9th Circuit Refuses To Reject Order Staying Trump Executive Action

The 9th Circuit Court of appeals in San Francisco refused to lift an order by activist James Robart in Washington State which supposedly prevents the enforcement of a 90-day restriction on certain entries into the United States. The decision, which does not constitute a ruling on Trump's executive action and its constitutionality, includes the supposing that:

In short, although courts owe considerable deference to the President’s policy determinations with respect to immigration and national security, it is beyond question that the federal judiciary retains the authority to adjudicate constitutional challenges to executive action

In a flurry of activity, the mainstream fake news media is thus far misrepresenting this decision as coming against Trump's executive action itself at a rate of approximately 75% in a quick survey of headlines.

Socialist Seek To Replace Socialist Zuckerberg On Facebook Board For Insufficient Socialism

A minority group of Facebook shareholders are organizing an effort to replace socialist Mark Zuckerberg (WOT:nonperson) as Chairman of the board at the firm. The coup organized by "consumer watchdog" SumOfUs claims that an "independent" chair would:

"oversee the executives of the company, improve corporate governance, and set a more accountable, pro-shareholder agenda."

SumOfUs describes itself as an organization:

"Fighting for people over profits"

Which raises the serious question of what they imagine a "pro-shareholder" agenda to be.

This goes to show that even a sworn friend of socialism like Mark Zuckerberg who presides over one of their favorite cesspools is in reality far less protected from the activists than those who deny the leftists their support, sympathy, and proximity. This coup seems unlikely to forcefully unseat Zuckerberg from the Facebook chairmanship unless he chooses to step down, but it highlights the fact that when dealing with leftists, you can not possibly pay your enemy enough to love you. So long as you have and they have not, you will always be their enemy.

Hussein Bahamas Era NOAA Implicated In Fraud Preceding Paris Talks

Today revelations by a whistle blower within the US National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration demonstrated that a key paper produced by the agency under the Hussein Bahamas administration which served as "motivation" during recent negotiations in Paris was plagued by fraudulent manipulation of facts (archived). The bogeyman of "climate change" has been held up by socialists of all flavors as a scourge demanding statal control of energy production and expenditures as an only supposed remedy.

US Likely To Reimpose Tariffs On Canadian Softwood Lumber Soon

As the Trump administration enters its third week, it appears the first substantive action by the Trump administration on trade may be looming.1 Loud whisperings are that overdue anti-dumping tariffs against Canadian softwood lumber are set to be restored.

The core of the dispute is over the fact that low administratively determined stumpage fees charged by the Canadian government for harvesting timber are a de facto subsidy for timber production. The arrangement leads to cushy long term land tenure arrangements where Canadian lumber producers get to enjoy cheap trees and multi generational harvests for a pittance. By contrast the right to harvest timber in the United States is sold at market determined prices.

Beyond the market impact tariffs would have, they would create a substantial point of leverage in a future effort to renegotiate NAFTA.

  1. Withdrawing from masturbatory talks about creating a treaty which isn't yet a treaty, is merely sanity. Not really substantive.  

Death Cult Propagates Among Some Chinese Miners

As mentioned in Shinohai's latest shitcoin Roundup, a few single language Chinese miners have taken to expressing an unjustified degree of loyalty to yet another doomed anti-Bitcoin forking effort. In the same week the fork effort's defective client unintentionally fell out of consensus due to its inherent slop, Andrew Quentson (WOT:nonperson) published a purported "cosmetically corrected" interview with Jiang Zhuoer (WOT:nonperson) where among other things Zhuoer confesses to "SPV mining" while asserting to have 100 million dollars1 committed to destroying any actual Bitcoin network which remains after splitting his favored altcoin from Bitcoin.

If Zhuoer's intent actually corresponds to what the words printed in English mean,2 it represents a paltry counter to the deterrent presented by Mircea Popescu and other lords of the Most Serene Republic, which has thus far damped off earlier social engineering attempts to fork Bitcoin into something else before they could root.

Continued imprudence among mining pool operators suggests that a solution to the mining bug3 in order to disabuse certain activist factions of their imagined participation in Bitcoin. Importantly, recent efforts by the People's Bank of China to bring sanity to their local fiat/Bitcoin interfaces does not preclude future statal attempts to attack Bitcoin via the mining vector from the People's Republic of China.  Sorry for your loss.

  1. A mere 10,000 Bitcoins today, less tomorrow 

  2. Such is the least of the curses handicapping the monophone single language speaker.  

  3. Some solutions have been proposed to constrain the impact of the bug  

Shinohai's Saturday Shitcoin Roundup: "100 Million US dollars" And More!

Certain factions within the Chinese mining cartels threaten to spend $100 million USD1 to kill off any competition to Bitcoin Unlimited. The announcement was made by a previously unknown pool known as "BTC.TOP" which alleges to have 6.8% of global hashrate at time of this article.

Buttfinex users were elated that their "Hacker credit" token rose to a roughly 76 cent high, leaving some with hopes they might not get totally scammed after all. A twitter user by the name of "Bitcoin Nemesis" released an open letter on pastebin in which he claims to be the only person able to recover the missing funds, in addition promising the prosecution of the scammers running the show. The shadowy user further threatens to dump a list of "Bitcoin people" on the 15th "to law enforcement, intelligence agencies, to tax authorities."

Users of the scammer paradise btcjam reported withdraw errors on the platform earlier this week, leading redditards to speculate Mt. Gox 2.0 is imminent.

Venezuelan Fiat/Bitcoin interface SurBitcoin advised users to withdraw their balances after the company had it's account with Banesco shuttered for unknown reasons. No reason for the sudden halt in operations was given, though officials said they hoped to resume operations in roughly 2 weeks. Users were encouraged to use localbitcoins in the interim, which has been a popular platform in the South American communist haven to facilitate p2p trades.

The SEC published a notice “to solicit comments on the proposed rule change from interested persons” regarding Barry Shillbert's "Bitcoin Investment Trust (BIT)" fund, which he hopes to trade on the NYSE.

  1. A figure notably denominated in the wrong kind of unit  

US Postal Service Posts Curious Job Ad

The United States Postal Service is stepping up efforts to combat "darknet" market sales by hiring cybercrime investigators. The official title will be “Intelligence Gathering Specialist" and would be expected to trawl onion sites as well as popular clearnet gathering sites seeking to obtain information to help stem the flow of so called contraband through USPS channels.

An excerpt from the listing stated:

“Candidates shall be capable of performing a prioritized assessment of the data to identify the most critical and reliable data in order to identify , bitcoins, locations, accounts, services, travels, email addresses, IP addresses and other pattern of life data in an effort to determine physical attribution of an Internet identity. Candidates shall be capable of creating intelligence and investigative reports which represent the steps taken, the data sources reviewed and the conclusions drawn from the evaluation of the Internet information.”

US Pork Belly Inventory Falls To 50 Year Low

Bacon reserves in the United States fell to a record low in December,according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Frozen pork belly inventory totalled 17.8 million pounds, the lowest in 50 years. The result is a 20% increase in bacon prices, with demand outside the U.S. accounting for 26% of total volume. The Ohio Pork Council assured consumers that while prices of the crispy ambrosia may increase, supplies are in no danger of running out.1(archived)

  1. Which is different from would be consumers being priced out.  

US University Endowments Net Loss In 2016

Universities in the United States experienced an average endowment return of negative 1.9 percent over 2016. Harvard University enjoyed a very bright and special negative 2 percent return. Across US universities the 10 year average annual return fell from 6.3% to 5% and the 5 year figure went from 9.8% to 5.4% compared to 2015 figures. Continued dismal energy and mining sector performance along with the activist led divestment fad likely contributed to the suffering of these fiat institutions. In the inflationary fiat monetary system exemplified by the US dollar, a positive ~7.4% growth rate is typically cited as a target for endowment growth to outrun the inflationary loss in purchasing power. Sorry for your loss.