Easter Manhunt In US

Americans are kept awake as an alleged serial killer eludes law enforcement for more than half a day on what is commonly referred to by hypocrites as the anniversary of their lord's resurrection. Many notice the disconnect between NSA's supposed ability to spy on everybody, and the ongoing inability of the agency to catch a man who broadcast one of his murders live on a popular circle jerk web platform via his cellular telephone. Despite this brief foray into sanity, they fail to recognize that such tools exist for the sole purpose of maintaining a pretense of U.S. Government importance, and that aimless mass shooters pose no threat to it. Amidst vain prayers for the alleged victim are expressions of outrage over the published video of his death, mooed by barely literate cows who have long been oblivious to the fact that these kinds of senseless killings take place on a daily basis throughout the world. It hasn't yet sunk in for those too lazy to read the log that the United States is the new Brazil; soon to be the new Argentina.

A Form Of BitBet Online Again

BitBet is back up under new ownership after a month long hiatus. It has returned without the advertisements, and with an updated FAQ page featuring bold red text warning users of the same rules it always had. This is remarkable because the previous owner had been criticized extensively for the controversial stance that late bets should be considered gracious donations. The new site features well-setup up usgssl,1 and as a consequence will only load in usg-blessed web browsers such as those found on the consumer grade portable televisions commonly referred to as smart phones. Continue reading

  1. Meaning set up rather horrible for even the meager security SSL/TLS purports to offer  

'Anybody Can Learn' Gets It In The Breech

Hadi Partovi, (archived) Code.org CEO, reports on ANYBODY CAN LEARN (archived) that his site has been compromised. He regretfully informs us that twelve thousand volunteer email addresses were captured in the attack. A technical freelancing firm based in Singapore took credit for the breach in an unsolicited email sent to one of the effected volunteer engineers. Continue reading

Point: Washington Thugs Testing GM Mosquitos

This Editor in Chief has filed an Op-Ed in response to piece of news.

The assembly of hoodrats headed by Hussein Bahamas in Washington D.C. requests public comment regarding a field trial of genetically modified mosquitoes (archived) in Key Haven, Florida. Such trials have already been conducted in Brazil, the Cayman Islands, Panama, and Malaysia. The variation of Aedes aegypti engineered by Oxitec, Ltd. (archived) is supposed to breed with existing populations, and pass on a fatal alteration its genetic code. Notably this fatal alteration merely has a suppressive effect on populations creating a need to continually shell out for more bezzle bugs. Continue reading

Linux Mint Server Compromised, Spread Malware

As reported by The Linux Mint Blog (archived), their own webserver has been compromised. An admin named Clem alleges that on February 20th, Bulgarian attackers changed a URL pointing to an ISO file for "Linux Mint 17.3 Cinnamon edition." Unsuspecting users were instead sent to "" (archived) which hosted a modified file containing "Tsunami" (archived) malware. WordPress is blamed in the same blog post for having given unauthorized access to a www-data shell. Of course these kinds of tricks are easily defeated by the use of strong cryptography such as GPG, but that kind of hygiene is beyond the patience the typical Linux user can be expected to muster. The blog post also mentions various md5sum signatures of the supposedly correct files, but these unreliable checksums are not themselves contained within a signed statement.

Coinbase Outgoing Email Hacked

As noticed by #bitcoin-assets user fluffypony, and later confirmed by reddit user CoinbaseAdrian, a sendgrid.net account associated with em.coinbase.com has been compromised. The scammers behind this attack have used it to send email to a list composed mostly of, but not limited to, users of localbitcoins.com. Continue reading

Reddit Drops "CryptoCurrency Engineer"

Ryan X. Charles has announced that he is no longer working for Reddit, a "social media" platform with questionable practices. He was hired in December of last year and tasked with producing yet another scam-coin. Redditnote has not materialized during the two months of Charles' employment, and although his statement implies that it will be abandoned, there is no official affirmation at this time. It is now unclear as to how Reddit will make good on its promise to "give back" 5 million dollars.

BlackPhone Less Opaque Than Promised

Silent Circle has confirmed allegations that their privacy software has been completely useless. A memory corruption vulnerability allowed decryption of private messages to any attacker with the victim's user ID or phone number. The attacker can trigger the flaw by sending a hostile text message. Silent Circle is no stranger to this kind of embarrassment; a few months after receiving 30 million dollars in funding, a Blackphone was rooted by hackers at DEFCON. Discouraged former users of this pathetic device should be comforted to know that proper cryptography will likely be made user friendly by the end of the year. Until then, people who wish to obscure their messages from the prying eyes of big brother should stick to the classics.