Remains Of Gawker Media Back On The Sales Block

Univision is fishing for offers to take the remains of the Gawker Media Group, now called the Gizmodo Media Group off their hands (archived). Univision bought the former Gawker properties back in 2016 apparently hoping to find synergy between their core Latino audience and Gawker's audience of urban Soylent Socialists. Following recent layoffs, writers on the site have taken to publishing pieces on Univision's dime begging for new ownership to buy them out.

Commercial Ship Faces Siege At Sea After Rescuing African Migrants

The crew of the ship Vos Thalassa has barricaded themselves on the bridge after a number of Africans rescued at sea began trying to seize control of the ship (archived). The commercial vessel rescued 60 African migrants at sea in the Libyan coast guard's area of responsibility. Being a commercial cargo vessel and not a vessel run by an organization dedicated to building a Nation of Africa in Europe, the cargo vessel issued its own distress call when the migrants took poorly to the prospect of being disembarked in Libya.

Vos Thalassa is an Italian flagged offshore supply vessel currently supporting oil and gas operations for the French firm Total (archived).

Johnson Resigns As UK Foreign Secretary Over Impossibility Of May's "Soft" Brexit Effort

Boris Johnson has resigned from Teresa May's British government over the impossibility of implementing and selling May's "soft" Brexit plan (archived). Details of May's "soft" Brexit remain in a constant state of flux with the only constants being the acceptance of punitive sanctions from the European Union without actually escaping the European Union. This development does nothing to make the inevitability of Brexit less likely, but it does indicate a diminished likelyhood Teresa May will be the Prime Minister when Brexit is consumated.

Newspaper In Burkina Faso Heralds African Victory Of French National Soccer Team

Burkina Faso's Aujourd'hui au Faso is heralding the success of the French national team in the world cup as a very African success story (archived). The article in question gives thoughtful consideration to the composition of the French national team and refers to France's defeat of Argentina in the Round of 16 as "revenge" for Argentina's elimination of Nigeria in group play.

FBI Busts Ohio Man For Doing Surveillance For FBI

The US FBI is heralding their arrest of an Ohio man after fraudulently recruiting the man to do advanced reconnasaince that the agency promised would be useful for a later terrorist plot (archived). The FBI provided Demetrius Pitts with a bus pass, cell phone, and instructions to take photos of potential targets in Cleveland for the FBI's bombing plot before charging Pitts with a single count of providing material support to terrorists.

Senegal And Akon Collaborate On A "Crypto Wakanda" Metropolis

R&B singer Akon is reportedly preparing to develop a city on 2,000 acres gifted to him by the President of Senegal, a country which was eliminated from World Cup competition under the fair play tiebreaker. Akon plans to center the economic activity of his city around an altcoin to be dubbed Akoin and designed to empower black youth. It remains to be seen how much suffering will be wrought by this humanitarian endeavor.