Kleptocrats In Argentina Target 'Mercado Libre' For Looting

The kleptocrats in Argentina have targeted online flea market Mercado Libre for looting (archived). The nominally Argentine firm, which does the bulk of its business in Brazil and Mexico while maintaining most of its offices in Delaware, is being targeted for its sale of Argentine treasury bills in the aftermath of "PASO" primary results triggering markets to punish Argentine derpery. Because Mercado Libre dumped the treasury bills before Macri gave voters what they wanted in a Peronist turn to keep their payment processing arm solvent, Mercado Libre CEO Marcos Galperin is being charged with "fraud against the state" by the Kleptocracy. Continue reading

Pantsuits Fuck Their Iowa Caucus, Results Delayed Indefinitely

Last Night's Iowa caucuses delivered a resounding win for incumbent US President Donald Trump on the GOP side, but the other party's results are being delayed indefinitely due to malfunctions (archived). Warnings had been sounded several weeks ago that changes made to the caucus procedure on the Pantsuitist side were setting up a disaster, but "Nobody could have predicted" (archived). Continue reading

Desperate Hoaxtoshi Craig Wright Tries To Patent Everything Bitcoin

Serial liar Hoaxtoshi, a.k.a. Craig Wright (WoT: nonperson) is desperately flailing for relevance by spamming 831 patent applications, including one on the original Bitcoin code, to fiat registrars. In regards to patenting the Bitcoin whitepaper and code, he was quoted as saying: Continue reading

Montana GOP Disavows State Senator Over Strong Anti-Socialist Position

Montana State senator Rodney Garcia was allegedly overhead saying "the constitution says to either shoot socialists or put them in jail" this past weekend (archived). GOP party officials were quick to condemn the alleged utterance despite their own professed opposition to socialism, with one saying: Continue reading

US Pantsuits In Disarray After Impeachment Gambit Fails With Iowa Causus Looming

The Pantsuit movement in the US has dealt itself a grave blow as the US Senate denied their efforts to extend trial of the House's impeachment through the introduction of new witnesses and generally re-doing the investigation and indictment process the House rushed through (archived). The weaknesses of the case presented in the House impeachment appears to have only became known to Pantuitist leaders after they had already rushed charges against democratically elected US President Donald Trump through the legislative chamber they control. Continue reading

Pantsuitist Illinois House Speaker Madigan's Office Hit With Search Warrant

The office of Illinois House Speaker for all but 2 years since 1983, Michael Madigan, was hit with a search warrant by Illinois State Police (archived). The search at least nominally concerns allegations of assault and other misconduct with a sexual flavor by Madigan's former subordinate and former House member Jack Franks. Continue reading

USG, Lacking Options, Puts In A Small Order For More F-15 Jets

The USG is beginning to order new F-15 jets after Boeing last fulfilled F-15 orders for them in 2004 (archived). The export market has kept F-15 production going, unlike the F-22 which was USG forbid from export leading to the loss of production capability after Hussein Bahamas went all in on the F-35, an aircraft which has yet to work for anyone other than the Israelis. Continue reading