Darknet Market Alphabay Shut Down: Alleged Operator Dies In Jail Cell

The darknet market Alphabay has been shuttered. One alleged operator, Alexandre Cazes, died in a Thai jail cell following his arrest. His captors insist Cazes was found hung, implying his death was a suicide. Given the recently departed's alleged position in relation to a sum of value in Bitcoin, more sinister explanations for Cazes' demise are possible and likely.1

This is yet another episode highlighting the dangers of attempting to use USG honeypots like the Tor network as tools. The timing suggests increasing desperation by fiat aligned interests in concordance with other recent acts of desperation.

  1. The "coke machine" referenced in the comment refers to a kleptographic attack where a captive is systematically tortured to extract private key material.  

USG Domain Squatters Hype Soon To Fail Luke-jrXT Fork

The USG, fiat aligned, domain squatters at Bitcoin.org are hyping a supposed "network disruption" which they hope will follow their latest effort to fork away from actual Bitcoin. The effort fronted by known sleeze Luke-jr (WOT:luke-jr) has been dubbed by the social engineers  a "User Activated Soft Fork", and in this scheme the vermin attacking Bitcoin are attempting to dupe would be Bitcoin users into running their software instead of an actual Bitcoin node. The idea is that by creating the impression of easily faked support, the social engineers may bully miners into accepting a forking away from Bitcoin and into something lesser.

This effort, supported almost entirely by assorted USG stoolies and assorted single language anglophone social engineering victims, is the most transparently desperate effort so far to undermine Bitcoin by imposing governance outside of The Most Serene Republic. It remains to be seen how many persons supposing themselves involved in Bitcoin will be victimized by Luke-jr and his co-conspirators when this latest fork's "flag day"1 passes.

  1. Yes, a flag day. Because desperation has lowered these pests into "throw a coordinated tantrum" as a strategic maneuver. 

Drama Heats Up As fiat/Bitcoin Interfaces Prepare For Next Round Of Fork Failures

Reports are emerging that minor fiat/Bitcoin interfaces may suspend crediting deposits and allowing withdrawals in advance of the latest round of drama surrounding fake Bitcoin network forks. Readers are reminded that interacting with fiat tied institutions is a pursuit fraught with peril. All signs point to impending "your loss", we are very sorry.

Fake News Washington Post Changes Tune On Russian Collusion

Today the Washington Post company through it's online magazine "Slate" made an assertion that represents a tremendous change in the Fake News empire's editorial policy:

It’s a move that, for the moment at least, seems like a rather misguided overcorrection. So far, no one has released any compelling evidence that Kaspersky is working with the Russian government to undermine the security of its millions of customers.

By Josephine Wolff on Slate's "Future Tense" blog July 11 2017 6:03 PM (archived)

It remains to be seen how this apparent 180 degree course correction will affect their coverage of the Trump administration, especially on the point of raising their required standard of evidence on Russian collusion to "having evidence". As recently as earlier today, the Fake News empire turned idiot son Donald Junior's gullibility with respect to a phishing scheme.1

It remains to be seen if this demand that evidence of Russian involvement with respect to Kaspersky Labs is an isolated incident, or if in their exhaustion the Washington Post company has joined other Fake News players in ceasing to care about intra-day narrative consistency.

  1. Idiot son shut out of his father's campaign but wanted to make Dad proud. Idiot son tried to make deal that he would have been explicitly forbidden to if there were actual organized collusion to protect. The moral of the story is don't name any of your children "Junior" until they grow up and provide more information on whether they are a loser or not. Otherwise you get stuck insisting you favoritely named, but most disappointing progeny is still a "quality person."  

Credibility Of US Universities Falling As Desire For "Great Again" Takes Lead In "Culture War"

The growing hostilities in the United States culture war have continued taking their toll on bastions of leftism in the United States. Now the leftist controlled Colleges and Universities have joined mainstream fake news outlets in shedding their credibility as events highlight their political nature, shattering the myth of their neutrality.

The new Pew poll showing a "partisan" turn against the intellectually disabling institutions of US higher education appears to be concordant with the growing disinterest in the well being of former flagship institutions by people who matter.

American Student Investor Lynched In Greece

Bakari Henderson, a twenty two year old American student visiting Greece on business was lynched to death by a mob. Two ethnically Balkan employees of a bar where Henderson had been drinking were charged with homicide by local authorities while eight individuals of undisclosed ethnic backgrounds are undergoing continued questioning in relation to this lynching.

There have been no credible reports yet of Black Lives Matter or Rebel But Gangster Black Rebels activity in Greece as a response to this lynching.

Illinois Personal Income Tax Rising By ~1/3rd Over Governor's Objections

Following a vote by the Illinois House of Representatives, both houses of the Illinois State Legislature have overridden a Gubernatorial veto and raised the Illinois personal income tax rate to 4.95 percent from 3.75 percent. Accompanying the tax increase was a budget for Illinois government with enough spending to ensure the failed state continues to dig it's hole deeper.

This move comes to late to satisfy former trade partners of Illinois who had given the failed state an ultimatum to pass any budget at all. It also not only fails to address any of the structural concerns incidental to failure which deterred potential creditors in the market for Illinois government debt, it accelerates Illinois trajectory to ruin by leaving pension obligations unfunded and outstanding bills unpaid.

Entertainment Today: Pantsuit Legislators Propose Attacking Idea Of Presidency

US legislators associated with the pantsuit party "proposed" a bill that would establish an "Oversight Commission on Presidential Capacity" which would establish a committee to offer non-binding determinations that the President is insufficiently pantsuit to hold the office. This proposal is a compliment to the ongoing 25th amendment  fanfic where pantsuit acolytes suppose a constitutional rule historically used only with the president's consent when the president is anaesthetized for surgery or otherwise in mortal peril, begin to be invoked because a committee of pantsuit says so.

The bill allow for the committee to make its recommendations based of vague criteria of physical or mental illness,1 substance abuse, or other concerns.

Given pantsuit's ongoing malaise and failure to win congressional elections, the chances of this proposal passing before the next mid term election, is zero and even a reversal of pantsuit's electoral fortunes is unlikely to be substantial to the point that pantsuit could capture the supermajority of both legislative houses still necessary, even with this proposed lawl, to remove a President before the 8 year Trumpreich ends. The plausibility of this fanfic is near zero.

  1. Mental illness being a category of things that includes numerous amorphous pseudo-scientifically determined labels which may be attached to enemies of pantsuit alongside actual disabling conditions with clear diagnostic criteria like schizophrenia.