IBM Begins Lobbying Campaign Against "Section 230"

IBM, the original USG "Big Tech" behemoth, is making a lobbying push to end Section 230 of the US "Communications Decency Act" which shields "platforms"1 from liability concerns over the content they host as long as "users" of the platform supply the content (archived). This blanket shielding device is a rarity in US law, which normally makes the exact opposite cut. The dry hags at IBM propose a completely new "reasonable care" standard outlined in some 2017 "academic" paper replace Section 230 in an explosion of added complexity.

While IBM doesn't operate any major platforms of the sort which would be affected by changes to Section 230 and many of its supposed competitors do, the firm's activity in recent years has consisted mostly of shedding business units to focus on satisfying niche interests specific to the USG. These niches consist of an assortment of kinks, collected artifacts demanding curation, and rituals which grow like fungus in the cracks generated by USG complexity.

  1. A term that is applied mostly to newer, trendier USG "Big Tech" behemoths  

Empire Today: S-400 Deliveries, Bitcoin, And More Pantuit Darkmoney Sex – A Week In Review

As the Empire's relevance in the world continued to slide, the very inconvenient happenings are piling up:

  1. The individual Western European members are distantly behind.  

Brit Cop Pleas Guilty After Using His Access To Police DB To See Investigations Into Himself

Metropolitan Police Sergeant Okechukwu Efobi plead guilty to 3 charges of under Airstrip One's 1990 "Computer Misuse Act" after he used his access to the police database to view information on investigations into himself (archived). For putting his own name into the system and seeing what resulted, Sergeant Efobi has been ordered to complete 150 hours of community service and pay the sum of 540 Pounds split between prosecution costs and a victim surcharge tax though he remains employed on restricted duty with the force.

Airstrip One: Queen's Newest Capital Ship Struggling With Water

Britain's newest capital ship, the 3.1 billion once sterling pound helicopter carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth had to return to port after taking on roughly a quarter million liters of water and putting three crew members into mortal peril (archived). The ship was undergoing sea trials when a pipe carrying sea water burst leading to flooding and accompanying bucking, bending, and splitting damage to the ship. This is the third confirmed time that the sea has breached HMS Queen Elizabeth during her short life. Lacking catapults and arrestors for launching and landing traditional fixed wing aircraft, the ship is expected to carry a mix of the 'B' V/STOL variant of the beleaguered F-35 fighter and a complement of helicopters should the boat survive to reach initial operational capacity in 2021.

Poland Pursuing Repatriation Of Gold Reserves From Airstrip One

As London finds its once central location in finance eroding due to government malfeasance, Poland is seeking to save its gold from Bank of England custody (archived). As the USG and UK move forward in entrenching their Axis of Insanity, New York and London are increasingly being seen as unsafe places to keep things of value by notoriously slow moving fiat would-be sovereigns. With the distinctly African turn of both former financial centers, it is only natural worry should build that distinctly African problems have a high likelihood of following.

Pantsuit Sex: Epstein Arrested For Child Trafficking, Norwegian Fish Minister Arrested For Buggering Trafficked Migrants In Asylum Quid Pro Quo

Clinton family friend and New York Pantsuit networker Jeffery Epstein was arrested overnight for allegedly trafficking several dozen pre-teen and early teen girls through his residences in New York and Palm Beach, Florida between the years 2002 and 2005 (archived). The indictments will supposedly be unsealed tomorrow. In the interim, rumours and inuendo carry word Epstein will face a single count each of "sex trafficking of minors" and "conspiracy to engage in sex trafficking of minors" with the case being prosecuted by Southern District of New York's pompously titled "Public Corruption Unit" providing ample fuel for conspiracies on how far this investigation will either go or not go.

In a related case out of Norway, a former Minister of Fisheries was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment late last week for offering three young trafficked men the chance to receive favorable asylumn rulings in exchange for letting him have his way with them while he was a sitting county governor. The 25 to 34 year old men in question appear to have retained their physical presence in Norway as promised.

Intel Goes On Media Push For "New Interpretations" Of Moore's Law

As Intel is mired a mess wrought by more than two decades of "optimizations" that weren't, the firm is making of marketing push for a new interpretations and reimaginings of Moore's law reflecting the compound sadness since their 2016 resignation to produce slower future chips in the name of "energy efficiency" (archived).

Intel has been stuck producing all but a few chips on the 14 nm lithograpy process they started shipping in 2014, while all of their major competitors including Huawei, Samsung, and TMSC are shipping 7nm chips and enjoying a two generation lead in process nodes. In the PC and server markets, Intel has conceded the performance lead to AMD while the performance of existing Intel processors falls due to ongoing patches mitigating the "optimizations" which once gave Intel the "speed" crown.

Yesterday CloudFlare, Today Facebook! Web Bigs Having Trouble Staying Up

Following on the heels of yesterday's Cloudflare outage, USG intelligence gathering firm Facebook is failing to serve requests for images (archived). Facebook's primary user population, women aged 40-65 use the platform primarily to share captioned images. They confused this captioned image sharing activity with memes as they do so.

USG Surveillance Firm Cloudflare Brings Downtime To Many Popular Websites

Today issues with Cloudflares's MITM goverment data collection network lead to down time for numerous popular, high traffic websites and social media services (archived). Cloudflare's value proposition is allegedly reduced downtime through mitigating DDoS attacks. This service is offered in exchange for allowing Cloudflare to intercept customer traffic.

Most Of The US Pharmacopoeia Carries Dementia Risk With Chronic Use

Evidence is mounting that the bulk of the US pharmacopoeia full of quick fixes imposes an increased dementia risk with chronic use of the drugs (archived). At issue is the anti-cholinergic action where the problematic quick fix drugs antagonize the cholinergic nervous system. The problem spans from the seemingly innocuous over the counter antihistamines recommended for everything from allergies to a quick fix for sleep all the way to the US psycho-pharmacopoeia where nearly every drug in use carries substantial anti-cholinergic effects. Anything with a label indicating "dry mouth" as a side effect is usually going to have an anti-cholinergic effect. The association between regular use of anti-cholinergics and dementia is especially pronounced in cases where the patient with dementia is under 80 years of age.