USG Ownership Of "Crypto AG" And Use Of The Firm's Products To Spy On "Allies" And Customers Released To The Public

The fact that nominally Swiss firm "Crypto AG" has been owned by the USG.CIA in partnership with the Germans is being blasted throughout the media today. The timing of the release is curious as the Iranians discovered Crypto Ag's subversion no later than 1992 and the obvious indicators were long available and obvious.

In the Washinton Post's writeup, USG ownership of Crypto AG is being credited with the bulk of USG intelligence successes in the second half of the 20th century (archived), but with the growing pile of USG intelligence failures in recent memory, Crypot AG appears more valuable as a source of "war stories" for dying old men to tell their grandchildren than as an ongoing operation. It isn't like longtime USG allies and vassals aren't already re-examining their loyalties.

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