USG Anti-Massage Parlor Case Crumbling Over Orgasm Free Massage Footage

The USG case against Jupiter, Florida's Orchids of Asia spa and their customers appears to have completely imploded after colliding with defense attorneys (archived). It turns out numerous hours of collected footage featured mundane orgasm free massage, and the Jupiter Police Department spent substantial time viewing footage of naked women receiving non-orgasmic massages. With this the defense team of New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft had the Prosecution's video stricken. Other customers are following on with suits against the agencies involved for illegal surveillance, which has now been established in the case.

Further indicting the USG in the case is their principle allegation, that the women working the spa were trafficked and held in captivity, an allegation which if true raises the question of why the USG had to film porn instead of simply raiding the spa and liberating the women. That the USG would delay action to stop grave human trafficking to collect some mundane additional soliciting prostitution charges weighs nothing in the USG system. It however matters immensly when a defendant outweighs the prosecution and can move fight to optics and politics outside the courtroom.

Violence Today: Modern Democracy Bringing Misery to Indonesia, ARIN, Iran, And Bolton Watch

For the 27th consecutive week Yellow Jacket protestors in France are calling for an end to the Macron regime.

Jakarta and Indonesia at large are under a "terror alert" ahead of elections next week (archived). The published fear is that local militant groups will bomb protests after the results are announced.

The criminal organization calling itself the "United States Government" has brought violence down upon South Carolina man Amir Golestan for market making North American IPv4 blocks when ARIN, the American Registry for Internet Numbers refused to do so (archived). Unlike the numerous other brokers for IPv4 addresses in the ARIN region Golestan is facing charges because he allegedly made a paperwork mistake leading the USG to issue 20 charges of felony wire fraud, each carrying a potential 20 year prison sentence.

Rumors and innuendo are swirling after recent embarrassments demonstrating the USG's inability to have a foreign policy, that John Bolton's time in the Trump administration may be coming to an end. After some brief stotting in the wake of the Venezuelan coup debacle, Bolton has begun rapidly pivoting the US to a war posture against Iran without adequately seeking the consent of democratically elected US President Trump (archived).

Another Cisco Road To Root Found In The Wild While Anti-Huawei Executive Order Published In US

The latest round of Cisco patches includes one to address a vulnerability that allows anyone who can touch the web admin panel on a piece of kit to acquire root (archived). Another one of these was burned earlier this month. This week the US published an anti-Huawei executive order which fails to name Huawei though it could, in theory, be used in an effort to prevent US based businesses from engaging in commerce with the Chinese giant (archived).

Bitfinex Slammed In New York For Allegely Using Tether "Stablecoin" Reserves As Slush Fund To Cover Losses

New York prosecutor Letitia James has announced an ongoing fraud investigation into Bitfinex for mingling customer and corporate funds with the purpose of concealing losses using the USD reserves of their Tether "stablecoin" (archived). Allegedly 700 million USD backing the stablecoin were used to conceal an 850 million USD loss. Bitfinex denies doing business in or having any connection to New York.

Sea Is No Escape: Thai Navy Pursues Couple For Constructing And Settling Offshore Platform

The Royal Thai Navy is pursuing local woman Supranee Thepdet and her gringo spouse Chad Andrew Elwartowski for aggression against Section 119 of Criminal Code involving:

any acts that cause the country or parts of it to fall under the sovereignty of a foreign state or deterioration of the state's independence (archived)

The couple is alleged to be plotting the birth of new nation on their 6 meter wide floating platform parked outside of Thai territorial waters yet within a portion of the Thai Exclusive Economic Zone the Thais claim is a critical route taken by oil tankers on their way Phuket. Thai law offers sentences of death or life imprisonment for violations of Section 119.

The couple are not defending the sovereignty of their offshore "seasteading" platform. Beyond what they aren't doing their location is unknown.

Uranium Convoy Fired On In Brazil

Shots were fired at a convoy carrying Uranium fuel to the Angra Dos Reis nuclear power plant (archived). Local authorities assert the convoy came into an area where a firefight between competing governments claiming the territory was already underway, and the convoy was apparently not targeted for its precious cargo. Representatives of Brazil's socialized nuclear industry assured:

combustível nuclear é acondicionado dentro de contêineres metálicos especialmente fabricados para essa tarefa. Esses invólucros passam por testes de resistência contra quedas e incêndios

Se um tiro de arma de fogo conseguisse atravessar a proteção do contêiner, poderia danificar o combustível nuclear. No entanto, isso não colocaria em risco a população nem o meio ambiente. O urânio contido em um elemento combustível está em estado natural, tendo o mesmo nível de radioatividade encontrado na natureza.

US Air Base Home To STRATCOM Hit By River Flooding

Nebraska's Offutt Air Force Base has been hit by Missouri River flooding which is inundating a substantial portion of the outpost's acreage (archived). The base is home to the US Air Force's STRATCOM and is home to the US's fleets of RC-135 surveillance and E-4B command aircraft. In a manner consistent with other observed USG problem solving processes, flood barriers to protect the base's flight simulators are being flown in from Louisiana. Numerous buildings, fuel storage facilities, and satellite communications arrays have already been defeated by the Missouri River.