Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Up Amazing 16.64% (As Usual Another All Time High)

Bitcoin mining difficulty has adjusted to 392,963,262,344.3704, constituting a shocking 16.64% leap above the previous level; for context, only two adjustments during the preceding fiat winter had a larger delta. While the network is close to completing its third exahash, more blocks at this level are needed for a confident estimate.

Bitcoin Network Mining Difficulty Up 7.17% In Latest Adjustment

The Bitcoin network mining difficulty has risen to 258,522,748,404.5154 which isĀ  7.17% higher than the previous value of 241,227,200,229.991 in this sixth increase, the seventh adjustment following the second halving. The 500-block window estimate of hashrate did rise above the two exahash mark during this period, although the ultimately resulting adjustment only corresponds to a mere 1.82 EH/s.

Difficulty Up 6.86% In Fifth Hike Since Halving

Continuing the recent trend, mining difficulty has climbed to 241,227,200,229.991, an increase of 6.82% above the previous value. For perspective, the net increase since the recent halving is only 12.99%, less than what has been previously covered in a single leap. Miner revenue from transaction fees has kept growing since then, reaching 806.50601126 bitcoins in the last adjustment period. This comprises 3.10% of the total mining rewards, and corresponds to a mean price of 54.2 satoshis per byte for a piece in our chain.

Correction Takes Bitcoin Network Difficulty Down 3.1%

After an eight month streak of hashrate increases, raising difficulty by a total of 231%, the mining difficulty has dropped to 158,427,203,767.3917 (3.1% below the previous adjustment, placing total network hashrate estimates around 1.2 EH/s). During this adjustment period, unknown actors flooded memory pools with several dozen megabytes of spam. Unlike last time, when the spammers made grand claims from behind meaningless pseudonyms, they have remained anonymous this time around; and unlike previous attacks, which merely contributed to demand for block space, this one caused immediate economic consequences, as disclosed previously. The transaction fee total climbed to 726.63690949 Bitcoins, comprising 1.42% of total miner income.

Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Rises Above 163 Billion

fancy chartBitcoin mining difficulty recently ascended to 163,491,654,908.95925903, a "modest" 13.44% above previous leap. Transaction fees totalled 511.49155786 Bitcoins, comprising 1.00% of total miner rewards. Non-inflationary miner income has gradually risen in the past months, still recovering from damage wrecked by brinkmanship committed in the name of keeping Bitcoin free and useless (archived).