The Presiglassial Ceiling

Even a cursory review of the beta press readily uncovers overwhelming levels of white knight butthurt in the face of the slow, crushing realisation that an allegedly-black-certainly-male candidate is significantly more acceptable to the general public than an allegedly-female-certainly-white one.

Is there such a thing as white knight rage? Sorry for your balls? Sorry for your awls?

Brexit Fallout : Illiterate British Justice Enacts Breach of European Declaration of Human Rights into British Legal Precedent

Sir Edward James Holman, born 1947, of the High Court of England and Wales, recently had this much to say in a divorce proceeding :

I have to say that I do not find it very ediffying that people in this financial bracket should be taking up a day of court time over a sum which to them, though not to others, is objectively so small. However, agreement has not been reached and I must rule.

Leaving aside the solipsistic spelling style bestowed on the otherwise innocent word "edifying", as well as a certain unfamiliarity with its meaning apparent from context1 ; and also leaving aside the ridiculous happenstance whereby the justice out of his own free will & ineptitude published matter into the public record (a right which he has), after which out of his own delusional ignorance decided he may proceed to take it back (a right which he neither has nor could possibly acquire) – this declaration also annuls previously good law in England and Wales, specifically Article 6(1) of the ECHR :

In the determination of his civil rights and obligations or of any criminal charge against him, everyone is entitled to a fair and public hearing within a reasonable time by an independent and impartial tribunal established by law.

Apparently in the newly constructed Ingsoc Republic, successor state of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland after the latter's dissolution of its compact with the other states forming the European Union, the fundamental right of access to a fair trial by an impartial tribunal no longer applies ; instead an obscure system of quotas based on the petitioner's total wealth is to be employed.

In this novel and as of yet not fully documented approach to legal matters, a subject's total wealth – be it a pound or a billion pounds – entitles him to a fixed amount of court time. On that basis, the fractions of that wealth entitle him to fractions of that unit time, so a man who sues to recover a million when his total wealth is two million has better standing than a man who sues to recover a million when his total wealth is ten million.

It is perfectly understandable that Mr. Justice Holman has serious trouble foreseeing the necessary results of that naive policy ; but then again he also has serious trouble comprehending the apparently intricate workings of publication as a one way street; or for that matter the correct English spelling of reasonably common words.

With such great men, what need has England of any sheeps?

  1. Edifying is that which informs in a dispositive manner. 

Bitfinex Breaks: Fiat Exchange That Never Had Anything To Do With Bitcoin Finally Goes Away

To quote from 2013 :

MPOE-PR AvatarI. Self-moderated "support thread", filled with a bunch of socks posting nonsense. This is standard scammer operating procedure.
II. Running stolen, bug ridden software (the old Bitcoinica codebase) that has already proven itself useless in the marketplace (three times!)
III. Scammers themselves admit to crediting "investors" infinite USD/BTC to execute the naive users.
It's true that scammer tags aren't really given out much anymore, but that's no reason to allow well known scammers run amok. You have been warned.

To quote from 2016 :

We are investigating the breach to determine what happened, but we know that some of our users have had their bitcoins stolen. We are undertaking a review to determine which users have been affected by the breach. While we conduct this initial investigation and secure our environment, will be taken down and the maintenance page will be left up.

Sorry for your loss.

The Bloods Are Red, The Creeps Are Blue…

Orlando Wall HoleThe terrorist wing of the unrecognized "Government of the United States" (a criminal organisation based principally in North America and the Middle East, supporting itself through financial fraud, the opium trade and assorted racketeering) bombed and machine gunned a club in Orlando early on the morning of June 12th, 2016, which acts of pointless bravery resulted in five or six dozen dead.

In typical nigger fashion, the assailants then purported to pass responsibility onto third parties, with the soi-dissant "Orlando Police Chief" (an Orlando-area vagrant / part time party clown known as John Mina) declaring that any deaths caused by police fire as they battled Omar Mateen inside the Pulse nightclub should be blamed on Mateen and not on the responding officers. To quote, Continue reading

Clinton And Major Socialist Party Data Released By Hero

Hillary Clinton (WOT:nonperson) and the US Idiot Party proved their incompetence for the millionth time recently by managing to lose control over a bunch of secret (and a lot more merely embarrassing) documents.

It's true that the USG has a rich history of shredding incriminating evidence by the pail while "suspecting no foul play" through the convenient mechanism of "technological mishaps". Nevertheless, there's a difference between pretending to not know what backups are in order to get rid of embarrassing details of multi-billion dollar graft surrounding the world's most expensive airplane-submarine, and failing to lock the heart shaped brass fixture on the Super Secret Teenage Neutered Ninja Turtles diary.

As Clinton is already famous for managing to rape more laws than Petraeus (WOT:nonperson) while avoiding any sort of prosecution (unlike Petraeus), the USG Derpage Department kicked in high gear and regaled the world with a delightful narrative of "sophisticated hackers" and "Russia or China" involvement, to rival the recent embarrassment over similar (and similarly false) allegations, not to mention the script of whatever action-movie-of-the-week. The hacker apparently had WMDs!

Much to the embarrassment of the shitshow empire, the hacker actually read enough of #trilema to go public – and did so in style! hosts a trove of amusing stupidity (all in Microsoft formats) as well as supposedly "secret" documents as classified by the world's most incompetent empire. Apparently the "very sophisticated" attack wasn't sophisticated at all. Apparently the super cereal "presidential candidate" and Martha Stewart (WOT:nonperson) look-alike is very easily defeated! Apparently everyone working for the USG is fucking stupid!

Who could have ever predicted any of this ?!

Stay tuned for more incredible stories of the obvious!

Interview With Email Service Founder Vincent Canfield

A Seekrit Subpoena, Published
MP (WoT:mircea_popescu) Hey, mind doing an interview with me to be published on qntra ?

VC (Vincent Canfield WoT:vc) Sure, I don't know what qntra is though.

MP, bitcoin news site.

VC Oh I see.

MP So then… let's see… why did you quit college ?

PD1: "The Romania-based e-mail admin concluded his video with this proclamation: "It’s raining dicks right now. And the forecast isn’t that good either. There’s a 90 percent chance of dicks tonight and a 90 percent chance of dicks tomorrow." — gggggold.

VC I dropped out because I was at a shit university and also I had a job where I was making as much as with a degree so I didn't really see the point. Since then my decision has been confirmed with professional experience and also I'm travelling the world instead which has been leagues better to me than university ever was.

MP What was your major ?

VC CS, specializing in computer security.

MP Ever thought of trying something more alligned with the actual purpose of universities (ie, scoring) ? Dunno, humanities, bidniss, whatever ?

VC Maybe, though I have heard bad things about the university here, I am currently living in Romania ;)

MP Where in Romania ?

VC Bucharest.

MP Possibly shittiest city in the whole country. Try Brasov or Cluj or something eh.

DC2 Ahahaa, in that Bucharest is the only *city* as such… towns aplenty, way better than Bucharest too, sure3

MP So how do you like Romania ?

VC It's great, the internet here is very fast4 and the food is very good :@) It's also very cheap to live here, considering I still work for a US company.

MP I lived there for a few years. 2nd bitcoin conference also held there (Timisoara). Meanwhile though, moved to Argentina. So what was your involvement in that 2015 "scandal" ?

VC Someone registered on my public E-mail server and sent threats through my service, I was the only public face other than the police or the school district so I was subject to a lot of media attention. I was all over the news in the US and Romania for 3 or 4 days.

MP You know is not responding ?

VC Works on my machine ™.

MP I see. Alright, so what are your plans for the future ?

VC Re: future plans

MP I'm kinda hoping for something with cocks in it. So how did you hear about bitcoin ?

VC idk I first got into it in 2010 I think? BTC was $0.8 – $0.9

MP Did you do anything ? Services, whatever ?

VC Mostly just between friends, and buying stuff with bitcoin when it was available. I gave away several bitcoin when they were worth nothing :)

MP You ever heard about Eulora ?

VC Nope.

MP How about the SEC sending supoenas to this Romania-based dude back in 2012, when they were posturing about Satoshi Dice ?

VC I do remember Satoshi Dice, though I don't remember much past that.

MP Interesting how fragmented this supposed "bitcoin community" actually is. Alright, so what's your plan with the hoster ? What was it, ?

VC the email site is, the VPS provider is The former is not-for-profit, the second is for-profit.

MP Do you plan to pivot from corporate life to independence with it ? Or is it just a hobby on the side ? For the lulz ? For the whats ?

VC The server hardware I purchased can host a maximum of 280 clients with some more memory and disk space, so after I get it up and running and stable then I'm probably going to go for that. I don't think those are necessarily mutually exclusive ;)

MP So what do you mean "get it up and running and stable" ?

VC I have literally 0 experience running a VPS provider.

MP What do you have experience with ?

VC I have lots of experience as a linux sysadmin, which helps ;)

MP That's not really 0 then, is it ?

VC I dream of a world where I incorporate and operate and expand a semi-trolling corporation. The way I had it described to me is "almost like ironic professionalism". I take inspiration from GNAA in that regard, though I think I could make it into an actual profit-producing company. Also yes, fair point :)

MP Do you happen to know the republic has been looking for an actual republican ISP ? Actually, you even heard of tmsr ?

VC I have no idea of the republic or tmsr I just heard shit was hot and poppin' here so I joined.

MP Pretty cool. So… are you married ?

VC Nope, I'm 21. I almost got married though a couple years ago. (After a 6 year relationship, so it's not like I was jumping in feet-first).

MP What broke it off ?

VC Oh, you know, reasons ;) Turned out to be one of the best decisions I've made.

MP As in, other cocks ?

VC Haha. Not getting married has allowed me to pursue travelling the world and pursuing other ventures. Only after it was all over did I realize I'm too damn young to get married.

MP So where've you been besides Maine and Bucharest ?

VC Nowhere that's public information :@) Though I plan on backpacking most of Europe next year, and Asia the year after that.

MP Sounds like a plan eh. So what's your favourite Romanian dish ?

VC Cow bone soup O_O

MP Id est oxtail soup ?

VC I had lunch at Excelsior in Bucharest, if you know that place.

MP I do.

VC I went with an older friend who was a government official before he retired. Crazy place.

MP So what don't you like about it ?

VC Excelsior? Nah it was great.

MP Nah, the country.

VC Ah. I don't really know anything I don't like, though I did see a gypsy shitting in the street about a month ago, that was pretty unsettling.

MP Better in the street than in your enchilada though.

VC Hah.
PF5 Wait till you make it to Asia…

MP Alrighty, anything you want to tell teh readership in closing ?

VC Yes, always follow you are dreams.

Perhaps also of interest, the off-the-record discussions once the mike cut.

  1. Pete Dushenski WoT:pete_dushenski 

  2. Diana Coman WoT:diana_coman 

  3. She sees us Transylvanying, she hatin'. 

  4. I influence

  5. Philip Fominykh WoT:phf 

Hold on to your butts – Argentina is going on sale.

This year Argentina has a new president, one Mauricio Macri. The fellow stands very strongly on the side of capital and against labour, with daily pronouncements drawing the ire of the grobian-socialistoid Argentine (("Hay que reducir los gastos, y el salario es un gasto mas" (Macri) – "El salario es un derecho [umano]!11" (the G-S A). Continue reading

Sound Money > Everything Else You Got

Find below notarized a copy1 of the sentencing memorandum filed with the SOPS on behalf of Shaun W. Bridges, yet another (recall DEA agent Carl Mark Force IV ?) USG agent that stole as much Bitcoin as he could the very second he could steal any Bitcoin whatsoever. Continue reading

  1. With special thanks to asciilifeform!