the International Whaling Commision and will begin commercial whaling in their territorial waters and aquatic economic zones. This move comes after years of confrontations with the International Pantsuit over their Antarctic research whale hunts and a rejected petition to receive a quota to permit a commercial whale harvest. Seeing the International Pantsuit Whaling control club would not appreciate their diverse and ancient culture, the Japanese quit the club. No exit negotiation process, no missile strikes trying to bait an Infinity War, just a lot of International Pantsuit bitching and Japanese permits for Japanese whalers.