USG Sting Apparently Underway In Virginia – Trap Under Cover Of "Pro-Gun" Rally

Tensions are running high in Virginia as at least 6 would-be protesters have been arrested in advance of a rally in support of gun rights (archived). Demographic shifts in Virginia driven by hypertrophy in the USG have lead to a Pantsuitist government voted in by USG bureaucrats colonizing suburbs near DC to advance a whole number of measures objectionable to residents of the rest of the state. This demographic move towards an Illinois like political situation has many longtime Virginia residents very angry.

Popular sentiment against the Pantsuitist Government has been leveraged to gather angry Virginians to Richmond to protest against the evisceration of their enumerated rights by bureaucratic colonizers. The climate in advance of the rally is very similar to that in advance of the August 2017 Charlottesville, Virginia gathering where USG and Pantsuitist forces similarly trapped numerous demonstrators in favor of a "Great Again" agenda (archived). More successful demonstrations against the USG tend to occurr further from FBI headquarters.

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