French Ophthalmologists Demand Police Rubber Ball Bullet Ban After Epidemic Of Eye Injuries

Macron Ready to get BLAKKKED A letter written by France's leading opthamologists has been published in local media one month after it was sumbitted to the goverment of French Autcocrat Macron. The letter calls for a ban of 40mm flash ball "rubber" bullets enjoying liberal use among Macronist forces (archived). The problem projectiles carry the kinetic energy of a .38 special round to their target with a low degree of accuracy. Yellow Jacket rebels are in their 17th consecutive week of action against Macron's autocratic rule.

More than 20 eyes have been lost to Macronist forces wielding these weapons. Macron is one of several western autocrats who, after achieving narrow margins of electoral victory, wants to engage is regime change against Venezuela's democratically elected President Maduro who enjoys overwhelming margins of electoral victory.

Sears Sued By Stanley Black And Decker Over "Limited Line" Clause In Craftsman Sales Agreement

Stanley Black and Decker is suing Sears for breach of contract after buying the "Craftsman" brand from the once large retailer (archived). When Stanley Black and Decker bought the "Craftsman" brand from Sears, the agreement left Sears the ability to use the "Craftsman" brand to market a "limited line" of tools. In a case of if you can you must, Sears proceeded to have a high end line of "Craftsman Ultimate" mechanics produced and used to market their ailing chain as the "the real home of the broadest assortment of Craftsman" after emerging from bankruptcy. Stanley Black and Decker apparently perceives this as incredibly unfair to their other, larger retail partners.

US FDA Approves Dissociative Anesthetic To "Treat" Living In The US

The US Food and Drug Administration has approved the S(+) enantiomer of ketamine under the new generic name eskatamine1 to be used as a fast acting treatment for depression (archived). The dissociative anesthetic drug is being marketed as a fast acting nasal spray offering relief within hours. Attached to the approval are conditions that this dissociative experience only be administered at select clinics with individual doses costing 900 USD per hit or 7000 USD for a month of biweekly doses as recommended by the label instructions.

  1. Trade name: Spravato  

Newly Documented Intel Speculative Memory Management Bug Affects All Generations Of Intel "Core" CPUs, Makes ROWHAMMERing Much Easier

A weakness in the way addresses are speculated in the memory subsystem of Intel CPUs makes all manner of attacks much easier to pull off (archived). Particularly ROWHAMMER. This speculation weakness appears to be particular to Intel CPUs with AMD, ARM, and others not being weak in this specific way. Across Intel processors however, this weakness is endemic stretching all the way back to when Intel first started using the "Core" branding to label processor models.

Intel was reportedly informed of this defect in their products on December 1st. The fellows who sinfully waited 90 days later before going public would like for this property of Intel's late model CPUs to be dubbed SPOILER, an all caps name that in this case is not an acronym for anything.

Forbes Catches The RIPple Scam Six Years Later

This week a Forbes "contributor" finally gave Ripple's XRP token a look and was shocked to find unbacked pump and dump monopoly money is exactly that with the entire Ripple labs business model hinging on the pump (archived). The same outlet had up through this month been treating Ripple and their XRP token as serious business (archived) despite the Ripple network being dismissed by actual cryptocurrency authorities in 2013 for its severe and inherent defects. Sorry for your loss, but what else were those six years good for anyways?

USD Woes: Benjis Outnumber Singles And Almost Entirely Outside US Borders

CNBC decided to sound the alarm over the proliferation of 100 USD notes as the dominant manifestation of the USD altcoin in physical form (archived). These notes, affectionately referred to as Benjis are the most commonly printed currency by the US and the vast majority of them, to the tune of 80% by popular citations, circulate outside US borders. CNBC reports that the US treasury indeed makes a higher profit margin selling Benjis than any other note they print, and that a whole lot of benjis ended up abroad as part of the US's ongoing southwest Asia misadventures.

CNBC also mentions former Obama treasury chief Lawrence Summer's objection to the existence of Benjis for their potential to facilitate corruption while at the same time failing to connect that to their earlier mentioning of the USG dumping pallets of fresh Benjis into southwest Asia and everywhere else the US clumsily misadventures.

Another Week, Another US Hate Hoax As LGTBBQ Activist Torches Own House Killing Pets

Nikki Joly, a trans activist in Michigan, is alleged to have burned down her own house and killing her pets in the act due to burning resentment that other people stopped being motivated to engage in activist activity after an "equal rights bill" was passed in the state (archived). Joly won the 2018 MLive1 Citizen of The Year award (archived).

Meanwhile Jussie Smollet, the Chicago actor who hoaxed his own lynching, has only accumulated more aggro after more details of his operational failings have leaked. When it came out that Jussie paid his Nigerian co-conspirators with a personal check for their role in the hoax, his employer began writing him out of the tv series from which Jussie drew his income. For having carried out his hoax, Jussie acquired a national media profile he previously lacked. For ineptly carrying out the hoax, he has acquired a national profile as a barely functional retard.

  1. A media marketing and content farm operation focused on Michigan things.  

US Pantsuit Precandidate Damned By Father For Stereotyping Jamaicans

Kamala Harris, the current Pantsuit frontrunner for the opportunity to challenge US President Donald Trump in the 2020 election, has been damned by her own father over statements slandering the Jamaican people as prolific smokers of cannabis flowers (archived). Kamala's father Donald Harris stated to a Jamaican news outlet:

“My dear departed grandmothers(whose extraordinary legacy I described in a recent essay on this website), as well as my deceased parents , must be turning in their grave right now to see their family’s name, reputation and proud Jamaican identity being connected, in any way, jokingly or not with the fraudulent stereotype of a pot-smoking joy seeker and in the pursuit of identity politics. Speaking for myself and my immediate Jamaican family, we wish to categorically dissociate ourselves from this travesty.”

Kamala is presently pursuing a campaign strategy of politely asking the US "Will you pretty please let me be your cool mommy?" She smoked/smokes weed and everything.

Socialist Mooches Striking Second Year In A Row Seeking To Put Bigger Portion Of WV Budget In Their Pockets

Teachers in West Virginia are striking because they are outraged concessions they won in the form of pay increases and other personal incentives last year lead to a reduction of the rest of West Virginia's education budget this year (archived). Per the laws on the bookin West Virginia, teacher's strikes are illegal. This situation raises the serious question as to whether cause, effect, and finitude in the West Virginia curriculum?