Imperial Anti-V Unveiled: Eat More Star Topology

USG surveillance and makework enterprise RedHat has unveilled rget, a wget replacement apparently positioned as the empire's answer to the V integrity system (archived). The Imperial answer to the problem of trust in rget has the tool checking a hash of the downloaded file against an "official cryptographic registry" where folks offering files for download submit their hashes to. Notably absent is any discussion of identity, with this core problem simply brushed aside. Why allow weighing who's who when the register can simply be official, anything else would simply be discriminatory.

8chan, The Daily Stormer, And Bitmitigate All Down Following Scold Engineering Attack

Further reaction to increasing individual acts of violent rebellion against Mammy State values in the US has seen the scold lobby break Cloudflare alternative Bitmitigate by scolding "Infrastructure as a service" provider Voxility into closing Bitmitigate's account (archived). Pantsuit media organs are crediting "Stanford Internet Observatory Director" Alex Stamos for allowing them to target Voxility for scolding. As a result 8chan, The Daily Stormer, and other sites which subscribed to Bitmitigate's services are down.

It remains to be seem whether Voxility has generated a substantial tort for Bitmitigate to pursue or if their "infrastructure as a service" arrangement innovated away contracts and standards of performance.

Two Shootings Capture US Media Attention: 29 Dead In Ohio And Texas

Twenty-nine are dead after two mass shooting events in the US. Twenty deaths ocurred in a Texas Walmart Race War before the shooter was captured alive by USG forces. The other nine, shooter inclusive, died during a brother-sister domestic dispute at an Ohio "western" themed bar. Post shooting media panic is being directed at 8chan and the shooters' low melanin levels. No mainstream media time is being spent on actual social factors driving young men to join a culture war in the role of partisans fighting manalone actions. As has become SOP, both shooters' social media profiles have been scrubbed by the platform operators.

Dam England: Derbyshire Evacuated As Toddbrook Reservoir Dam Approaches Failure

England's problems continue piling up as the dam protecting the towns of Derbyshire and Whaley Bridge from the contents of the Toddbrook reservoir appears to be failing (archived). Concrete slabs on the dam are collapsing and an RAF Chinook helicopter is attempting to pull double duty shoring up the dam with rubble while also depositing rubble to divert incoming water away from the reservoir. The Brits expect several more days of work by the earthmoving helicopter and a pump battery will be required to bring the reservoir down to a level allowing for repairs, provided it doesn't rain.

DNC Loses 2016 Hack Related Racketeering Suit

A lawsuit filed by the Pantsuitist US DNC against numerous parties including the Russian Federation, democratically elected US President Donald Trump, and others has been dimissed (archived). Clinton appointed District Judge John Koeltl found the Russian Federation's earlier declaration of sovereign immunity compelling though he declared:

The primary wrongdoer in this alleged criminal enterprise is undoubtably the Russian Federation, the first named defendant in the case and the entity that surreptitiously and illegally hacked into the DNC’s computers and thereafter disseminated the results of its theft

As Koeltl accepted the DNC's own political talking points about this particualr hack, one which saw their emails spread all over, everyone later spreading the emails was therefore indemnified for engaging in protected journalistic activity. This case's end comes as a case involving the embattled Pantsuit's own supernode Jeffery Epstein is in the early stages of its own prosecution after stalling for years due to Epstein's protection as an "intelligence" asset.

Extreme Police Violence Brought Down On Woman Accused Of Hacking "Capital One"

Thirty-three year old Seattle area woman Paige Adele Thompson was captured by USG forces during a paramilitary raid involving 10 USG militants armed with automatic weapons and wearing camoflage (archived). Surveillance camera footage from the single story house Paige occupied with her roommates has been shared with local media outlets.

The USG's publicly disclosed evidence in the case consists of the same VPN having been used to take Capital One's data as was used to log in to her Gitlab account. From this it follows the VPN service, probably advertising how incredibly "private" its service is happily playing State's witness.

IBM Begins Lobbying Campaign Against "Section 230"

IBM, the original USG "Big Tech" behemoth, is making a lobbying push to end Section 230 of the US "Communications Decency Act" which shields "platforms"1 from liability concerns over the content they host as long as "users" of the platform supply the content (archived). This blanket shielding device is a rarity in US law, which normally makes the exact opposite cut. The dry hags at IBM propose a completely new "reasonable care" standard outlined in some 2017 "academic" paper replace Section 230 in an explosion of added complexity.

While IBM doesn't operate any major platforms of the sort which would be affected by changes to Section 230 and many of its supposed competitors do, the firm's activity in recent years has consisted mostly of shedding business units to focus on satisfying niche interests specific to the USG. These niches consist of an assortment of kinks, collected artifacts demanding curation, and rituals which grow like fungus in the cracks generated by USG complexity.

  1. A term that is applied mostly to newer, trendier USG "Big Tech" behemoths  

Empire Today: S-400 Deliveries, Bitcoin, And More Pantuit Darkmoney Sex – A Week In Review

As the Empire's relevance in the world continued to slide, the very inconvenient happenings are piling up:

  1. The individual Western European members are distantly behind.  

Brit Cop Pleas Guilty After Using His Access To Police DB To See Investigations Into Himself

Metropolitan Police Sergeant Okechukwu Efobi plead guilty to 3 charges of under Airstrip One's 1990 "Computer Misuse Act" after he used his access to the police database to view information on investigations into himself (archived). For putting his own name into the system and seeing what resulted, Sergeant Efobi has been ordered to complete 150 hours of community service and pay the sum of 540 Pounds split between prosecution costs and a victim surcharge tax though he remains employed on restricted duty with the force.