Desperate Hoaxtoshi Craig Wright Tries To Patent Everything Bitcoin

Serial liar Hoaxtoshi, a.k.a. Craig Wright (WoT: nonperson) is desperately flailing for relevance by spamming 831 patent applications, including one on the original Bitcoin code, to fiat registrars. In regards to patenting the Bitcoin whitepaper and code, he was quoted as saying:

I’ve now published it, that sets a clock ticking. I have a time limit on taking action. Before I published it there was no way to enforce, now that I’ve published it I can take enforcement action

Hoaxtoshi only said "You’ll have to wait and see." when asked whats form "enforcement action" might take, but will likely resemble the elaborate lie he fabricated concerning the keys to Satoshi's BTC fortune in the recent Tulip trust drama playing out in Floridian courts.

One thought on “Desperate Hoaxtoshi Craig Wright Tries To Patent Everything Bitcoin

  1. LMFAO! Contrary to his own noise, should any of his spam get approved by the clerks, he will be stuck with the burden of defending his patents. Approved patents won't be assets at all, they will be liabilities of the worst kind.

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