Pantsuits Fuck Their Iowa Caucus, Results Delayed Indefinitely

Last Night's Iowa caucuses delivered a resounding win for incumbent US President Donald Trump on the GOP side, but the other party's results are being delayed indefinitely due to malfunctions (archived). Warnings had been sounded several weeks ago that changes made to the caucus procedure on the Pantsuitist side were setting up a disaster, but "Nobody could have predicted" (archived).

The projected dominance of the openly socialist party outsider Bernard Sanders in the caucus along with the possibility insurgents disfavored by the DNC like anti-war candidate Tulsi Gabbard were outperforming favorites of the party central committee make intentional sabotage of the caucus process a very live possibility. Between the impeachment debacle and this boggling display of mismanagement, the party apparatus appears ready to lose this election for their eventual nominee before they can even engage Trump.

One thought on “Pantsuits Fuck Their Iowa Caucus, Results Delayed Indefinitely

  1. A few hours ago they reported 62% of precincts leaving 10 delegates to Bernie, 10 delegates to the former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, and 4 delegates to Elizabeth Warren. No delegates to any other candidates yet and no reliable word on when they'll get the other 48% out.

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