US Pantsuits In Disarray After Impeachment Gambit Fails With Iowa Causus Looming

The Pantsuit movement in the US has dealt itself a grave blow as the US Senate denied their efforts to extend trial of the House's impeachment through the introduction of new witnesses and generally re-doing the investigation and indictment process the House rushed through (archived). The weaknesses of the case presented in the House impeachment appears to have only became known to Pantuitist leaders after they had already rushed charges against democratically elected US President Donald Trump through the legislative chamber they control.

Looming behind the Pantsuit impeachment noise are tomorrow's Iowa caucuses likely to hand the first win of the primary season to fringe candidate and very recent heart attack survivor Bernard Sanders. Without a prolonged Senate trial to inject noise into the mainstream news cycle, internal Pantsuitist infighting is going to be harder to bury unless Trump does someting really stupid in the vein of re-committing to war against Iran. To this end the DNC has changed rules for future primary season debates to accomodate Michael Bloomberg (archived).

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