Pantsuitist Illinois House Speaker Madigan's Office Hit With Search Warrant

The office of Illinois House Speaker for all but 2 years since 1983, Michael Madigan, was hit with a search warrant by Illinois State Police (archived). The search at least nominally concerns allegations of assault and other misconduct with a sexual flavor by Madigan's former subordinate and former House member Jack Franks.

The allegations against Franks emerged in 2016 after Franks began breaking ranks with fellow pantsuitsand denying them his vote in a few instances where they would have liked to have had it very much. Notable cases include a failed attempt to overide a gubernatorial veto of legislation that would have further empowered state "worker" cartels and in another vote to impose a "millionaire's tax" in Illinois.

Madigan's elder daughter Lisa was Illinois Attorney General from 2003 through 2019. Her successor as Illinois' lead prosecutor is Kwame Raoul.

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